Harbor View Menu Prices

Ahoy, foodies! Wanna set sail on a culinary voyage with terrific decor and quiet atmosphere that will make you feel relaxed? Well, Harbor View is the right place for you! Picture this: fresh seafood, vibrant salads, and sizzling grilled dishes—all served with a side of breathtaking views. With each bite, you’ll feel the ocean breeze whispering tales of flavor and adventure. So, join us for a dining escapade at Harbor View!

Harbor View Menu Philippines Updated

Baked Mussels₱ 200.00
Calamares₱ 235.00
Hotsi Patootsi₱ 255.00
Kilawin Tanigue₱ 260.00
Nilasing No Hipon₱ 240.00
Oysters Rockefeller₱ 230.00
Salmon Sashimi₱ 280.00
Salmon Sashimi Special₱ 320.00
Sizzling Pork Sisig₱ 225.00
Tokwa’T Baboy₱ 225.00
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Beef Chap Chae₱ 280.00
Bistek Pinoy₱ 310.00
Brazilian Beef Bbq₱ 280.00
Kalderetang Baka₱ 330.00
Kare-Kare₱ 330.00
Rabo De Toro₱ 335.00
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Fruit Salad₱ 79.00
Halo-Halo (Regular)₱ 90.00
Halo-Halo (Special)₱ 105.00
Leche Flan₱ 75.00
Mais Con Yelo (Regular)₱ 75.00
Mais Con Yelo (Special)₱ 90.00
Mixed Fresh Fruits₱ 275.00
Beef Bulalo Soup₱ 330.00
Beef Noodle Soup₱ 180.00
Clam Soup₱ 200.00
Crab & Corn Soup₱ 200.00
Nilagang Baka₱ 330.00
Seafood Soup₱ 200.00
Sinigang Na Baboy₱ 280.00
Sinigang Na Boneless Bangus₱ 48.00
Sinigang Na Hipon₱ 400.00
Sinigang Na Salmon Belly₱ 345.00
Soup Of The Day₱ 65.00
Tahong Soup₱ 200.00
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Adobong Pusit₱ 205.00
Baby Squid Al Ajillo₱ 200.00
Boneless Bangus₱ 48.00
Breaded Fish Fillet₱ 260.00
Fish & Chips₱ 260.00
Fish Fillet W/ Tofu₱ 270.00
Grilled Blue Marlin Steak₱ 280.00
Inihaw Na Pusit₱ 190.00
Inihaw Na Tuna Panga₱ 55.00
Live Catfish₱ 45.00
Live King Fish₱ 85.00
Live Lapu-Lapu₱ 160.00
Live Prawns₱ 195.00
Live Shrimp₱ 165.00
Sizzling Squid In Chili Sauce₱ 245.00
Spicy Squid₱ 240.00
Sweet & Sour Fish Fillet₱ 270.00
Tanigue Steak₱ 265.00
Crab Garlic₱ 140.00
Crab In Chili Sauce₱ 140.00
Crab Sotanghon₱ 140.00
Deep Fried Crab₱ 140.00
Ginataang Alimango₱ 140.00
Spicy Crab₱ 140.00
Steamed Crab₱ 140.00
Grilled Prawns W/ Lemon Butter Sauce₱ 410.00
Hv Prawns₱ 410.00
Prawns Garlic₱ 410.00
Prawns Tempura₱ 410.00
Prawns W/ Chili Sauce₱ 425.00
Spicy Prawns₱ 410.00
Baby Back Ribs (Half)₱ 580.00
Baby Back Ribs (Whole)₱ 1,130.00
Crispy Pata₱ 575.00
Lechon Kawali₱ 225.00
Lumpiang Shanghai₱ 220.00
Pork Adobo₱ 250.00
Pork Bbq₱ 210.00
Sizzling Crispy Pork₱ 235.00
Chicken Adobo₱ 250.00
Chicken Bbq₱ 220.00
Deep Fried Chciekn (Whole)₱ 435.00
Deep Fried Chicken (Half)₱ 230.00
Hv Roasted Chicken (Half)₱ 230.00
Hv Roasted Chicken (Whole)₱ 435.00
Sizzling Chicken In Chili₱ 250.00
Sizzling Chicken In Gravy₱ 250.00
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Adobong Kangkong₱ 140.00
Ampalaya Con Carne₱ 235.00
Chopsuey₱ 235.00
Ginisang Ampalaya₱ 235.00
Kilawin Puso Ng Saging₱ 190.00
Mixed Vegetables₱ 230.00
Pinakbet₱ 205.00
Spinach W/ Garlic₱ 140.00
Steamed Broccoli W/ Garlic₱ 205.00

About Harbor View

Harbor View dining has been providing memories since 1985, going beyond simple nourishment. Renowned for its commitment to freshness, each dish is a testament to culinary precision and a passion for cooking that sets Harbor View apart in the bustling metro scene. Here, you’ll feast not only on the freshest seafood of the day but also on visual treats that elevate your dining experience to new heights. From comforting classics to innovative creations, Harbor View’s diverse seafood delicacies cater to every mood and craving, ensuring that each visit leaves a lasting impression.

Harbor View’s Menu Best Seller

Welcome aboard to Harbor View’s culinary voyage of goodness! Anchored in flavor and fueled by freshness, Harbor View’s menu best-seller promises a feast like no other.

  • Baked Baby Lobster – Prepare to be shell-shocked by the exquisite flavors of Harbor View’s Baked Baby Lobster! Each bite is a succulent symphony of buttery richness and ocean-fresh sweetness, leaving you craving for more of this irresistible dish.
  • Shrimp Burger – Dive into a sea of satisfaction with Harbor View’s Shrimp Burger! Bursting with juicy shrimp goodness and nestled between soft buns, this burger is a flavor-packed treat that’ll have you hooked from the first bite.
  • Prawns Garlic – Get ready to savor the captivating aroma and robust flavors of Harbor View’s Prawns Garlic! Succulent prawns sautéed to perfection in fragrant garlic butter, each bite is a heavenly explosion of savory goodness that’ll leave you craving for another plate.
  • Sizzling Beef of Gyudon – Experience the sizzle of perfection with Harbor View’s Sizzling Beef of Gyudon! With tender slices of beef, caramelized onions, and savory sauce atop a bed of steaming rice, this dish is a comforting classic that’ll warm your soul.
  • Baby Squid Adobo – Brace yourself for a flavor fiesta with Harbor View’s Baby Squid Adobo! Tender baby squids marinated in a tangy adobo sauce; each bite is a burst of Filipino flavors that’ll captivate your senses!
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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Harbor View located?

South Gate A, Rizal Park, Katigbak Park Manila, Philippines

Does Harbor View offer outdoor seating?

Yes, Harbor View offers outdoor seating options where guests can enjoy their meals while taking in scenic views of the harbor.

Can I make reservations at Harbor View?

Yes, Harbor View accepts reservations for both indoor and outdoor seating. For reservations, reach them at 287100060.

What are Harbor View’s operating hours?

Open daily, from 11 AM to 10 PM.

Is Harbor View family-friendly?

Yes, Harbor View welcomes guests of all ages and is a family-friendly establishment. They offer a children’s menu and high chairs for younger diners, making it a suitable choice for family outings and gatherings.

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