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Nothing can make it better when indulging in a delightful sip of your coffee while being aware that you are also supporting Filipino local farmers. Biggs Coffee at one of the renowned coffee shops in the Philippines that offers a robust of flavors in their coffee that are sourced from our local farmers so you can guarantee the quality of the coffee from the roasted beans they offer in their menu collections.

Biggs Coffee Menu Philippines Updated

Black Coldbrew₱ 22.00
Black Coldbrew₱ 67.00
Classic Brown Sugar₱ 27.00
Classic Brown Sugar₱ 87.00
Classic Latte₱ 87.00
Classic Latte₱ 27.00
Thai Tea₱ 77.00
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Brown Sugar Waffle₱ 27.00
Butter & Maple Syrup Waffle₱ 27.00
Choc & Cheese Glaze Waffle₱ 26.00
Corned Beef Waffle₱ 27.00
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Affogato₱ 28.00
Babyccino Ice₱ 24.00
Biggs Brown Sugar₱ 26.00
Black Tea₱ 20.00
Caramel Cheesecake Frappe₱ 28.00
Cotton Candy Frappe₱ 28.00
Double Shaken Espresso₱ 24.00
Green Tea₱ 28.00
Ice Cappuccino₱ 28.00
Ice Caramel Latte₱ 29.00
Ice Hazelnut Latte₱ 29.00
Ice Mochaccino₱ 29.00
Ice Shaken Latte₱ 28.00
Ice Tea₱ 17.00
Ice Vanilla Latte₱ 29.00
Lemon Tea₱ 20.00
Long Black₱ 25.00
Milk Tea₱ 20.00
Raspberry Squash₱ 20.00
Thai Tea₱ 28.00
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Cheese Toast₱ 19.00
Choc & Cheese Toast₱ 20.00
Choco Toast₱ 16.00
Classic Toast₱ 14.00
Corned Beef Toast₱ 22.00
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Babyccino₱ 22.00
Cappuccino₱ 26.00
Caramel Latte₱ 28.00
Doppio₱ 22.00
Espresso₱ 20.00
Flat White₱ 26.00
Hazelnut Latte₱ 28.00
Hot Black Tea₱ 20.00
Hot Chocolate₱ 26.00
Hot Lemon Tea₱ 20.00
Hot Tea₱ 17.00
Latte₱ 26.00
Long Black₱ 24.00
Macchiato₱ 26.00
Mochaccino₱ 28.00
Piccolo Latte₱ 26.00
Ristretto₱ 22.00
Tobruk Hitam₱ 14.00
Tobruk Susu₱ 17.00
Vanilla Latte₱ 28.00
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Chicken Rice Hot₱ 24.00
Chicken Rice Mild₱ 24.00
Kwetiaw Goreng₱ 22.00
Mie Goreng₱ 22.00
Nasi Goreng Kampung₱ 22.00
Nasi Goreng Kornet₱ 24.00
Nasi Goreng Sambal Ijo₱ 22.00
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Chicken Nugget₱ 26.00
Chickpop₱ 22.00
Cireng₱ 22.00
Fish Stick₱ 21.00
Fish Wrap₱ 25.00
French Fries₱ 19.00
Onion Ring₱ 26.00
Singkong Brown Sugar₱ 22.00
Singkong Keju₱ 22.00
Singkong Original₱ 19.00
Tape Pensil₱ 12.00
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Ice Cream₱ 7.00
Mozzarella₱ 70.00
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Biggs Coffee is a perfect place to take a pause from the noise and relax with its cozy atmosphere and great coffee making it a safe haven for coffee lovers. A guaranteed delightful experience will meet you so be sure to add it to your next list of cafe hopping.

Biggs Coffee Menu Best Seller

Cappuccino – This cappuccino is rated as one of the go-to coffees of most people at Biggs Coffee. It has the right basic taste that you will surely love that is found in their Hot Drinks.

Latte – This latte is one of the coffees that I truly recommend to start your day with. The richness is evident in every sip and the creaminess of the coffee is really well formulated for your unforgettable experience.

Cinnamon and Apple Swirl – This pastry at Biggs Coffee is one of the note-worthy items you need to try on your visit. It has the right cinnamon flavor and the apple flavors are not overpowered by other flavors. You can really feel the apple flavor of this pastry.

Frequently Asked Questions in Biggs Coffee

What type of cuisine does Biggs Coffee have? 

Biggs Coffee offers a collection of coffee drinks and delightful collections of pastries that you can pair with your drink.

What is Biggs Coffee known for?

Biggs Coffee is known for its high-quality coffee such as Latte and Cappuccino that are rated as 100% in certain sites along with their pastries.

What are the operating hours of Biggs Coffee?

Biggs Coffee operates from Monday to Sunday from 10 AM to 9 PM.

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 Is Biggs Coffee HALAL Certified?

Even though Biggs Coffee specializes in coffees and pastries, there are no sources that state that it is a HALAL certified Coffee shop. 

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