Bellini’s Italian Restaurant Menu Prices

Hey there, food lovers and flavor explorers? Craving for some authentic Italian food here in the Philippines? Well, look no further because Bellini’s Italian Restaurant has got you covered. Pasta, pizza, steaks, seafoods, cakes, and wines? Name it! Bellini’s won’t disappoint you. So, come and let’s discover the exquisite flavors awaiting at Bellini’s!

Bellini’s Italian Restaurant Menu Philippines Updated

Alla Maria Luisa₱ 520.00
Alla Rustica₱ 520.00
Bellini’S Pasta₱ 500.00
Bolognese₱ 520.00
Carbonara₱ 550.00
Funghi₱ 590.00
Gnocchi Pomodoro E Basilico₱ 520.00
Gnocchi Spek Arugula₱ 560.00
Maremonti₱ 520.00
Pasta Al Tonno₱ 520.00
Pasta Scampi₱ 560.00
Pesto₱ 460.00
Polpette₱ 520.00
Pomodoro₱ 460.00
Puttanesca₱ 520.00
Ravioli Al Tartufo₱ 590.00
Salsiccia₱ 520.00
Spacghetti Vongole₱ 590.00
Spachetti Allo Scoglio₱ 590.00
Spaghetti Al Cartoccio₱ 590.00
Spaghetti Contadina₱ 460.00
Tortellini Al Ragu₱ 580.00
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Frutti Di Mare₱ 390.00
Minestrone₱ 390.00
Pata E Fagioli₱ 390.00
Patate Con Pollo₱ 390.00
Zuppa Di Broccoli₱ 390.00
Zuppa Di Carote₱ 330.00
Zuppa Di Cipolla₱ 330.00
Zuppa Di Funghi₱ 460.00
Zuppa Di Pomodoro₱ 330.00
Zuppa Di Tortellini₱ 460.00
Zuppa Di Vongole₱ 460.00
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Risotto Al Scampi₱ 590.00
Risotto Alla Marinara₱ 490.00
Risotto Alla Milanese₱ 460.00
Risotto Alla Parmigiana₱ 520.00
Risotto Bolognese₱ 520.00
Risotto Frutti Di Mare₱ 590.00
Risotto Funghi₱ 590.00
Risotto Tartufo₱ 590.00
Caesar Salad₱ 460.00
Gamberi E Orange₱ 520.00
Insalata Con Pollo Alla Grillia₱ 520.00
Insalata Mista₱ 420.00
Insalata Mista Alla Grillia₱ 390.00
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Focaccia Bread W/ Dip₱ 200.00
Obama Cake (Slice)₱ 320.00
Obama Cake (Small)₱ 850.00
Orange Cake (Slice)₱ 320.00
Orange Cake (Small)₱ 780.00
Bruschetta Al Pomodoro₱ 260.00
Crostini Al Salmone₱ 325.00
Patate Fritte₱ 180.00
Milanese Di Maiale₱ 593.00
Salsiccia In Padella₱ 505.00
Scaloppina Si Maiale Con Funghi₱ 594.00
Al Frutti Di Mare (S)₱ 590.00
Al Funghi (S)₱ 460.00
Al Pepperoni (S)₱ 500.00
Al Pesto (S)₱ 460.00
Alla Maria Luisa (S)₱ 560.00
Alla Mozzarella (S)₱ 460.00
Alla Rustica (S)₱ 520.00
Alla Salsiccia (S)₱ 520.00
Alle Melanzane (S)₱ 460.00
Alle Sarde (S)₱ 460.00
Bellini Capriciosa (S)₱ 520.00
Bellini’S Special (S)₱ 520.00
Calabrese (S)₱ 560.00
Campagnola (S)₱ 460.00
Gamberi (S)₱ 520.00
Maialona (S)₱ 520.00
Maremmana (S)₱ 560.00
Margherita (S)₱ 460.00
Marinara (S)₱ 460.00
Mediterranea (S)₱ 500.00
Napoletana (S)₱ 500.00
Napoli (S)₱ 520.00
Quattrizza (S)₱ 520.00
Quattro Formaggi (S)₱ 520.00
Quattro Stagioni (S)₱ 520.00
Salamina (S)₱ 520.00
Tonno Arugula (S)₱ 590.00
Filetto Al Pepe₱ 850.00
Milanese Di Manzo₱ 850.00
Osso Buco Alla Fiorentina₱ 820.00
Scaloppina Alla Pizzaiola₱ 850.00
Scaloppina Marsala₱ 850.00
Blue Marlin Alla Grillia₱ 590.00
Salmone Alla Griglia₱ 800.00
Petto Di Pollo Alla Milanese₱ 550.00
Pollo Ai Quattro Formaggi₱ 630.00
Pollo Al Cartoccio₱ 550.00
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About Bellini’s Italian Restaurant

Since 1999, Bellini’s has been a beacon of authentic Italian cuisine and ambiance located in Cubao. Under the ownership and management of Roberto Bellini and his wife, this restaurant radiates the beauty of Italy itself. From live music in the evening to hospitable staff, fast service, and Trevi Fountain that is painted on the wall, Bellini’s offers an unforgettable dining experience at an affordable price.

Bellini’s Italian Restaurant’s Menu Best Seller

Prepare to captivate your senses with Bellini’s Italian Restaurant’s top picks that are crafted to perfection and guaranteed to leave you craving for more.

  • Garlic and Chilean Spaghetti Contadina – Dive into a one-of-a-kind dining experience with Bellini’s Garlic and Chilean Spaghetti Contadina. This dish offers a perfect blend of garlic-infused pasta and the bold kick of chilean spices, creating a mouthwatering sensation that will keep you coming back for more.
  • Spaghetti Al Cartoccio – Immerse in the ultimate comfort food experience with Bellini’s Spaghetti Al Cartoccio. This classic dish features perfectly cooked pasta enveloped in a savory tomato sauce and baked to perfection, creating a wonderful explosion of flavors with every forkful.
  • Baked Lasagna – Treat yourself to a hearty and comforting meal with Bellini’s Baked Lasagna. This dish is both satisfying and filling, with layers of soft pasta, rich meat sauce, and creamy cheese coming together in perfect harmony.
  • Bistecca alla Griglia – Bellini’s Grilled Beef T-bone Steak is succulent delicacy that will melt in your mouth. This robustly delicious beef cut, when cooked to juicy perfection over the grill, is a meat lover’s dream come true that is served with a side of tasty accompaniments.
  • Sagliola al Limone – Treat your senses with the exquisite flavors of Bellini’s Sagliola al Limone. This dish features tender fish fillets, delicately seasoned and served with a zesty lemon sauce that adds a refreshing burst of citrus to every bite.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Bellini’s Italian Restaurant located?

Bellini’s Italian Restaurant is located at Cubao Expo, Gen. Romulo Ave., Cubao, Quezon City

What is Bellini’s Italian Restaurant operating hours?

Open from Monday to Sunday, 11 AM to 11 PM.

Is Bellini’s Italian Restaurant available for delivery?

Yes, you can place your order at Bellini’s Italian Restaurant via GrabFood.

What type of cuisine does Bellini’s specialize in?

Bellini’s specializes in authentic Italian cuisine, offering a wide range of pasta dishes, pizzas, steaks, seafood, desserts, and wines.

Can I make reservations at Bellini’s Italian Restaurant?

Yes, Reservations are accepted at Bellini’s Italian Restaurant, and it is strongly advised to make one, particularly during peak hours. For reservations, contact them through their telephone number: 02-913-2550 or their social media page.

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