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Treat yourself to the best Filipino flavors of Crisostomo! Nothing can beat the classics when it comes to these classic Filipino comfort foods that surely has a special place in our hearts. Let us travel to the home of Filipino Cuisine and its classic menu collection that will surely warm your Pinoy heart.

Crisostomo Menu Philippines Updated

Adobo Damaso₱ 470.00
Anastacio₱ 425.00
Bella Bandida₱ 360.00
Binagoongan Ni Pia₱ 470.00
Bistek Pelaez₱ 935.00
Callos De Aguinaldo₱ 545.00
Corregidor₱ 425.00
Don Filipo₱ 470.00
Don Geronimo₱ 495.00
Don Juan₱ 415.00
Don Rafael₱ 935.00
Dona Victorina₱ 580.00
Emilio₱ 545.00
Ka Plaridel₱ 435.00
Kare-Kare Ng Kura₱ 745.00
Kare-Kare Ng Mestizo₱ 765.00
Kare-Kare Ni Simon₱ 655.00
Kkk Barbecue₱ 415.00
Leandro₱ 470.00
Liwayway₱ 470.00
Manok Ng Diablo₱ 415.00
Paella Filipino₱ 535.00
Paella Negra₱ 470.00
Paella Visayas₱ 470.00
San Gabriel₱ 415.00
Ventura₱ 655.00
Photo Credit: Crisostomo Facebook Page
La Paz Bulalo₱ 735.00
Munggo De Mariano₱ 325.00
Sinigang Burgos₱ 605.00
Sinigang Gomez₱ 525.00
Sinigang Mestizo₱ 745.00
Sinigang Ni Kapitan₱ 545.00
Tinolang Matanglawin₱ 435.00
Photo Credit: Crisostomo Facebook Page
Bagumbayan Lechon₱ 360.00
Bolas De Fuego₱ 295.00
Caracol₱ 360.00
Kinilaw Ni Custodio₱ 325.00
Lourdes₱ 325.00
Lucas₱ 415.00
Macaraig₱ 295.00
Mang Pablo₱ 425.00
Protacio’S Pride₱ 380.00
Sinuglaw Tarsilo₱ 380.00
Bonifacio₱ 545.00
Crazy Sisa₱ 305.00
Ensaladang Erehe₱ 260.00
Kangkong Con Selo₱ 315.00
Noli Me Talong₱ 325.00
Pilosopong Pinakbet₱ 360.00
Sinang Con Laing₱ 305.00
Soledad₱ 360.00
Photo Credit: Crisostomo Facebook Page
Campeon Turon₱ 180.00
Choleng₱ 180.00
Cospel De Leche₱ 95.00
Halo-Halo Ni Crisostomo₱ 150.00
Kapitan Tika₱ 160.00
Maria Clara₱ 235.00
Narcissa₱ 235.00
Sago’T Gulaman₱ 125.00
Photo Credit: Crisostomo Facebook Page
Arroz Caldo Halo-Halo₱ 360.00
Bam-I-Guisado₱ 435.00
Cervantes₱ 435.00
Escolta₱ 435.00
Ginataang Bilo-Bilo₱ 325.00
Ginataang Halo-Halo₱ 360.00
Photo Credit: Crisostomo Facebook Page
Beaterio₱ 250.00
Bracken Tofu₱ 215.00
Carriedo₱ 435.00
Joaquin₱ 765.00
Lengua Laruja₱ 545.00
Salome’S Secret₱ 385.00
Saturnina’S Secret₱ 435.00
Seta’S Salpicao₱ 270.00
Sisig Linares₱ 325.00
Victoria₱ 525.00
Photo Credit: Crisostomo Facebook Page
Adobo Rice₱ 305.00
Binagoongan Rice₱ 360.00
Garlic Rice₱ 85.00
Pandan Rice₱ 75.00
Taba Ng Talangka Rice₱ 405.00
Tinapa And Salted Egg Rice₱ 305.00
Photo Credit: Crisostomo Facebook Page
Bottled Water₱ 95.00
Lemon Iced Tea₱ 98.00
Soft Drink In Can₱ 95.00
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Paterno₱ 2195.00


Crisostomo specializes in classic Filipino cuisine in their varieties of captivating delicacies of Soups, Entrees, Sizzling, Merienda, Platter, Rice, Deserts, and beverages. They also offer a great selection of appetizers for your meal prep that will surely give you an enticing experience for every meal.

Crisostomo Menu Best Seller

La Paz Bulalo – A great sip of this La Paz Bulalo will surely fill your tiring day. It is one of their best sellers because of its savory soup powered by beef chunks and bone marrow that will never miss bringing comfort, especially during the rainy season.

Sisig Linares – Of course, we have to try their sisig, and considering that I have tried a lot of sisig during this venture I am certain that they really did well in serving the classic Kapapmangan version of Sisig. The crispiness and the chopped onions are just a factor because the juiciness and how flavorful the meat is something to die for.

Lourdes – For seafood lovers! This Lourdes is made out of baby crabs that are deep-fried until it reaches the fine and crisp quality of this meal. It has a great flavor of crab meat that is served with vinegar on the side

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Crisostomo?

Crisostomo is a restaurant that specializes in serving Filipino comfort food. They have a great selection of Pino delicacies that are a must-check out if you are into Pinoy classic dishes.

What is Crisostomo known for?

Crisostomo is known for their savory main dish or soup such as La Paz Bulalo.

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Where is the nearest Crisostomo in my area?

You can visit this link at  where you can see all the available Crisostomo branches in your area and their regular operating hours.

What are the operating hours of Crisostomo?

Crisostomo typically starts from 11 AM to 9 PM. However, operating hours will always vary in certain Crisostomo branches, and Mall branches will follow the operating hours of the mall.

Is Crisostomo HALAL Certified?

No, Crisostomo serves pork and uses derivatives that are not classified as HALAL Certified Products.

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