Greenwich Menu Prices

With their famous Lasagna Supreme and Hawaiian Overload, who else does not know Greenwich these days? Their Menu offers nothing but delicious food choices made with top-quality ingredients but comes at a very affordable price. From their Pizza to Pasta down to their Side Dishes they surely are competitive in providing quality food to strengthen our Barkada Bond!

Greenwich Menu Philippines Updated

Overload Summer Bundle (Good 4 For Pax)Starts at ₱ 699.00
Overload Summer Bundle (Good 4 For Pax)Starts at ₱ 629.00
Overload Summer Bundle With Free Overload Rewards Card (Good 4 For Pax)Starts at ₱ 699.00
12″ Barkada Dealicious DuoStarts at ₱ 749.00
All-In OverloadStarts at ₱ 144.00
Hawaiian OverloadStarts at ₱ 133.00
Lasagna Supreme PanStarts at ₱ 314.00
Lasagna Supreme SoloStarts at ₱ 128.00
Overload Trio DealStarts at ₱ 599.00
Photo Credit: Greenwich Barkada Facebook Page
12″ Barkada Dealicious Duo₱ 749.00
12″ Barkada Overload Duo₱ 771.00
15″ Party Dealicious Duo₱ 1039.00
15″ Party Overload Duo₱ 1102.00
9″ Dealicious Duo₱ 489.00
9″ Overload Duo₱ 501.00
Overload Dealicious Trio₱ 660.00
Overload Trio Deal₱ 599.00
Photo Credit: Greenwich Barkada Facebook Page
4 Cheese OverloadStarts at ₱ 290.00
5-Cheese & Veggies OverloadStarts at ₱ 144.00
All Beef OverloadStarts at ₱ 480.00
All Meat OverloadStarts at ₱ 144.00
All-In (No Pork) OverloadStarts at ₱ 324.00
All-In OverloadStarts at ₱ 144.00
Bacon OverloadStarts at ₱ 144.00
Beef & Pineapples OverloadStarts at ₱ 290.00
Beef & Sausage OverloadStarts at ₱ 144.00
Cheeseburger ClassicStarts at ₱ 245.00
Cheesy Bacon & Ham ClassicStarts at ₱ 447.00
Extreme All Meat OverloadStarts at ₱ 648.00
Extreme All-In OverloadStarts at ₱ 648.00
Extreme Hawaiian OverloadStarts at ₱ 648.00
Extreme Pepperoni OverloadStarts at ₱ 648.00
Ham & Cheese ClassicStarts at ₱ 122.00
Ham & Pineapples ClassicStarts at ₱ 122.00
Hawaiian OverloadStarts at ₱ 133.00
Pepperoni OverloadStarts at ₱ 133.00
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Creamy Bacon Carbonara PanStarts at ₱ 280.00
Creamy Bacon Carbonara SoloStarts at ₱ 122.00
Lasagna Supreme PanStarts at ₱ 314.00
Lasagna Supreme SoloStarts at ₱ 128.00
Meaty Spaghetti PanStarts at ₱ 190.00
Meaty Spaghetti SoloStarts at ₱ 77.00
Photo Credit: Greenwich Barkada Facebook Page
Bonding Bundle 1249 (Good For 7 To 8Pax)Starts at ₱ 1249.00
Bonding Bundle 479 (Good For 3 Pax)Starts at ₱ 479.00
Bonding Bundle 499 With Potato Crunchers (Good For 3 Pax)Starts at ₱ 499.00
Bonding Bundle 579 (Good For 4 Pax)Starts at ₱ 579.00
Bonding Bundle 649 (Good For 4 Pax)Starts at ₱ 649.00
Bonding Bundle 879 (Good For 5 To 6 Pax)Starts at ₱ 879.00
Bonding Bundle 949 (Good For 5 To 6 Pax)Starts at ₱ 949.00
1 Pc Crunchy Chicken With RiceStarts at ₱ 122.00
2 Pcs Crunchy Chicken With RiceStarts at ₱ 223.00
Creamy Bacon Carbonara Chicken ComboStarts at ₱ 200.00
Lasagna Chicken ComboStarts at ₱ 200.00
Pizza Loaded Combo DStarts at ₱ 189.00
Pizza Loaded Combo EStarts at ₱ 245.00
Pizza Value Meal BStarts at ₱ 100.00
3Pcs. Garlic SticksStarts at ₱ 39.00
3Pcs. Garlic Sticks With Cheese DipStarts at ₱ 45.00
3Pcs. Garlic Sticks With Sour Cream DipStarts at ₱ 45.00
3Pcs. Garlic Sticks With Spicy Cheese DipStarts at ₱ 39.00
Chicken And CrunchersStarts at ₱ 308.00
Chicken And WavesStarts at ₱ 308.00
Crunchy ChickenStarts at ₱ 414.00
Extra Barbecue DipStarts at ₱ 15.00
Extra Cheese DipStarts at ₱ 17.00
Extra Hot SauceStarts at ₱ 6.00
Extra KetchupStarts at ₱ 6.00
Extra Sour Cream DipStarts at ₱ 17.00
Potato Crunchers With DipStarts at ₱ 77.00
Potato Waves With DipStarts at ₱ 77.00
Winner Wings Garlic ParmesanStarts at ₱ 246.00
Photo Credit: Greenwich Barkada Facebook Page
1.5L CokeStarts at ₱ 99.00
1L PepsiStarts at ₱ 85.00
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Overload Rewards CardStarts at ₱ 100.00
Pizza Pasta TreatStarts at ₱ 539.00
1.5L CokeStarts at ₱ 99.00
3-Pc. Crunchy ChickenStarts at ₱ 199.00
3Pcs. Garlic SticksStarts at ₱ 39.00
6″ Solo Cheeseburger ClassicStarts at ₱ 122.00
6″ Solo Hawaiian OverloadStarts at ₱ 133.00
Lasagna Supreme SoloStarts at ₱ 128.00
Meaty Spaghetti SoloStarts at ₱ 77.00
Regular Potato WavesStarts at ₱ 77.00


