Canton Road Menu Prices

Go into a new culinary journey by tasting new and unique dishes from Canton Road, a popular Cantonese restaurant in the Philippines that offers Cantonese dishes that are considered to be unique in the Philippines. Get yourself ready to explore a menu with dishes that combine flavors and textures that are sure to satisfy your curiosity about trying new kinds of dishes.

Canton Road Menu Philippines Updated

Black Fungus, Assorted Mushroom, Carrot In Spinach Dumpling(4 Pcs)₱ 248.00
Canton Road Style Steamed Xiao Long Bao (3 Pcs)₱ 248.00
Crystal Skin Shrimp Dumpling (4Pcs)₱ 298.00
Steamed Honey-Roasted Pork Bun₱ 248.00
Steamed Hong Kong Custard And Salted Duck Egg Bun (3 Pcs)₱ 268.00
Steamed Iberico Pork And Shrimp Dumpling With Mud Crab Roe (4Pcs)₱ 298.00
U.S. Scallop And Bamboo Shoot Powder Dumpling (3 Pcs)₱ 338.00
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Crispy Wasabi-Coated Prawn Ball, Mango Pearl (6Pcs)₱ 1988.00
Free-Range Chicken And Cashew Nuts In Kung Pao Sauce₱ 498.00
Leshan Flavor Organic Chicken, Dried Chili, And Szechuan₱ 698.00
Poached Spicy Pork Tenderloin With Cucumber And Bean Sprouts₱ 538.00
Sweet And Sour Pork With Lychee And Apple Cider Vinegar₱ 588.00
Us Beef Tenderloin, Foie Gras In Crispy Garlic Pepper Sauce₱ 2488.00
Wok Fried Angus Beef With Onion Leeks And Eringi₱ 988.00
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Black Pork “Ma Po” Tofu Dusted Szechuan Pepper₱ 598.00
Homemade Soy Milk Tofu, Asparagus, And Minced Pork In Mixed Mushroom Gravy₱ 588.00
Oven Baked Ginger Flavor Salt Crusted Duck₱ 888.00
Simmered Free-Range Chicken, Shallots In Black Truffle Sauce₱ 698.00
Slow Braised Wagyu Beef Brisket With Radish In Chu Hou Sauce₱ 898.00
Slow-Cooked Sea Cucumber With Onion Leeks And Shrimp Pasted₱ 1788.00
Spicy Eggplant, Minced Chicken And Salty Fish₱ 598.00
Wok-Fried Cauliflower With Pork Belly, Garlic, And Dried Chili₱ 488.00
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Cucumber And Cordyceps Flower Salad₱ 248.00
Jellyfish Salad₱ 688.00
Marinated Chayote₱ 248.00
Marinated Salted Duck₱ 498.00
Spiced Marinated U.S. Angus Beef₱ 488.00
Spicy Green Papaya₱ 248.00
Wood Ear Fungus Marinated₱ 248.00
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Baked Pumpkin, Black Truffle, And Chicken Puff (3 Pcs)₱ 248.00
Bean Curd Sheet, Shrimp, And Mixed Vegetables (3Pcs)₱ 368.00
Crispy Spring Roll With Shrimp, Carrot, And Mushrooms (3 Pcs)₱ 298.00
Fried Lobster Wonton With Yellow Chives And Spicy Sauce (3 Pcs)₱ 568.00
Fried Pork Dumpling Topped Over Crispy Nest (5 Pcs)₱ 248.00
Pan-Seared Spicy Radish Cake With X.O. Sauce (5 Pcs)₱ 268.00
Slow-Baked Honey-Glazed Bbq Pork Bun (3 Pcs)₱ 258.00
Bi Lou Chun₱ 248.00
Rose Buds₱ 78.00
Silver Needle White Tea₱ 388.00
Spring King Tie Guan Yin₱ 198.00
Taiwan Dong Ding Oolong₱ 298.00
Wild Chrysanthemum₱ 78.00
Wuyi Dark Rock₱ 148.00
Yunnan Tippy Puer₱ 88.00
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Canton Garden Iced Tea₱ 298.00
Bbq Honey Roasted Pork Shoulder₱ 688.00
Crispy Free-Range Chicken With Five Spiced Salt₱ 1588.00
Guangdong Fire-Roasted Duck₱ 988.00
Macau Crispy Pork Belly₱ 798.00
Slow Roast Lamb Shank In Mixed Herbs And Spices₱ 988.00
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About Canton Road

Caton Road is a popular restaurant in the Philippines that is loved for its unique offerings that center around Cantonese cuisine. Like many Cantonese restaurants, this one too aims to showcase the authentic flavors and culinary traditions of the Guangdong region by providing a wide range of dishes that cater to different tastes and preferences.

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Canton Road Best Seller Menu

Steamed Dim Sum – Canton Road takes the art of dim sum to new heights with an array of delicate, handcrafted dumplings and buns that provide a burst of flavor, showcasing the precision and expertise of Cantonese chefs with each bite.

Baked and Fried Dim Sum – For those who appreciate the crispiness of baked and fried dim sum, Canton Road’s menu is also filled with options that are golden, crunchy, and irresistibly delicious which serves as a testament to the diversity of Cantonese cuisine.

Yangzhou Style Fried Rice – A classic Cantonese dish with a symphony of flavors and textures that has the perfect balance of ingredients like tender meats, fresh vegetables, and fragrant rice, making for a satisfying meal.

Canton Road Signature Fried Rice with Shrimp and US Scallop – Elevating the dining experience at Canton Road, this signature dish combines the sweetness of shrimp and the delicate flavor of US scallops with the artistry of Cantonese wok cooking which results in a dish that could be called a true masterpiece.


What is Canton Road?

Canton Road is a Cantonese-themed restaurant in the Philippines.

Where is Canton Road located?

You can visit Canton Road in Shangri-La the Fort.

What type of dishes does Canton Road serve?

Canton Road provides both locals and tourists with an array of delicious Cantonese dishes that are sure to satisfy.

Does Canton Road have vegetarian options?

Yes, Canton Road also provides vegan dishes for those that have dietary restrictions.

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