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Hey there, fellow foodies! Get ready to blast off into a world of flavor at Cosmic, your go-to spot for out-of-this-world vegetarian and vegan treats! This cafe and bistro is here to take your palates on a journey through the galaxy of plant-based cuisine, as every dish at Cosmic is a star-studded sensation. So, join us as we explore the universe of deliciousness that awaits at Cosmic!

Cosmic Menu Philippines Updated

French Press (Sharing)₱ 100.00
French Press (Single)₱ 60.00
House Blend Kalamansi Iced Tea₱ 60.00
House Blend Passion Fruit Honey Iced Tea₱ 70.00
Moka Pot (Sharing)₱ 120.00
Moka Pot (Single)₱ 70.00
Passion Fruit Honey Ginger Mocktail₱ 40.00
Photo Credit: Cosmic Facebook Page
Scrambled Tofu-Egg Platter W/ Longganisa₱ 100.00
W/ Garlic Rice₱ 35.00
W/ Plain Rice₱ 30.00
W/ Quinoa₱ 70.00
Photo Credit: Cosmic Facebook Page
Appetiser Combo Platter₱ 150.00
Crispy Battered Tempura W/ 1 Dip₱ 60.00
Cucumber Salad₱ 100.00
Ensaladang Eggplant₱ 100.00
Photo Credit: Cosmic Facebook Page
Baked Bean Enchalitos₱ 120.00
Mancit “Habhab” Lucban W/ Bagnet₱ 40.00
Miso Ramen₱ 150.00
Miso Soup₱ 60.00
Sinigang Sa Miso₱ 90.00
Photo Credit: Cosmic Facebook Page
Classic Mushroom Burger W/ Fries₱ 191.00
Kare-Kare W/ Bagnet₱ 153.00
Sisig W/ Bagnet₱ 160.00
Spinach & Mushroom Lasagna₱ 151.00
Vegan Lasagna₱ 183.00
W/ Garlic Rice₱ 36.00
W/ Plain Rice₱ 32.00
W/ Quinoa₱ 72.00
Photo Credit: Cosmic Facebook Page
Egg-Free Leche Flan₱ 70.00

About Cosmic

Cosmic is redefining perceptions of vegan cuisine, emphasizing affordability without compromising taste. Founded by individuals passionate about plant-based living, it addresses the need for more vegan options in Manila’s health-conscious community. With three branches, Cosmic offers a diverse menu of everyday Filipino dishes transformed into vegan dishes, inviting diners to explore a greener, healthier culinary experience.

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Cosmic’s Menu Best Seller

Get ready to discover the dish that has captured the hearts and palates of vegans and non-vegans alike, showcasing the epitome of flavor and innovation from Cosmic’s stellar menu.

Vegan BBQ Isaw – Immerse in the savory treat of Cosmic’s Vegan BBQ Isaw! With perfectly seasoned seitan, glazed in a special BBQ sauce and infused with garlic and sugar, every bite offers a burst of flavor reminiscent of traditional street food favorites.

Vegan Bangus Relleno – Prepare to be amazed by Cosmic’s Vegan Bangus Relleno! Featuring a unique blend of nori seaweed, soy wrapper, wheat protein, and soy protein, this dish redefines the classic Filipino favorite with a plant-based twist that’s both satisfying and delicious.

Pesto-Pasta Salad – Dive into a bowl of freshness with Cosmic’s Pesto-Pasta Salad! Vibrant and flavorful, this dish combines al dente pasta with aromatic pesto sauce, cherry tomatoes, and pine nuts, creating a refreshing and satisfying meal that’s perfect for any occasion.

Fresh Tofu Spring Roll – Treat your palates to the light and crispy goodness of Cosmic’s Fresh Tofu Spring Roll! Packed with crunchy vegetables and tender tofu, wrapped in rice paper, and served with a tangy dipping sauce, it’s a wonderful appetizer that’s sure to leave you wanting more.

Miso-Mushroom Sinigang – Experience the comforting warmth of Cosmic’s Miso-Mushroom Sinigang! Made with hearty mushrooms, tangy tamarind broth, and the subtle sweetness of miso, this vegan twist on a Filipino classic is a bowl of pure comfort and satisfaction.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of cuisine does Cosmic specialize in?

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Cosmic specializes in vegan and vegetarian cuisine, offering a diverse menu of plant-based dishes inspired by Filipino flavors.

Where are Cosmic’s branches located?

  • Poblacion, Makati Branch – 4980 P. Guanzon St. Makati
  • Kapitolyo, Pasig Branch – 7 San Rafael St, Pasig, Metro Manila
  • Siargao Island, SDN Branch – Tourism Rd. Purok 3, Gen Luna, SDN

What are Cosmic’s operating hours?

  • Poblacion, Makati branch, (Open Wed-Mon; Closed Tuesdays)
  • Kapitolyo, Pasig branch, (Open Tue-Sun; Closed Mondays)
  • Siargao, SDN (Open Wed-Mon; Closed Tuesdays)

Can I make reservations at Cosmic?

Cosmic may not require reservations for dining, as it operates on a first-come, first-served basis. However, for large group reservations or special events, it’s best to reach out to them directly. You can contact their Poblacion, Makati branch at Globe: 0915 365-8758, their Kapitolyo, Pasig branch at Smart: 0968-693-1344, and their Siargao branch at Globe: 0906-401-0098 (for calls) or Viber: 0946-770-0000.

Is Cosmic family-friendly?

Yes, Cosmic is a family-friendly restaurant that welcomes guests of all ages to enjoy their vegan and vegetarian offerings in a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere.

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