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Sandwiches are one of our favorite breakfast or quick bites in time that we missed our meal. That’s why I have recommended restaurant to satisfy and fill the meal you have missed at home. Eggstop are an expert in making Korea’s famous eggdrop sandwiches. Let us take a closer look at their menu and their signature specials.

Eggstop Menu Philippines Updated

Bacon, Egg & Cheese₱ 149.00
Double Ham, Egg & Cheese₱ 139.00
Egg Cheddar Sandwich₱ 99.00
Egg Salad₱ 129.00
Hungarian Sausage Egg Drop₱ 149.00
Premium Beef Bulgogi Sandwich₱ 159.00
Spam & Egg₱ 149.00
Tuna Melt₱ 149.00
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Criss Cut Fries₱ 99.00
Tteokbokki With Egg & Cheese₱ 120.00
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Iced Tea₱ 70.00
Korean Iced Coffee₱ 99.00
Mineral Water₱ 30.00
Orange Juice₱ 70.00
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Eggstop is a sandwich chain business that is offered in different styles and forms where eggs are the main base ingredients. They offer their favorite double ham, egg, and cheese made from their signature sauces. Let us narrow down this list and make this eggstopping adventure a great one.

Eggstop Menu Best Seller

Double Egg, Ham, and Cheese – Starting this list with this best-selling double egg, ham, and cheese sandwich. Well the name itself says it all. It is made out of soft-cooked scrambled egg, fine cuts of American ham, and delectable cheese along with sweetcorn and the final touch of their signature sauce.

Tuna Melt – If you are a fan of tuna sandwiches, this is a must-try at Eggstop! It is made out of premium cheddar cheese, and high-quality tuna with mayo on it. A touch of pickles, onions, and course the soft scrambled egg with their signature sauce.

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Cris Cut Fries – Now for your sides, these crisp cut fries are perfect to partner with your favorite sandwich. It is absolutely juicy fries that are cross cut and served with sriracha and mayo.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Eggstop?

Eggstop is a sandwich food chain that specializes in famous Korean egg drop sandwiches. They serve different styles of egg drop sandwiches that are perfect for quick bites of after-school snacks.

What is Eggstop known for?

Eggstop is known for its egg drop sandwiches that were first popularized in South Korea.

Where is the nearest Eggstop in my area?

You can check this link at along is the list of available Eggstop branches available in the Philippines.

What are the operating hours of Eggstop?

Eggstop starts its daily operation from 10 AM to 9 PM. However, we always have to put in mind that the operating hours will always depend on the policy of the specific EggStop branches. Egg stop branches inside the malls will align with the store hours of the mall.

Is Eggstop HALAL Certified?

No, Eggstop offers pork meat on their egg drop sandwiches and uses derivatives that are not classified as HALAL Certified Products.

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