Greenwich is one of the most accessible fast-food restaurants in the Philippines offering Italian-inspired cuisines such as Pizza, Lasagna, and Pasta. Greenwich is very consistent in continuously upgrading their menu every time to surely catch up to the needs of youths and consistently satisfy their customers. Greenwich launched its G Savers Menu that offers affordable value meals such as their new Pizza Wrap which comes in three flavors: Ham and Cheese, Spam Hawaiian, and Chorizo Pepperoni along with their other snack meals such as their Potato Waves that come with BBQ and Sour and Cream flavors served with their famous dip.

Greenwich Menu Best Seller

Hawaiian Overload- The Hawaiian pizza they are most famous for, is a delightful mixture of luscious pineapples, gammon, bacon, mozzarella, and cheddar. This Pizza may come with or without green bell peppers on top of it based on your liking. Perfect for Hawaiian Pizza lovers out there who indeed love pineapples on pizza.

All-In Overload- This Pizza is very recommended for people who love the meaty and tender juiciness of every pizza bite. This Pizza is Greenwich’s Ultimate Overload made more delicious and more meaty-tasting with its 6 kinds of meat: Bacon, Ham, Burger Crumbles, Pepperoni, Spanish Sausage, and Italian Sausage.

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Lasagna Supreme Pan- I’m sure everyone would love their best sellers Lasagna Supreme and even better because they made it available for pan serving to surely enjoy with your barkada bonding. Cooked with loads of layers of beef and cheese in a hot pan with their best pasta will surely make everything better.


Where does Greenwich originate?

Greenwich Pizza is a genuine Filipino pizza franchise – a tiny business that made an incredible jump to the big league. What began in 1971 as a little over-the-counter pizza shop in the Greenhills Commercial Centre has grown to become one of the Philippines’ largest pizza businesses.

What is Greenwich Restaurant known for?

Greenwich is best known for their classic Hawaiian Overload and Lasagna Supreme which comes with top-quality food and affordable pricing.

Where is the nearest Greenwich in my area?

Yes, they offer delivery service, you can visit their website at available in Metro Manila and Luzon Stores only.

What are the operating hours of Greenwich?

Greenwich operating hours typically start at 10:00 AM to 9:00 PM.

Is Greenwich HALAL Certified?

No, Greenwich Philippines is not a Certified HALAL Restaurant.

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