Egg Drop MNL Menu Prices

Hey foodies, come together for a game-changer in the Metro’s food scene: Egg Drop MNL, a revolutionary concept in the Metro’s culinary scene that provides the purest, handcrafted, premium egg drops sandwiches that you will never find anywhere else. Prepare yourself to enjoy sandwiches to a whole new level thanks to its innovative concept! Egg … Read more

Momo Eggdrop Menu Prices

Annyeong, all you fans of Korean dramas! Would you like to experience the k-drama fever? Follow me for an EGG-citing adventure as we try and savor the famous egg drop sandwich popular among Koreans which is now available in the Philippines only at Momo Egg Drop. Mesmerize with me in their appetizing menus. Momo Eggdrop … Read more

Bored Egg Menu Prices

Hello there, food lovers! Prepare yourself for a delicious voyage as we explore the charming world of Bored Egg together. Imagine being in the comfort of your own home while biting into a delicious egg sandwich that instantly takes you to the energetic streets of Seoul. Prepare to enjoy Seoul’s delectable cuisine to the fullest … Read more

Yakimix Menu Prices

Hey there, foodies! Let me tell you about a spot that’s got our senses tingling – the Yakimix! Picture this: eat-all-you-can smokeless grill and sushi galore. With Japanese, Korean, and Chinese dishes on the menu, the options are endless! Trust me, after reading this, you’ll be itching to give it a try. Yakimix Menu Philippines … Read more

Bok Korean Fried Chicken Menu Prices

Hey, fellow foodies! Craving for something crispy, and flavorful Korean dish goodness? For a mouthwatering selection that will undoubtedly leave you wanting more, Bok Korean Fried Chicken is the ultimate destination. So, grab your friends, roll up your sleeves, and get ready to experience some seriously delicious Korean fried chicken at Bok! Bok Korean Fried … Read more

Nara Kimbob Menu Prices

Hey there, food buddies! Looking for an authentic taste of Korean foods? Nara Kimbob welcomes you to a symphony of flavors where tradition meets innovation. Step into a culinary haven where each bite tells a story of Korean culinary craftsmanship. Whether you’re a seasoned connoisseur or a curious explorer, Nara Kimbob invites you on an … Read more

Chew & Chill Menu Prices

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Bad Bird Menu Prices

Hi there, foodies! Get ready for a flavor explosion as we dive into the world of Bad Bird! Nestled in a realm of culinary innovation, Bad Bird takes fried chicken to extraordinary heights. So, what are you waiting for? Join me on a savory journey as we unravel the delectable layers of Bad Bird’s irresistible … Read more

Coffee Bay Menu Prices

Start your day with Coffee Bay’s breakfast set where you can choose from a wide variety of beverages that range from latte to espresso and delicious treats like waffles, sandwiches, and pasta. This cafe is where luscious coffee drinks meet the elegantly presented snack items providing customers with flavors and indulgence that they won’t be … Read more

Seoulgyupsal Menu Prices

The Korean craze in the Philippines has truly got us to discover so much more. They are rich in culture, music, skincare, and especially food. Nowadays, Korean food and restaurants are so accessible everywhere that you can have it anytime you want. However, have you heard about Seoulgyupsal? Well, when it comes to quality and … Read more