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The bigger the pizza, the happier the celebration. Here at Big Guys, you and your loved ones will have a blast with its 36-inch pizza. Its menu features five different pizza flavors, such as cheese, all meat, pepperoni, Hawaiian, and super supreme in various sizes. This pizza chain also offers a lot of promos, so you can save more, get some freebies, and make your gathering more fun and exciting. 

All Meat₱ 298.00₱ 448.00₱ 658.00₱ 1598.00
Cheese₱ 278.00₱ 428.00₱ 598.00₱ 1468.00
Hawaiian₱ 298.00₱ 448.00₱ 658.00₱ 1598.00
Pepperoni₱ 298.00₱ 448.00₱ 658.00₱ 1598.00
Super Supreme₱ 298.00₱ 448.00₱ 658.00₱ 1598.00
The Big 5₱ 1668.00
Photo Credit: Big Guys Facebook Page
Coke₱ 155.00
Coke Zero₱ 75.00
Sprite₱ 155.00
Buy 1 Take 1 (10″)₱ 399.00
Buy 1 Take 1 (15″)₱ 599.00
Photo Credit: Big Guys Facebook Page


Big Guys is a pizza chain known as the “Home of 36’’ Pizza”. Its founder, Mark Lao, hosted a pizza party, and it turns out that after ordering several boxes of pizza, it was not yet enough for the whole group. This experience inspires him to establish a pizza chain that offers affordable, great-tasting, and big-size pizzas that make special moments with family, friends, colleagues, and guests more unforgettable. 

Big Guys Menu Best Seller 

Here are the best-sellers of Big Guys available in different sizes, such as 10’’, 15’’, 18’’, and 36’’ inches, and can be upgraded by doubling up the toppings. These pizzas are perfect for all kinds of events as they have a great taste that everyone will surely love. 

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1. The Big 5 – A party favorite and an ultimate best-seller of Big Guys as it comes with cheese, super supreme, pepperoni, Hawaiian, and all-meat. The big size and great taste of this 36-inch pizza will impress your loved ones and guests as their all-favorite flavors are in it. 

2. Super Supreme – The taste and textures of mozzarella cheese, bacon, pepperoni, mushroom, black olives, onion, pineapple, and bell pepper laid on it blend perfectly, making it highly palatable and tasty. It is an ideal choice for those pizza lovers who want a pizza with complex flavors. 

3. Pepperoni – Pepperoni and mozzarella cheese are the two ingredients of this simple yet flavorful pizza. The meatiness, smokey flavor, and little spicy kick of pepperoni match well with the texture of the dough, hearty sauce, and creamy cheese, which is why it is one of the popular choices in pizza flavor. 

4. Hawaiian – It comes with pineapple, mozzarella cheese, and ham, giving this pizza sweet, juicy, creamy, salty, and savory flavors in each bite. This is a crowd-pleasing classic pizza that is undeniably delicious as it has a familiar taste that people love. 

5. All-Meat – Craving for a pizza packed with meaty goodness? The all-meat pizza of Big Guys features mozzarella cheese, Italian sausage, ground beef, ham, bacon, and pepperoni that will excite meat lovers. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Big Guys known for? 

Big Guys is known for its 36-inch pizzas that are affordable, tasty, and perfect for a large group. 

What are the must-try pizza variants at the Big Guts? 

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The must-try pizza variants at Big Guys are the Big 5 and Super Supreme, as they have everything people want in a pizza. 

Is Big Guys have a franchise program? 

Yes, this pizza chain have a franchise program. Contact them for more information about this.

Does Big Guys offer promos, discounts, and freebies? 

Yes, Big Guys offer a lot of promos, discounts, and freebies where you can save and have more. 

Where are the branches of Big Guys located? 

Big Guys have branches in UST Manila, Makati, Novaliches, Shaw Boulevard, Visayas Avenue, E.Rod Jr/Libis, and N. Domingo, San Juan. 

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