Chie’s Burger Menu Prices

Hey there, foodies! Let’s talk about Chie’s Burger, the latest obsession in town. Picture this: juicy, flavorful patties sandwiched between soft buns, topped with fresh veggies and just the right amount of sauce – all homemade goodness at a price that won’t break the bank. It’s a taste sensation that’ll have you craving more with every bite. Trust me, you don’t want to miss out on this culinary treat!

Chie’s Burger Menu Philippines Updated

Chicken Burger₱ 80.00
Half Pound Burger₱ 120.00
Hungarian Sausage₱ 80.00
Longga Burger₱ 80.00
Pork Bbq₱ 30.00
Quarter Pound Burger₱ 70.00
Siomai (5Pcs)₱ 25.00
Tuna Burger₱ 80.00
Photo Credit: Chie’s Burger Facebook Page
Apple Green Tea₱ 12.00
Lemon Tea₱ 12.00
Sodas₱ 17.00
Photo Credit: Chie’s Burger Facebook Page
Baked Mac₱ 50.00
Bibingka₱ 35.00
Carbonara₱ 30.00
French Toast₱ 30.00
French Toast W/ Ice Cream₱ 40.00
Garlic Bread₱ 12.00
Nachos₱ 70.00
Pastries Of The Day₱ 30.00
Pesto₱ 30.00
Puto Bumbong₱ 35.00
Quesadillas₱ 50.00
Spaghetti₱ 30.00

About Chie’s Burger

Let me introduce you to Chie’s Burger, your go-to place for the best homemade burger in town. Tucked away in the center of Sampaloc, Manila, this hidden gem serves mouthwatering well-cooked fish, steak, and burgers. However, it’s not just about the food—it’s also about cost-effectiveness without sacrificing flavor. Moreover, for the ideal combination, enjoy your dinner with a wonderful apple tea or a cool iced tea. Chie’s Burger promises a thrilling culinary trip with its new menu that won’t let you down. With a new menu featuring exciting additions, Chie’s Burger promises a culinary adventure that won’t disappoint.

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Chie’s Burger’s Menu Best Seller

Step right up to Chie’s Burger’s Menu Best Sellers – where taste sensations await with every bite, promising a flavorful journey unlike any other.

  • Quarter Pound Burger – Get ready for a burst of flavors with Chie’s Quarter Pound Burger – a delectable creation designed to perfection. Treat yourself to the juicy patty and lavish toppings, forming an exquisite harmony of flavors that will have you longing for another bite.
  • Chicken Burger – Craving something lighter? Look no further than Chie’s Chicken Burger – a tender, flavorful dish that’s sure to satisfy. Packed with perfectly seasoned chicken and fresh veggies, it’s a wholesome option that doesn’t skimp on taste.
  • Tuna Burger – Dive into a sea of flavor with Chie’s Tuna Burger – a refreshing twist on the classic favorite. Bursting with the goodness of fresh tuna and zesty toppings, it’s a guilt-free treat that’ll leave you craving more.
  • Pork BBQ – Get ready to captivate your senses with Chie’s Pork BBQ – a mouthwatering masterpiece that’s grilled to perfection. Each tender bite is infused with smoky sweetness, making it a crowd-pleaser for meat lovers everywhere.
  • Hungarian Sausage – Immerse in the rich, savory goodness of Chie’s Hungarian Sausage – a delectable treat that’s bursting with flavor. Whether grilled to perfection or served alongside your favorite sides, it’s a savory sensation that’s sure to impress.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Chie’s Burger unique?

Chie’s Burger stands out for its homemade taste, using fresh ingredients to create delicious and affordable burgers.

Where is Chie’s Burger located?

You can find Chie’s Burger at Kainan Za Mura, 1511 F. Jhocson Street, Sampaloc, Manila, conveniently situated near Sampaloc.

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What is Chie’s Burger operating hours?

Open from Monday to Saturday, from 3 PM to 9 PM.

Is Chie’s Burger suitable for large groups or events?

Chie’s Burger welcomes large groups and offers catering options with advance notice. For more information on group reservations and catering services, customers can contact the restaurant directly at 285-045-129.

How often does Chie’s Burger update its menu?

Chie’s Burger regularly updates its menu to introduce new dishes and seasonal specials, ensuring a diverse selection of options for customers to enjoy.

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