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Hey there, foodie friends! Gather ’round as we embark on a culinary adventure at Corner Tree Café – a cozy vegetarian haven where vegans and non-vegans alike can take pleasure in their delicious treats. Here, they offer savory dishes paired with fine wine and beer, all served in a warm and inviting atmosphere. So, go solo or invite your loved ones and discover why Corner Tree Café is a hidden gem in the heart of the city!

Corner Tree Café Menu Philippines Updated

Corner Tree Starter Plate₱ 345.00
Crispy Vegetable Lumpias₱ 180.00
Dukka And Bread₱ 155.00
Greek Spinach Filo Triangles (Spanakopitas) ₱ 289.00
Hummus With Veg Sticks Or Bread₱ 245.00
Pappadum With Mango Chutney₱ 85.00
Spinach Feta Croquettes ₱ 249.00
Squash Arancini₱ 280.00
Sweet Potato Fries With Garlic Mayo₱ 260.00
Vegan Onion Rings₱ 195.00
Vegetable Dumplings Siomai₱ 249.00
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Carrot Cake (Sf, V)₱ 220.00
Salted Caramel Chocolate Torte₱ 220.00
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Arroz Ala Cubana (Vo, Gf) ₱ 310.00
Buddha Bowl ₱ 395.00
Buddha Bowl ₱ 467.00
Indian Platter₱ 410.00
Spaghettini With Broccoli And Toasted Nuts (Vo) ₱ 355.00
Spinach & Mushroom Lasagna₱ 580.00
Thai Veg Curry (V, Gf)₱ 380.00
Tofu Teriyaki Bowl₱ 410.00
Veg Bibimbap ₱ 410.00
Veg Nut Roast₱ 395.00
“Swedish Meatballs” With Mash₱ 380.00
Photo Credit: Corner Tree Cafe Facebook Page
Chickpea Salad Sandwich₱ 355.00
Photo Credit: Corner Tree Cafe Facebook Page
Fresh Fruit Shake ₱ 195.00
Fresh Lemonade₱ 155.00
Lassi – Yoghurt Drink₱ 260.00
Maeloc Organic Cider 33 Cl 4.1 Percent₱ 180.00
Organic Lemon Grass Iced Tea₱ 120.00
Peanut Butter Banana Smoothie (V)₱ 185.00
The Green Smoothie V₱ 315.00
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Roasted Carrot Soup (V) ₱ 155.00
Sicilian Tomato And Bread Soup (V) ₱ 155.00
Spinach And Pechay Chowder (Vo) ₱ 155.00
Veg Laksa ₱ 340.00
Kare-Kareng Gulay (V, Gf)₱ 265.00
Veg Laing (V, Gf)₱ 230.00
Buttered Pasta And Cheddar Cheese₱ 180.00
Chunky Monkeys₱ 195.00
Spaghetti And “Meatballs”₱ 250.00
“Meatloaf” And Mashed Potatoes With Gravy₱ 265.00
Adlai₱ 85.00
Couscous₱ 60.00
Egg₱ 45.00
Fried Bananas₱ 35.00
Onion Rings – Side Dish (50G)₱ 90.00

About Corner Tree Café

Corner Tree Café welcomes visitors to its cozy vegetarian spot in Manila, where both vegans and omnivores find comfort. Offering cuisine from Asia, Africa, Europe, the Middle East, and America, the menu spans continents and is enjoyed in a comfortable, intimate setting. With an array of good wines, local beers, and house cocktails, patrons can take pleasure in delicious flavors regardless of dietary preferences. Weekly specials and options for vegans and gluten-free diets ensure everyone feels at home, including children.

Corner Tree Café’s Menu Best Seller

Prepare to have your palates dancing with joy as I unveil Corner Tree Café’s Menu Best Seller – the culinary rockstar that’s causing a stir and leaving foodies everywhere shouting, “Tree-mendous!”

Crispy Vegetable Lumpias – Enjoy Crispy Vegetable Lumpias from Corner Tree Café, a delicious combination of sweet potato, green beans, and bean sprouts served with a spicy dipping sauce made of coconut vinegar. I’m telling you, you’ll be begging for more because of its crunchy goodness!

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Baked Tofu Walnut Burger – Sink your teeth into savory satisfaction with Corner Tree Café’s Baked Tofu Walnut Burger – a hearty veggie burger nestled in a whole wheat bun, topped with mint yogurt sauce or vegan mayo, served with your choice of sweet potato fries or greens. It’s a burger bonanza that’ll leave you craving seconds!

Falafel Sandwich – Take pleasure with the flavor of Middle East with Corner Tree Café’s Falafel Sandwich – featuring fried chickpea patties nestled in pita bread, alongside juicy tomatoes, fresh greens, onions, and zesty Lemon Tahini sauce. Served with your choice of french fries or salad, it’s a flavor-packed journey you won’t want to miss!

Kare-Kareng Gulay – Experience Filipino comfort food at its finest with Corner Tree Café’s Kare-Kareng Gulay – a traditional stew made with garden-fresh veggies and a tangy organic peanut sauce. Served with organic red rice and vegetarian bagoong, it’s a hearty and wholesome dish that’ll warm your soul with every spoonful!

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Corner Tree Café located?

150 Jupiter St., Bel-Air 1209 Makati, Philippines

What makes Corner Tree Café unique?

Corner Tree Café stands out for its diverse menu that caters to both vegetarians and omnivores, offering a wide range of delicious dishes from various cuisines around the world.

What is Corner Tree Café operating hours?

Open daily, from 10 AM to 10 PM.

How can I reach Corner Tress Café?

You can contact them through their website [] or email them at [email protected].

Can I order at Corner Tree Café for delivery?

Yes. You can place your order at Corner Tree Café via FoodPanda and GrabFood.

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