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To the place where we always choose to go, Chooks-to-Go! Hello food lovers, another day for another exciting adventure as we discover the heart of roasted chicken at Chooks-to-Go. Their menu features a great collection of roasted dishes and I can’t wait to tell you more about them so here is the savorful collection they offer for you.

Chooks-to-Go Menu Philippines Updated

11 Pc Fried Chicken₱ 199.00
5 Pcs Fried Chicken₱ 199.00
Photo Credit: Chooks-to-go Facebook Page
Ur Hot & Spicy₱ 300.00
Ur Inasal Classic₱ 300.00
Ur Sweet & Spicy₱ 300.00
Photo Credit: Chooks-to-go Facebook Page
Adobo Flakes (320G)₱ 160.00
Chicken Nuggets₱ 90.00
Marina Do – Spicy₱ 125.00
Marina Do – Sweet₱ 125.00
Marinado – Fried Chicken₱ 135.00
Marinado – Pepper₱ 125.00
Spicy Neck₱ 105.00
Photo Credit: Chooks-to-go Facebook Page
Fried Chooks Hot & Spicy Jumbo₱ 300.00
Fried Chooks Pepper Jumbo₱ 300.00
Fried Chooks Sweet Jumbo₱ 300.00
Hot & Spicy Roast Jumbo₱ 300.00
Juicy Liempo₱ 260.00
Kinulob Na Itik₱ 265.00
Pepper Roast Jumbo₱ 300.00
Sweet Roast Jumbo₱ 300.00
Photo Credit: Chooks-to-go Facebook Page
Photo Credit: Chooks-to-go Foodpanda Page


Chooks-to-Go is one of the largest roasted chicken chains in the Philippines having to be the most accessible stores nationwide. They are known for their tagline “Masarap Kahit Walang Sauce” because they are confident in offering roasted goodness where the juiciness and the flavor of the chicken will surely suffice by only the meat itself.

Chooks-to-Go Menu Best Seller

Fried Chicken – Starting this list with their well-loved Fried Chicken. Their fried chicken gives you the special hint of the flavor of salty and hot while giving you the utmost satisfaction with their crunchy and juicy chicken which will surely not fail and is truly recommended.

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Hot and Spicy Roast Jumbo – When it comes to the spiciness of Chicken, this hot and spicy roast jumbo will never fail you. It is perfect for people who love to indulge in spicy chicken because their chicken is marinated in a hot and spicy sauce mixture with sriracha along with vegetables to surely soothe all the flavors in it.

Bounty Fresh Valentino – This chicken is one of the go-to chickens of many customers because of its delectable juicy bites that feature high-quality and healthiest chicken. With that, it is undoubtful why their chicken is absolutely tasty and flavorful.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of cuisine does Chooks-to-Go offer?

Chooks-to-Go offers great quality roasted cuisine that features different types of meat. Aside from being known for their roasted dishes, they are also famous for their fried chicken which is surely a hit and a must-try.

Who is the supplier of Chooks-to-Go chicken?

The supplier of Chooks-to-Go is Bounty Agro Ventures. They are known in the Philippines for having one of the healthiest environments for chicken which is why they offer high-quality meat that is safe for everyone.

What is the mission of Chooks-to-Go?

The mission of Chooks-to-Go is to serve the best value meal for everyone that is guaranteed of high quality that also comes with surprisingly affordable prices.

What are the operating hours of Chooks-to-Go?

You can have your Chooks-to-Go favorites every day of the week because they are available from Monday to Sunday. Their operating hours start from 9 AM to 9 PM.

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Is Chooks-to-Go HALAL Certified?

No, Chooks-to-Go offers a collection of pork entrees such as liempo and derivatives that features ingredients that are not HALAL certified.

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