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Angel’s Pizza

Trying some new pizza resto? Search no more because this might be what you’re looking for. Angel’s Pizza provides a great pizza menu and other meals for your chicken and pasta cravings that are very recommended for Gen Z’s, Millennials, or anyone with a youthful heart for Pizza. They also offer 2 Pizza flavors in 1 pizza if you can’t decide what to choose from the varieties they offer. Bite a new experience at Angel’s Pizza!

Angel’s Pizza Menu Philippines Updated

Chorizo Rice Bakes₱ 140.00
Mexican Beef Wrap₱ 140.00
Rise N Shine₱ 140.00

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All Meat Texas Bbq(Big Family 14″)₱ 655.00
All Meat Texas Bbq(Family 12″)₱ 515.00
All Meat Texas Bbq(Medium 9″)₱ 370.00
All Meat(Family 12″)₱ 505.00
All Meat(Medium 9″)₱ 355.00
Allmeat(Big Family 14″)₱ 610.00
Angels Aloha(Big Family 14″)₱ 540.00
Angels Aloha(Family 12″)₱ 460.00
Angels Aloha(Medium 9″)₱ 320.00
Angel’S Pepperoni(Big Family 14″)₱ 610.00
Angel’S Pepperoni(Family 12″)₱ 505.00
Angel’S Pepperoni(Medium 9″)₱ 355.00
Angel’S Supreme(Big Family 14″)₱ 610.00
Angel’S Supreme(Family 12″)₱ 505.00
Angel’S Supreme(Medium 9″)₱ 355.00
Big Kahuna Hawaiian(Big Family 14″)₱ 610.00
Big Kahuna Hawaiian(Family 12″)₱ 505.00
Big Kahuna Hawaiian(Medium 9″)₱ 355.00
Buffalo Chicken(Big Family 14″)₱ 610.00
Buffalo Chicken(Family 12″)₱ 505.00
Buffalo Chicken(Medium 9″)₱ 355.00
Cheesy Burger(Big Family 14″)₱ 610.00
Cheesy Burger(Family 12″)₱ 505.00
Cheesy Burger(Medium 9″)₱ 355.00
Chicken Aloha(Big Family 14″)₱ 610.00
Chicken Aloha(Family 12″)₱ 505.00
Chicken Aloha(Medium 9″)₱ 355.00
Creamy Garlic & 5 Cheese(Big Family 14″)₱ 610.00
Creamy Garlic & 5 Cheese(Family 12″)₱ 505.00
Creamy Garlic & 5 Cheese(Medium 9″)₱ 355.00
Creamy Spinach Dip(Big Family 14″)₱ 610.00
Creamy Spinach Dip(Family 12″)₱ 505.00
Creamy Spinach Dip(Medium 9″)₱ 355.00
Garden Of Eden(Big Family 14″)₱ 655.00
Garden Of Eden(Family 12″)₱ 515.00
Garden Of Eden(Medium 9″)₱ 370.00
Garlic Shrimp(Big Family 14″)₱ 610.00
Garlic Shrimp(Family 12″)₱ 505.00
Garlic Shrimp(Medium 9″)₱ 355.00
Halleluia Mozzarella(Big Family 14″)₱ 655.00
Halleluia Mozzarella(Family 12″)₱ 515.00
Halleluia Mozzarella(Medium 9″)₱ 370.00
Toppings So Bongga(Big Family 14″)₱ 655.00
Toppings So Bongga(Family 12″)₱ 515.00
Toppings So Bongga(Medium 9″)₱ 370.00
Triple Threat(Big Family 14″)₱ 655.00
Triple Threat(Family 12″)₱ 515.00
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Asian Chicken Pasta₱ 115.00
Asian Chicken Pasta Platter₱ 355.00
Carbonara Platter With 4 Pcs Bread Stick₱ 355.00
Carbonara Regular₱ 105.00
Cheesy Lasagna₱ 165.00
Classic Spaghetti Regular₱ 95.00
Mac & Cheese₱ 115.00
Mac And Cheese Platter₱ 355.00
Spaghetti Platter With 8 Pcs Bread Stick₱ 315.00
Tomato Cream And Shrimp Penne₱ 180.00
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All Meat (Big Family 14″)₱ 790.00
All Meat (Family 12″)₱ 600.00
Angel’S Aloha (Big Family 14″)₱ 790.00
Angel’S Aloha (Family 12″)₱ 600.00
Angel’S Pepperoni (Big Family 14″)₱ 790.00
Angel’S Pepperoni (Family 12″)₱ 600.00
Angel’S Supreme (Big Family 14″)₱ 790.00
Angel’S Supreme (Family 12″)₱ 600.00
Big Kahuna Hawaiian (Big Family 14″)₱ 790.00
Big Kahuna Hawaiian (Family 12″)₱ 600.00
Buffalo Chicken (Big Family 14″)₱ 790.00
Buffalo Chicken (Family 12″)₱ 600.00
Cheesy Burger (Big Family 14″)₱ 790.00
Cheesy Burger (Family 12″)₱ 600.00
Chicken Aloha (Big Family 14″)₱ 790.00
Chicken Aloha (Family 12″)₱ 600.00
Creamy Garlic And 5 Cheese (Big Family 14″)₱ 790.00
Creamy Garlic And 5 Cheese (Family 12″)₱ 600.00
Creamy Spinach Dip (Big Family 14″)₱ 790.00
Creamy Spinach Dip (Family 12″)₱ 600.00
Garden Of Eden (Big Family 14″)₱ 790.00
Garden Of Eden (Family 12″)₱ 600.00
Garlic Shrimp (Big Family 14″)₱ 790.00
Garlic Shrimp (Family 12″)₱ 600.00
Halleluia Mozzarella (Big Family 14″)₱ 790.00
Halleluia Mozzarella (Family 12″)₱ 600.00
Toppings So Bongga (Big Family 14″)₱ 790.00
Toppings So Bongga (Family 12″)₱ 600.00
Triple Threat (Big Family 14″)₱ 790.00
Triple Threat (Family 12″)₱ 600.00
Photo Credit: Angel’s Pizza Facebook Page
Cheesy Burger (Big Family 14″)₱ 705.00
Cheesy Melt (Big Family 14″)₱ 705.00
Photo Credit: Angel’s Pizza Facebook Page
1 Pc. Chicken & Carbonara₱ 155.00
1 Pc. Chicken, Rice & Golden Curls₱ 210.00
1Pc Chicken, Pasta & Golden Curls₱ 240.00
1Pc. Chicken & Rice₱ 120.00
1Pc. Chicken & Spaghetti₱ 155.00
2Pcs. Chicken & Rice₱ 200.00
Angel’S Bucket Of 6 (Served With 4Pcs Rice & 1.5L Coke)₱ 735.00
Chicken Bucket (6 Pax)₱ 585.00
Chicken Nuggets With Golden Curls₱ 215.00
Photo Credit: Angel’s Pizza Facebook Page
Bread Sticks (6 Pcs)₱ 30.00
Buffalo Wild Wing₱ 279.00
Chicken Nuggets (6Pcs)₱ 130.00
Golden Curls₱ 100.00
Honey Glazed Chicken Wings₱ 279.00
Parmesan Chicken Wings₱ 279.00
Tacos₱ 70.00
Photo Credit: Angel’s Pizza Facebook Page
Bacon₱ 85.00
Ham, Beef And Mushroom₱ 85.00
Tuna₱ 85.00
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Apple Crumble Turnover₱ 55.00
Brownies₱ 100.00
Halo-Halo₱ 105.00
Photo Credit: Angel’s Pizza Facebook Page
Parmesan Cheese₱ 40.00
Plain Cheese Sauce₱ 20.00
Sour Cream₱ 23.00
Tangy Tomato₱ 20.00
Sana Ol Barkada(1 Family Pizza, 1 Chicken Wings, 2 Solo Pasta, 1L Cucumber Lemonade)₱ 819.00
Sana Ol Jowa(1 Medium Pizza, 1 Chicken Wings, 1 Solo Pasta, 1L Cucumber Lemonade)₱ 679.00
Sana Ol Pamilya(1 Big Family Pizza, 5 Pcs Fried Chicken, 2 Solo Pasta, 1L Cucumber Lemonade)₱ 999.00
Photo Credit: Angel’s Pizza Facebook Page
1.5 Coke₱ 95.00
1.5L Coke Zero₱ 95.00
12Oz Iced Tea₱ 25.00
16Oz Iced Tea₱ 35.00
1L Cucumber Lemonade₱ 95.00
Bottled Water₱ 35.00
Coke In Can₱ 55.00
Minute Maid₱ 50.00
Real Leaf Tea₱ 55.00
Sprite In Can₱ 55.00
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Angel’s Pizza is committed to bringing joyful dishes that bring your family and friends closer together. With their classic comfort food such as their original pizza, fried chicken, pasta, and desserts that are surely heavenly made for you to enjoy. They offer Pamilya Bundle, Barkada Bundle, and Jowa Bundle in their “Sana Ol Collections” which are great deals where you can save up to P449. Even though it comes with affordable pricing, the quality of the food will never disappoint you. 

