JT’s Manukan Menu Prices

Good day, food adventurers! Ready to dive into a culinary journey filled with bold flavors and mouthwatering dishes? Look no further than JT’s Manukan, a haven for chicken lovers and flavor seekers alike. Join me as we explore the fascinating world of JT’s Manukan and learn why it’s a must-visit location for foodies worldwide.

JT’s Manukan Menu Philippines Updated

Atay₱ 85.00
Baticulon₱ 75.00
Corazon₱ 55.00
Isol₱ 98.00
Paa₱ 165.00
Pakpak₱ 150.00
Pecho₱ 180.00
Photo Credit: JT’s Manukan Facebook Page
Dinuguan Ala Carte₱ 160.00
Dinuguan W/ Manapla Puto₱ 190.00
Liempo₱ 250.00
Pork Bbq₱ 55.00
Sate Babi₱ 190.00
Photo Credit: JT’s Manukan Facebook Page
All My Tea₱ 80.00
Bastante₱ 160.00
Beer₱ 80.00
Black Gulaman₱ 60.00
Bottled Water₱ 35.00
Hope In A Bottle₱ 40.00
Soda₱ 75.00
Batchoy W/ Egg₱ 190.00
Batchoy W/O Egg₱ 170.00
Cansi₱ 365.00
Kaldo – Batchoy₱ 30.00
Kaldo – Cansi₱ 30.00
Chicken Sisig W/ Egg₱ 255.00
Chicken Sisig W/O Egg₱ 235.00
Pork Sisig W/ Egg₱ 270.00
Pork Sisig W/O Egg₱ 250.00
Sizzling Cansi Steak₱ 350.00
Adobong Kangkong₱ 125.00
Apan-Apan₱ 125.00
Atchara₱ 35.00
Jt’S Pinangat₱ 155.00
Laing₱ 180.00
Salted Egg Salad₱ 115.00
Grilled Bangus₱ 250.00
Extra Egg₱ 25.00
Extra Garlic Chips₱ 35.00
Garlic Rice₱ 45.00
Manapla Puto₱ 50.00
Plain Rice₱ 35.00
Caramel Tarts₱ 175.00
Leche Flan Family₱ 175.00
Leche Flan Solo₱ 60.00
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About JT’s Manukan

For over two decades, JT’s Manukan Grille has been the go-to spot for authentic Illongo-style grilled chicken. Founded by actor Joel Torre and his wife, Cristy, JT’s started as a humble takeout counter. Today, with over 30 branches nationwide, it continues to captivate patrons with its mouthwatering inasal. Named after Torre and its signature dish, JT’s has become a household name, thanks to its fresh flavors and loyal customers spreading the word.

JT’s Manukan’s Menu Best Seller

Mouthwatering sensations await as we delve into the culinary treat of JT’s Manukan. Brace yourself for their menu’s best seller—a savory symphony of Illongo-style grilled chicken that promises to leave your palate in awe.

  • Pecho – Prepare for a flavor explosion with JT’s Manukan’s Pecho —tender, juicy, and mouthwatering chicken breast marinated in a rich blend of authentic Illongo spices, grilled to perfection. A must-try dish, giving you a fusion of delicious, smokey pleasure in every bite!
  • Paa – Savor the essence of Illongo cuisine with JT’s Manukan’s Paa—succulent chicken thigh marinated in a medley of traditional spices, then expertly grilled to perfection. You’ll taste a flavor explosion with every bite that will definitely sate your hunger.
  • Pork Barbeque – Dive into the irresistible flavors of JT’s Manukan’s Pork Barbeque—succulent pork skewers marinated in a sweet and tangy sauce, then grilled to perfection. Each bite offers a captivating mix of smoky flavors and tender meat that’s simply irresistible.
  • Liempo – Savor the mouthwatering flavors of JT’s Manukan’s Liempo, which is juicy pork belly that has been marinated in a mixture of traditional spices and then expertly grilled. You will taste a perfectly balanced blend of soft meat and smokey tastes with every bite—it’s that good.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is JT’s Manukan located?

JT’s Manukan has multiple branches across the country. For the exact locations of each branch, please visit their website at https://jtsmanukangrille.com/branches.

Is JT’s Manukan available for delivery?

Certainly! JT’s Manukan offers delivery services through popular platforms like Foodpanda and GrabFood.

Does JT’s Manukan Grille have a catering service for events?

Absolutely! JT’s Manukan Grille offers catering services for events. For inquiries and more information about their catering services, you can visit their website at https://jtsmanukangrille.com/catering and send them a message.

What makes JT’s Manukan unique?

JT’s Manukan stands out for its commitment to authenticity, offering traditional Illongo-style grilled chicken that has pleased customers for over two decades.

Is JT’s Manukan suitable for families with children?

Yes, JT’s Manukan is a family-friendly establishment where patrons of all ages can enjoy their delicious grilled chicken and other Filipino specialties.

Social Media Pages

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jtsmanukangrille/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jtsmanukan

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