BreadTalk Menu Prices

Soft, Fluffy, and Tasty – These are the main core factors we always look up to every time we look for great quality bread and this bread shop we will talk about today undoubtedly surpassed all the criteria we set for great bread, Let us talk about BreadTalk and the bread menu collection they offer!

BreadTalk Menu Philippines Updated

Bacon & Corn Croissandwich₱ 61.00
Chicken Croissandwich₱ 61.00
Choco Cro₱ 66.00
Choco Croissant₱ 64.00
Croissant₱ 54.00
Egg Tart₱ 45.00
White Chocolate Croissant₱ 55.00
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A Pan Cream Cheese₱ 43.00
Almond Frenzy₱ 43.00
Applewerm₱ 47.00
Banana Kick₱ 53.00
Beckham & Cheese₱ 45.00
Beefy Bun₱ 43.00
Berries N’ Cream₱ 47.00
Butter Rocky₱ 51.00
Butter Sugar₱ 43.00
Cheezymada₱ 48.00
Chicken Curry₱ 43.00
Chicken Mushroom Cheese₱ 67.00
Chicken Parmesan₱ 53.00
Chicken Teriyaki₱ 51.00
Choc Aleck₱ 45.00
Choc Donut₱ 43.00
Choco Chip Hokkaido₱ 99.00
Choco Chips Extreme₱ 43.00
Choco Cream Cheese₱ 55.00
Cinnamon Bun₱ 81.00
Coco Bundle₱ 41.00
Coffee Ball₱ 43.00
Coffee Bun₱ 111.00
Custard Bun₱ 37.00
Double Dog₱ 56.00
Double Trouble₱ 41.00
Eggstraordinary₱ 42.00
Get Cheesy!₱ 45.00
Golden Flower₱ 61.00
Hokkaido Dome₱ 86.00
Jumbo Cranberry Cheezymada₱ 199.00
Kick Kick₱ 41.00
Mini Cheese Boat₱ 37.00
Moshi Mushroom₱ 53.00
Mr. Beans₱ 44.00
Organic Chicken Floss₱ 68.00
Organic Spicy Chicken Floss₱ 68.00
Parmesan Sausage₱ 51.00
Pillow Raisin₱ 51.00
Pineapple Cheezymada₱ 50.00
Pizza Bread₱ 69.00
Premium Chicken Floss₱ 67.00
Premium Spicy Chicken Floss₱ 67.00
Prosperity Polo₱ 58.00
Rainbow Donut₱ 45.00
Raisin Braid₱ 56.00
Rise & Shine₱ 58.00
Rocky Rocky Milk₱ 47.00
Sisig Bun₱ 50.00
Smart Aleck₱ 45.00
Spicy Tuna Sisig₱ 51.00
Spring In The City₱ 72.00
Standard Sausage₱ 46.00
Strawberry Rocky₱ 51.00
Triple Chocolate₱ 54.00
Tuna Bread₱ 53.00
Ube Bundle₱ 43.00
Walnut Braid₱ 55.00
White Chocolate Donut₱ 45.00
Photo Credit: BreadTalk Official Page
Baked Ham Sandwich₱ 59.00
California Toast₱ 128.00
Carrot Toast₱ 134.00
Earthquake Cheese Toast₱ 165.00
Mini Cranberry Toast₱ 63.00
Premium Toast₱ 145.00
Raisin Cranberry Toast₱ 165.00
Standard Toast₱ 93.00
Walnut Fruit Toast₱ 159.00
Wholemeal Toast₱ 115.00
Photo Credit: BreadTalk Official Page
Black Forest₱ 718.00
Blueberry Cheesecake₱ 728.00
Boston Chocolate₱ 688.00
Cheese Mamon₱ 44.00
Chocolate Tiger Roll₱ 48.00
Hazelnut Story₱ 728.00
Honey Marble₱ 45.00
Japan Light Cheesecake₱ 330.00
Mango Pleasure₱ 750.00
Marble Steamed Cake₱ 45.00
Mini Japan Light Cheese Cake₱ 109.00
Mocha Avalanche₱ 718.00
Orange Steamed Cake₱ 39.00
Pretty In Pink₱ 750.00
Photo Credit: BreadTalk Official Page
Mango Pleasure₱ 750.00
Mini Cranberry Toast₱ 63.00
Tuna Bread₱ 53.00
White Chocolate Croissant₱ 55.00
Photo Credit: BreadTalk Official Page


BreadTalk stores offer a safe haven for bread enthusiasts, they serve great quality bread that is available in different styles, forms, and sizes. They have recently made a huge trend on Tiktok because of their famous Floss Bread which is surely a hit for everyone who loves savory breads. 

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BreadTalk Menu Best Seller

Organic Chicken Floss – Of course, this best-selling bread should always be on top of everything on BreadTalk. Not trying to be biased but this Floss Bread has always been my go-to snack because of its flavorful bites where you can really taste the meatiness of meat floss with its savory sauce on it.

Beckham and Cheese – Another best-selling bread that you should definitely try. It is considered one of the safe options if your first time shopping at BreadTalk. It is filled with melted cheese with ham slices and garnished to fully exude its very enticing look.

Pizza Bread – This best-selling bread is one of the breads they usually run out of every time I go to Bread Talk. It has a very fitting taste for pizza lovers because it is made out of hotdog (chicken, mayonnaise, onions, spicy sauce, and especially the melted shredded cheese to make it look like pizza bread look.

Frequently Ask Questions at BreadTalk

What is BreadTalk known for?

BreadTalk is actually a known Singaporean lifestyle brand that became an international hit with the great quality bread they offer that comes with reasonable prices.

What makes BreadTalk unique?

BreadTalk stands out from other bakery shops in the Philippines because of their endearing commitment to the quality of the bread they offer. They believe that every bread they bake has a life and every type of bread has a story to tell

What is the shelf life of BreadTalk bread?

BreadTalk recommends a 2-day shelf life of their freshly baked breads including the day of purchase to still maintain the fine quality of bread. 

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What are the operating hours of BreadTalk?

BreadTalk typically starts its daily operation from 8 AM to 8 PM. However, BreadTalks inside the malls are aligned to the operating hours of the specific mall branch they are located.

Is the BreadTalk HALAL Certified?

NO, BreadTalk serves pork and ingredients that are not classified as a HALAL-Certified Products.

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