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Good day, culinary explorers! Join me on a flavor journey at Gallery by Chele, where each dish is a masterpiece, blending modern techniques with the rich flavors of the Philippines. Beyond the captivating presentation, this restaurant’s heart lies in a commitment to exploring and celebrating the country’s culinary culture. Dive into a symphony of local ingredients transformed into culinary wonders that redefine the art of modern cuisine.

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Bites:Uni Pate (Dalandan – Bignay – Pomelo)Kare-Kare Bonbon (Peanut Praline – Beef Cheeks – Bagoong Mayo)Crab Roll (Lato – Calamansi – Cucumber)Starters:Mackerel Salad (Organic Greens – Piparras – Pineapple Sorbet)Pastrami Board (Deli By Chele Artisanal Innovation)Laksa Inasal (Octopus – Chicken Jus – Pickled Jicama)Mains:Tiger Prawn Rice (Bisque – Bell Pepper – Togarashi)Snapper Hollandaise (Ikura – Sigarillas – Potato Confit) Orbeef Wellington Add 500.00 (Tenderloin – Parmesan Parmentier – Truffle Jus) A Minimum Of 2 People Is Required For This Upgrade.Desserts:Mnl | Mango (Coconut – Dayap – Lemon Balm)Burnt Basque Cheesecake By Chele Gonzalez (Traditional Basque Country Style Cheesecake)2,300.00 Per Head
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10 Coursebites:Bicolbinondopampangathe Journey:Siruma (Pineapple – Calamansi – Cilantro)Camalig (Lobster – Coconut – Lemongrass)Laksa Inasal (Octopus – Chicken Jus – Pickled Jicama)Cabiao (Dorado – Rice – Fermentation)Hermosa (Prawn – Bilukaw – Ancestral)Silang (Iberico – Adlai -Sawtooth Coriander)Street Iskrambol (Strawberry – Citrus – Banana)Camarines Sur (Beef Tenderloin – Taro Leaves – Garden Herbs)Mnl Mango (Coconut – Dayap – Lemon Balm)Amadeo (Liberica – Robusta – Excelsa)4,500.001,600.002,900.00995.00
Six Coursebites:Bicolbinondopampangathe Journey:Siruma (Pineapple – Calamansi – Cilantro)Laksa Inasal (Octopus – Chicken Jus – Pickled Jicama)Cabiao (Dorado – Rice – Fermentation)Street Iskrambol (Strawberry – Citrus – Banana)Camarines Sur (Beef Tenderloin – Taro Leaves – Garden Herbs)Amadeo (Liberican – Robusta – Excelsa)3,500.001,000.002,100.00650.00
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10 Coursebites:Bicolbindondopampangathe Journey:Siruma | Kinilaw (Watermelon – Pineapple Sorbet | Vinegar)Camalig | Pinanggat (Coconut – Cotton Fruit – Smoked)Blossom (Banana Heart – Kefir – Kalingag Bark)Cabiao | Buro (Eggplant – Pickled Green Mangoes – Cherry Tomato)Hermosa | Binuho (Jackfruit – Bilukaw – Okra Seeds)Silang Farm (Cauliflower – Vegetable Jus – Pepino Melon)Street Iskrambol (Strawberry – Citrus – Banana)Camarines Sur | Laing (Beetroot – Taro Leaves – Chimichurri)Mnl Mango (Coconut – Dayap – Lemon Balm)Amadeo (Liberica – Robusta – Excelsa)3,500.001,600.002,900.00995.00
6 Coursebites:Bicolbinondopampangathe Journey:Siruma | Kinilaw (Watermelon – Pineapple Sorbet | Vinegar)Blossom (Banana Heart – Kefir – Kalingag Bark)Cabiao | Buro (Dorado – Rice – Fermentation)Street Iskrambol (Strawberry – Citrus – Banana)Camarines Sur | Laing (Beetroot – Taro Leaves – Chimichurri)Amadeo (Liberica – Robusta – Excelsa)2,700.001,000.002,100.00650.00
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About Gallery

At the heart of Gallery by Chele lies a commitment to exploring and celebrating the culinary culture of the Philippines. Grounded in an intimate connection with nature, the restaurant values showcasing the beauty of its home and sharing the culinary soul of the country. Unbound by tradition, Gallery by Chele weaves cross-cultural innovations, bringing together diverse ingredients, techniques, cultures, and traditions. Evolving from a degustation-only experience, it now offers a casual yet memorable dining adventure, featuring classics, small and big plates, and customizable tasting menus, along with a diverse array of classic and original cocktails and craft beverages.

Gallery’s Menu Best Seller

Embark on a culinary odyssey as we unravel the allure of Gallery’s Menu Best Seller. Each dish is a masterpiece, a testament to the restaurant’s commitment to exploring the rich culinary culture of the Philippines. Prepare for a taste experience that will redefine the modern culinary genre.

  • Southeast Salad – A culinary symphony where crisp greens dance harmoniously with tender grilled beef. A must-try, each bite unveils a perfect balance of freshness and savory flavor.
  • Meringue de Sal – True to its name, Meringue de Sal, crafted with chicken, soy, and mousse, melts in your mouth. An irresistible combination that defines happiness with every heavenly bite.
  • Tomato Mochi – Small yet mighty, the Tomato Mochi bursts with exquisite flavors of cheese and basil. Each bite is a wonderful journey into a world of savory sophistication.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Gallery by Chele located?

Clipp Center, 11th Ave cor 39th St, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, Philippines

What is Gallery by Chele operating hours?

Open from Tuesday to Sunday

  • Lunch | 12PM to 4PM
  • Dinner | 6PM to 11PM

Does Gallery by Chele take reservations?

Absolutely! Given its frequent activity, it’s recommended to secure your table ahead of time. Reach out to them at +639175461673 or [email protected] for booking inquiries.

What is the philosophy behind Gallery by Chele’s cuisine?

Gallery by Chele’s philosophy revolves around continuous exploration and research of the Philippines’ culinary culture. They use local ingredients, applying modern techniques to create dishes that showcase the country’s culinary richness.

Can I customize tasting menus at Gallery by Chele?

Certainly! A customized culinary experience can be enjoyed with Gallery by Chele’s short or long tasting menus, which can be enhanced with signature dishes, vegan, and vegetarian options.

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