Cinnabon Menu Prices

Let’s do it in American Style at Cinnabon! Who would not love this buttery sweet iconic cinnamon? They are served with an absolute fluffiness and softness in every bite that goes along with a perfect cinnamon aroma. Let’s take a closer look at the menu that makes Cinnabon special.

Cinnabon Menu Philippines Updated

Cinnabon Chips₱ 130.00
Dinner Roll 1 Pack₱ 90.00
Raisin Bread 1 Loaf₱ 175.00
Roll On The Go₱ 95.00
Photo Credit: Cinnabon Official Page
Brewed Coffee (12Oz) Hot/Iced₱ 110.00
Cafe Americano (12Oz) Hot/Iced₱ 110.00
Cafe Latte (12Oz) Hot/Iced₱ 125.00
Cafe Mocha (12Oz) Hot/Iced₱ 135.00
Caramel Machiatto (12Oz) Hot/Iced₱ 135.00
Cauccino (12Oz) Hot/Iced₱ 125.00
Cinnamon Roll Latte (12Oz) Hot/Iced₱ 115.00
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Cinnamon Cold Brew (16Oz)₱ 150.00
Classic Cold Brew (16Oz)₱ 130.00
Creamy Cold Brew (16Oz)₱ 150.00
Vanilla & Cream Cold Brew (16Oz)₱ 150.00
Photo Credit: Cinnabon Facebook Page
Cinnabon Chips₱ 130.00
Mochallata Chill₱ 140.00
Triple Combo₱ 580.00
Photo Credit: Cinnabon GrabFood Page
Caramel Pecanbon₱ 155.00
Chocobites₱ 95.00
Cinnabites₱ 85.00
Cinnabon Classic Roll₱ 120.00
Mini Choco Pecanbon₱ 100.00
Mini Chocobon₱ 95.00
Mini Pecanbon₱ 100.00
Minibon₱ 85.00
Photo Credit: Cinnabon Official Page
Classic₱ 380.00
Classic /Pecanbon Combo₱ 470.00
Mini Choco Pecanbon₱ 630.00
Mini Choco Pecanbon Combo₱ 570.00
Mini Chocobon₱ 280.00
Mini Chocobon₱ 580.00
Mini Chocobon Combo₱ 250.00
Mini Chocobon Combo₱ 530.00
Mini Pecanbon₱ 630.00
Mini Pecanbon Combo₱ 570.00
Minibon₱ 240.00
Minibon₱ 490.00
Pecanbon₱ 550.00
Triple Combo₱ 580.00
Photo Credit: Cinnabon Official Page
Chillattas – Choco Mocha₱ 160.00
Chillattas – Mango₱ 160.00
Chillattas – Strawberry₱ 160.00
Mochallata Chill₱ 140.00
Mochallata Icescape₱ 140.00
Photo Credit: Cinnabon Official Page


Cinnabon offers American cinnamon that is available in a wide selection of baked treats for your cinnamon cravings. Their menu features Cinnapacks, Chilattas, Center of the roll, and Cold Brew Iced Coffee. Let us narrow down this long list of selections and help you make great choices at Cinnabon!

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Cinnabon Menu Best Seller

Classic Cinnamon – This OG is definitely the best thing at Cinnabon and actually, the main thing that paved the way for this cinnamon business to be recognized globally. It has a perfect cinnamon aroma which gives a very enticing experience while you indulge in the warm and soft cinnamon topped with gooey cream cheese and sweet syrup. 

Choco Bon – It’s time for the Chocoholics! If you’re looking for a chocolatey cinnamon roll this one is just perfect for you! It is a buttery cinnamon roll that has enhanced taste because of the delectable chocolate on it perfect for your merienda during work hours or even any time of the day.

Caramel Pecanbon – This new bestseller has delectable caramel drizzles and fine pecan nuts topped with this buttery cinnamon. It is perfect if you want to explore different cinnamon styles and you might find the love in this Caramel Pecanbon

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Cinnabon famous for?

Originating from America, Cinnabon is famous for its well-made cinnamon rolls. One of their favorites is their Classic Cinnamon which has a buttery flavor and sweet syrup.

What is Cinnabon made out of?

Their Globally recognized cinnamon rolls are made out of Warm dough, famous Makara cinnamon, and original cream cheese that come together to create this famous cinnamon roll, which is served fresh and warm.

Where is the nearest Cinnabon in my area?

You can visit this link at  where you can track and locate all the available Cinnabon branches in your area. 

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What are the operating hours of Cinnabon?

Cinnabon typically starts from 10 AM to 9 PM. However, operating hours will always vary in certain branches, and branches inside the malls are aligned to the operating hours of the specific mall branch they are located.

Is Cinnabon HALAL Certified?

Yes, Although they do not hold any HALAL Certification as of this moment, Cinnabon claims that they only use derivatives that are classified as HALAL Certified Products.

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