Calda Pizza Menu Prices

Hey there, pizza lovers! Presenting to you the Calda Pizza! Known for crafting some of the biggest and yummiest pizzas around, Calda Pizza is a paradise for those craving a cheesy, flavorful adventure. Join me as we explore the captivating flavors and generous portions that make Calda Pizza a must-visit for any pizza lover.

Calda Pizza Menu Philippines Updated

Family Pack₱ 650.00
Solo Pack₱ 135.00
Photo Credit: Calda Pizza Facebook Page
French Fries₱ 120.00
2 Formaggi Bacon₱ 380.00
3S₱ 360.00
Bacon Onion & Mushroom₱ 390.00
Beef & Bacon₱ 460.00
Bianca₱ 380.00
Calda₱ 420.00
Calda Special₱ 475.00
Calzone₱ 350.00
Capricciosa₱ 350.00
Carousela₱ 435.00
Etna₱ 335.00
Funghi₱ 340.00
Granchi₱ 420.00
Hawaiian₱ 340.00
Margherita₱ 310.00
Palma₱ 310.00
Pepperoni₱ 390.00
Quattro Formaggi₱ 335.00
Quattro Stagione₱ 450.00
Torinese₱ 340.00
Vegetariani₱ 380.00
Photo Credit: Calda Pizza Facebook Page
Coke₱ 110.00
Cucumber (1Ltr)₱ 145.00
Iced Tea (1Ltr)₱ 145.00
Mineral Water₱ 45.00
Sola – Raspberry Or Lemon₱ 110.00

About Calda Pizza

Bernard G. Palang, the owner of Calda Pizza, and his wife started preparing their idea of an Italian-inspired pizza with Filipino flavors in 2007. Their vision? Giant-sized pizzas bursting with diverse flavors, perfect for a group getaway. Launching their first outlet in Mandaue Cebu in January 2008, nestled within a convenience store, their pizzas quickly gained attention for their exceptional taste and quality. With demand soaring, Calda Pizza’s popularity surged, leading to the establishment of numerous branches and franchising opportunities nationwide. Boasting over 150 branches within SM branches and independent franchises, Calda Pizza continues to expand, promising customers across the Philippines an unforgettable pizza experience.

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Calda Pizza’s Menu Best Seller

Let’s dive into the ultimate crowd-pleasers of Calda Pizza and discover their mouthwatering creations that make customers come back for more!

  • Margherita Pizza – Immerse in the timeless simplicity of Calda Pizza’s Margherita, and experience pizza heaven with the ideal balance of zesty tomato sauce, cheesy mozzarella, and fragrant basil leaves on top of crispy dough. A classic that never disappoints!
  • Capricciosa Pizza – Dive into a flavor-packed journey with Calda Pizza’s Capricciosa. Each bite bursts with the savory goodness of ham, earthy mushrooms, briny olives, and artichoke hearts, all complemented by gooey mozzarella.
  • Hawaiian Pizza – Embark on a tropical escape with Calda Pizza’s Hawaiian creation. Sweet pineapple and salty ham combine to create an incredible flavor that is complemented by melted cheese and tangy tomato sauce. Close your eyes and let each bite transport you to sunny shores!
  • Quattro Formagi Pizza – Cheese lovers rejoice with Calda Pizza’s Quattro Formaggi. This heavenly creation boasts a decadent blend of four cheeses – creamy mozzarella, sharp cheddar, tangy parmesan, and velvety gorgonzola – all melded together atop a crispy crust.
  • Carousela Pizza – Get ready to experience incredible sensations with Calda Pizza’s Carousela. A wonderful medley of toppings, such as ham, pepperoni, mushrooms, bell peppers, onions, and olives, is generously placed atop a golden dough in this fanciful masterpiece.

Frequently Asked Questions

What sets Calda Pizza apart from other pizzerias?

Calda Pizza stands out for its unique concept of offering giant-sized pizzas with a fusion of Italian flavors and Filipino taste.

Can I customize my pizza toppings at Calda Pizza?

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Yes, Calda Pizza offers customization options, allowing customers to choose their preferred toppings to create their perfect pizza.

Can I order at Calda Pizza for delivery?

Yes, Calda Pizza offers delivery services via FoodPanda and GrabFood.

Where is Calda Pizza located?

Calda Pizza has more than 150 branches around the Philippines, but its main branch is located at A.S. Fortuna, Mandaue City, Cebu. To know the locations of their branches, visit their social media pages.

What is Calda Pizza’s operating hours?

Although it varies across branches, they typically open at 10 AM and close at 8 PM.

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