Angel’s Pizza’s Menu Best Seller

Creamy Spinach Dip Pizza- If you love the take of creamy leafy greens on pizza, this best seller will surely hit the right spot for your pizza cravings! It is loaded with four different kinds of cheese: Cream cheese, Mozzarella Cheese, Parmesan Cheese, and Pizza Cheese. It has a well-balanced recipe of spinach swirls on top that perfectly compliments with all the cheeses on this pizza.

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Halleluia Mozzarella- From its name Halleluia Mozzarella, this pizza is overpowered with mozzarella cheese perfect for people who love the cheesy experience of pizza. It is one of the safest options if you’re new at Angel’s Pizza and a sure hit with the quality of cheese they load and how well they prepared it. Don’t underestimate the plain look of this pizza because the cheesiness of every bite might be your next comfort food!

Buffalo Chicken Wings Pizza– You will surely say “YOLO” once you try this Pizza with a twist. This Buffalo Chicken Wings Pizza is their own style of Buffalo Chicken chunks on a pizza. It is layered with a great amount of Blue cheese and Mozzarella cheese with wing sauce on top. Great for people who want some new crazy experience for their pizza. 

Frequently Ask Questions at Angel’s Pizza

Where is Angel’s Pizza located in the Philippines?

You can visit their website at  to see the available Angel’s Pizza near you and also see their usual operating hours. 

What type of cuisine does Angel’s Pizza serve?

Angel’s Pizza offers a wide range of available Pizza Flavors, they also over Fried Chicken, Pasta, and other desserts perfect to share with your family, friends or someone special.

What are the operating hours of Angel’s Pizza?

Most of the Angel’s Pizza outlets are open from 8 AM To 12 AM. Branches inside SM Malls are open from 10 AM to 9 PM. On the other hand, selected Angel’s Pizza outlets are available for 24 hours.

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Does Angel’s Pizza offer pizza delivery?

Yes, Angel Pizza offers delivery service in selected areas, you can call their number

 (02) 8922-2222. They are also available at Food Panda and GrabFood PH.

Is Angel’s Pizza HALAL Certified?

NO, Angel’s Pizza is not HALAL Certified Pizza Chain.

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