Ang Tunay Beef House Menu Prices

Hey there, fellow food lovers! Today, I’m thrilled to share my latest culinary discovery with you all – the mouthwatering wonders of Ang Tunay Beef House. For those who enjoy hearty, flavorful beef dishes, this is your go-to place. The food here offers an exquisite combination of Chinese and Filipino flavors, and I can assure you that its taste will be unforgettable and will entice you to return.

Ang Tunay Beef House Menu Philippines Updated

Bamboo Shell Soup₱ 280.00₱ 360.00₱ 460.00
Clam Soup₱ 280.00₱ 360.00₱ 460.00
Oyster Soup₱ 280.00₱ 360.00₱ 460.00
Photo Credit: Yelp Ang Tunay Beef House Page
Chami (Bihon)₱ 280.00₱ 330.00₱ 400.00
Chami (Misua)₱ 280.00₱ 330.00₱ 400.00
Fried Crispy Canton₱ 280.00₱ 330.00₱ 400.00
Lomi (Bihon)₱ 280.00₱ 330.00₱ 420.00
Lomi (Misua)₱ 280.00₱ 330.00₱ 420.00
Miki Bihon₱ 280.00₱ 330.00₱ 400.00
Pancit Canton Guisado₱ 280.00₱ 330.00₱ 400.00
Pata Chabihon₱ 530.00
Pork Sichuan Noodles₱ 280.00₱ 330.00₱ 400.00
Sate Cha Mi Or Hofan₱ 280.00₱ 330.00₱ 400.00
Singapore Bihon₱ 280.00₱ 330.00₱ 400.00
Sliced Pork Ho Fan₱ 280.00₱ 330.00₱ 400.00
Sotanghon Guisado₱ 280.00₱ 330.00₱ 400.00
Photo Credit: Yelp Ang Tunay Beef House Page
Atay Guisado₱ 360.00₱ 460.00₱ 560.00
Chopsuey₱ 360.00₱ 460.00₱ 560.00
Fish Fillet With Tofu Soup₱ 320.00₱ 380.00₱ 500.00
Fried Fish Fillet₱ 470.00₱ 570.00₱ 700.00
Kidney Guisado₱ 360.00₱ 460.00₱ 560.00
Lohanchai₱ 360.00₱ 460.00₱ 560.00
Oyster Cake₱ 320.00
Oyster Cake Durog₱ 350.00₱ 410.00₱ 530.00
Salt And Pepper Tofu₱ 250.00₱ 320.00₱ 420.00
Seafoods Hotpot₱ 450.00₱ 550.00₱ 700.00
Special Gabi Guisado₱ 360.00₱ 460.00₱ 560.00
Sweet/Sour Fish Fillet₱ 490.00₱ 590.00₱ 720.00
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Fruit Shakes₱ 130.00
Fruit Slice₱ 180.00
Black Gulaman₱ 90.00
Black Gulaman With Milk₱ 130.00
Bottled Water₱ 35.00
Brewed Coffee₱ 90.00
C2 Green Tea₱ 70.00
Canned Softdrinks₱ 60.00
Del Monte Pineapple Juice₱ 70.00
Herbal Tea₱ 65.00
Honey Herbal Jelly₱ 70.00
Iced Coffee₱ 100.00
Iced Coffee W/ Jelly₱ 130.00
Lemonade Iced Tea₱ 95.00
Fish Ball Soup₱ 250.00₱ 320.00₱ 450.00
Hot And Sour Soup₱ 250.00₱ 320.00₱ 450.00
Hototay Soup₱ 250.00₱ 320.00₱ 450.00
Kidney Misua Soup₱ 250.00₱ 320.00₱ 450.00
Liver Misua Soup₱ 250.00₱ 320.00₱ 450.00
Ma Tsui Bihon Soup₱ 250.00₱ 320.00₱ 450.00
Mixed Vegetables₱ 250.00₱ 320.00₱ 450.00
Pat Po Tofu Soup₱ 250.00₱ 320.00₱ 450.00
Pork Mushroom Soup₱ 250.00₱ 320.00₱ 450.00
Seafoods Bihon Soup₱ 250.00₱ 320.00₱ 450.00
Seaweeds W/ Eggs Soup₱ 250.00₱ 320.00₱ 450.00
Slice Pork Soup₱ 250.00₱ 320.00₱ 450.00

About Ang Tunay Beef House

Nestled in the heart of Binondo, Ang Tunay Beef House beckons weary travelers and food lovers alike with its captivating blend of Chinese and Filipino cuisines with its perfectly cooked beef, comforting chicken soup, and flavorful chicken dishes. But it’s not just the food that’s exceptional – the friendly and hardworking staff create a welcoming atmosphere, while guests rave about the cool service and reasonable prices. So why not treat yourself to a delicious meal and a great cup of coffee at Ang Tunay Beef House? You won’t be disappointed.

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Ang Tunay Beef House’s Menu Best Seller

Enter a flavor-filled haven at Ang Tunay Beef House, where each dish is a work of art itself, promising a flavor experience unlike any other. These best sellers is guaranteed to steal the show!

Pancit Canton Guisado – Immerse in the savory goodness of Ang Tunay Beef House’s Pancit Canton Guisado, where tender noodles are stir-fried to perfection with a medley of fresh vegetables and succulent meats, creating a dish that’s bursting with flavor and satisfaction.

Pat Po Tofu Soup – Dive into a bowl of comfort with Ang Tunay Beef House’s Pat Po Tofu Soup, featuring silky tofu simmered in a rich and flavorful broth, complemented by the subtle heat of spices and the freshness of assorted vegetables.

Chopsuey – Enjoy the perfect balance of flavors and textures with Ang Tunay Beef House’s Chopsuey, where crisp vegetables are stir-fried to perfection and paired with succulent meats, creating a dish that’s both hearty and satisfying.

Lohanchai – Treat your senses with Ang Tunay Beef House’s Lohanchai, a flavorful stir-fry of assorted vegetables and tender meats, infused with the aromatic blend of traditional Chinese spices and seasonings, creating a dish that’s as delicious as it is wholesome.

Sweet and Sour Fish Fillet – With its delicate fish fillets coated in a tangy and sweet sauce, perfectly balanced with the freshness of vegetables, Ang Tunay Beef House’s Sweet and Sour Fish Fillet will transport you to a taste of paradise and leave you wanting more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Ang Tunay Beef House offer delivery options?

Yes. You can order at Ang Tunay Beef House via GrabFood and FoodPanda.

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What are the operating hours of Ang Tunay Beef House?

Open daily, from 7 AM to 9 PM.

Where is Ang Tunay Beef House located?

825 Sabino Padilla St, Manila, Metro Manila, Philippines

Are there any vegetarian or vegan options available at Ang Tunay Beef House?

A variety of vegetarian and vegan options are available at Ang Tunay Beef House in addition to their specialty beef dishes, to accommodate a wide range of dietary preferences. There is food for everyone, including tofu-based dishes and stir-fried vegetables.

Does Ang Tunay Beef House accept reservations?

Ang Tunay Beef House usually doesn’t take reservations and runs on a first-come, first-served basis.

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