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Craving for some chicken? Well, it sounds like you’re in for a treat! Hot Star is known for serving up delicious, generously-sized chicken dishes that are sure to leave you feeling satisfied. Whether you’re hankering for classic fried chicken or craving a spicy kick, Hot Star has you covered. Come with me and together we’ll experience a winner-winner-chicken-dinner.

Hot Star Menu Philippines Updated

Bbq Sandwich₱ 120.00₱ 200.00
Chicken Gravy Sandwich₱ 120.00₱ 200.00
Chicken Sandwich₱ 110.00₱ 190.00
Spicy Sandwich₱ 120.00₱ 200.00
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Cheese Bomb (Ala Carte)₱ 260.00
Cheese Bomb W/ Fries₱ 300.00
Crispy Xxl Chicken₱ 210.00
Junior Chicken₱ 130.00
Original Xxl Chicken₱ 210.00
Superstar Xxl Chicken₱ 210.00
Photo Credit: Hot Star Faceebook Page
Chicharones W/ Rice₱ 83.00
Chicken Chunkies₱ 191.00
Chunks Rice₱ 102.00
Basket Of Chicharones₱ 129.00
Basket Of Fries₱ 189.00
Basket Of Wedges₱ 189.00
Bbq₱ 89.00
Salt & Pepper W/ Fries₱ 130.00
Add Ons₱ 75.00
Chicharones₱ 50.00
Double Cheese₱ 25.00
Extra Cheese₱ 15.00
French Fries₱ 70.00
Mashed Potato₱ 80.00
Spaghetti₱ 70.00
Wedges₱ 70.00
Regular Sodas₱ 40.00
4 Chicken,4 Rice, 2 Sides, 2 Spaghetti & 4 Drinks₱ 1180.00
Jr Chicken Deal₱ 890.00
Bbq Subwich₱ 165.00₱ 245.00
Chicken Gravy₱ 165.00₱ 245.00
Chicken Subwich₱ 155.00₱ 235.00
Spicy Subwich₱ 165.00₱ 245.00
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About Hot Star

Discover the captivating flavors of Taiwanese-style chicken at Hot Star, Taiwan’s No. 1 Large Fried Chicken franchise now gracing the Philippines. Originating from Wang’s Large Fried Chicken in Taichung, Hot Star quickly became a sensation in Taiwan, selling thousands of chicken fillets daily. Established in 1992, Hot Star has expanded across Asia, with its Philippines debut in 2014 by RJV Restaurant Group. With its signature 12-inch fried chicken served in a pouch, accompanied by rice unique to the Philippine branches, Hot Star continues to treat Filipino palates with its mouthwatering offerings. With nine branches and counting, Hot Star remains committed to bringing its beloved large fried chicken to every corner of the nation.

Hot Star’s Menu Best Seller

Do you miss crunchy goodness? Prepare to enjoy the best-selling item on the Hot Star’s menu! With a crunch that’s out of this world, these dishes are a must-try for all fried chicken lovers.

XXL Crispy Chicken (Salt & Pepper) – Savor the perfectly seasoned XXL Crispy Chicken from Hot Star, which has a subtle hint of salt and pepper. Every bite is an explosion of flavor and crunch, making it a must-try for all aficionados of fried chicken.

XXL Crispy Cheese Bomb – Immerse in Hot Star’s XXL Crispy Cheese Bomb – a heavenly combination of crispy chicken and gooey cheese that is a perfect blend of savory and cheesy treat.

Jr. Superstar Chicken (Teriyaki) – Treat your palate to Hot Star’s Jr. Superstar Chicken glazed in delectable teriyaki sauce. The tender chicken paired with the sweet and savory flavors of teriyaki create a mouthwatering experience you won’t forget.

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BBQ Chicken Sandwich – Savor the smoky goodness of Hot Star’s BBQ Chicken Sandwich. Juicy chicken, smothered in tangy BBQ sauce, nestled between soft buns – it’s the perfect combination of flavors and textures for a satisfying meal.

Basket of Wedges – Crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside – Hot Star’s Basket of Wedges is the ultimate comfort food. Seasoned to perfection and served with your choice of dipping sauce, it’s the perfect side dish to complement your meal.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Hot Star’s fried chicken unique?

Hot Star’s fried chicken stands out for its signature size and crunch. Each piece is extra-large, ensuring a satisfying meal, and the crispy coating adds a wonderful texture that keeps customers coming back for more.

Can I customize my order at Hot Star?

Yes, Hot Star allows customers to customize their orders according to their preferences. Whether you want to adjust the level of spiciness, add extra toppings, or choose a different flavor, they strive to accommodate your requests.

What are the flavors available at Hot Star?

At Hot Star, you can satisfy your palate with a variety of flavorful options, including Salt & Pepper, Chili Pepper, Spicy BBQ, BBQ, and Teriyaki. Whether you’re craving something savory and spicy or prefer a sweet and tangy taste, Hot Star has a flavor to suit every palate.

Is Hot Star available for delivery?

Absolutely. You can place your order at Hot Star via FoodPanda and GrabFood.

What is Hot Star operating hours?

It varies across branches, but they typically open at 10AM to 11PM

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