Kanin Club Menu Prices

Kanin Club is a special place where you can have delicious meals, especially Filipino dishes. Whenever you’re curious about what they offer, just take a peek at the Kanin Club menu. From tasty rice meals to other mouthwatering treats, they’ve got it all covered! You can find Kanin Club in the Calabarzon area, and it’s a great spot to enjoy some amazing food with your friends and family.

Kanin Club Menu Philippines Updated

Adobong Kangkong₱ 170.00
Ampalaya Con Carne₱ 380.00
Chopsuey₱ 130.00
Itsi Bitsi₱ 410.00
Kanin Club’S Vegetarian Delight₱ 425.00
Laing₱ 295.00
Lumpiang Sariwa₱ 170.00
Patola In Olive Oil₱ 230.00
Pinakbet₱ 420.00
Sigarilyas Express₱ 285.00
Tortang Talong₱ 275.00
Vegetarian Curry₱ 275.00
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Ampalaya Salad₱ 275.00
Crispy Beef Salad₱ 435.00
Dilis Salad₱ 275.00
Ensaladang Mangga With Salted Egg₱ 315.00
Ensaladang Talbos₱ 230.00
Ensaladang Talong₱ 275.00
Thai Green Mango Salad₱ 295.00
Tomato, Onion, Cilantro And Kesong Puti Salad₱ 255.00
Bangus Sa Miso₱ 465.00
Chicken Tinola₱ 440.00
Hototai Soup₱ 380.00
Nilagang Tadyang Na Baka₱ 590.00
Sinigang Na Hipon₱ 665.00
Sinigang Na Liempo₱ 640.00
Sinigang Na Salmon Belly Sa Miso₱ 600.00
Sinigang Na Tadyang Ng Baka₱ 665.00
Tom Yum Goong₱ 590.00
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Fresh Ripe Mango₱ 190.00
Halo Halo₱ 260.00
Ice Cream₱ 110.00
Leche Flan₱ 180.00
Mais Con Hielo₱ 205.00
Maruya Ala Mode₱ 205.00
Saba Con Hielo₱ 205.00
Sticky Rice₱ 255.00
Turon Kakin Club A La Mode₱ 245.00
Turon Kanin Club₱ 220.00
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Adobo Combo₱ 380.00
Beef Callos₱ 720.00
Bistek Pinoy₱ 315.00
Calderetang Nueva₱ 440.00
Chicken Curry₱ 380.00
Crispy Dinuguan₱ 430.00
Crispy Pata₱ 885.00
Crispy Pork Binagoongan₱ 420.00
Crispy Tadyang₱ 560.00
Crispy Tenga₱ 325.00
Kare Kare₱ 605.00
Lechon Kawali₱ 480.00
Lemon Chicken₱ 410.00
Liver Steak₱ 365.00
Piniritong Manok₱ 450.00
Pocherong Tinomas₱ 720.00
Pork Barbecue₱ 190.00
Pork Sisig₱ 275.00
Tapa Ni Ana₱ 315.00
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Bangus Escabeche₱ 435.00
Bangus In Yellow Bean Sauce₱ 435.00
Binukadkad Na Tilapia₱ 435.00
Boneless Daing Na Bangus₱ 410.00
Camaron Rebosado₱ 440.00
Crab Omelet₱ 420.00
Diningding Na Tilapia₱ 420.00
Ginatang Hipon₱ 490.00
Paksiw Nabangus₱ 450.00
Seafood Kare Kare₱ 545.00
Seafood Salpicao₱ 365.00
Sinanlay Na Tilapia₱ 420.00
Sizzling Squid Stuffed Squid₱ 410.00
Spicy Tahong₱ 395.00
Stuffed Squid₱ 375.00
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Crispy Kangkong₱ 140.00
Crispy Liempo₱ 245.00
Gambas Con Kabute₱ 585.00
Green Mango Ang Bagoong₱ 205.00
Kinilaw Na Blue Marlin₱ 440.00
Maning Burles With Roasted Garlic₱ 180.00
Mushrooms Ala Pobre₱ 315.00
Pork Tenderloic Salpicao₱ 420.00
Shanghai Rolls₱ 255.00
Squid In Salt And Pepper₱ 410.00
Tokwa’T Baboy₱ 275.00
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Kanin Club specializes in serving traditional Filipino cuisines with a unique twist. It was established by a group of restaurateurs who aim to provide filling and delicious meals that satisfy diners. This restaurant is named after Kanin or Rice, a staple food of Filipinos that is always part of their meal. The paintings, wooden chairs, and Capiz shell windows in this restaurant showcase the Philippines’ rich culture. 

Kanin Club Menu Best Seller 

Kanin Club is popular for its homegrown Filipino recipes with an innovative and creative twist. These are some of the best-selling dishes of this restaurant that gives diners an enjoyable experience. 

Crispy Dinuguan – It is an all-time best seller of Kanin Club that is highly recommended and praised by its patrons. The Crispy Dinuguan of this restaurant is made by deep-frying pork until it achieves the perfect crispiness and stewing it on semi-dry pork blood. This is the best way to introduce yourself and your palate to this classic Filipino cuisine, as it is proven to convince those who do not eat dinuguan to try and like it. 

Kare-Kare – One of the most loved Filipino dishes where ox tripe, beef, pork leg chunks, and vegetables are stewed with peanut and annatto sauce. It is served with bagoong sauce that adds extra flavor, making it delicious and mouthwatering. 

Seafood Kare-Kare – Experience the special take of Kanin Club on Kare-Kare made with seafood. It uses various kinds of seafood, such as prawns, mussels, and squid, instead of meat. The annatto oil added to the peanut sauce and the fresh sea flavors give this dish a rich and distinctive taste. 

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Crispy Pata – An irresistible dish that will boost your appetite as its crispy and tender texture balances perfectly. The pork knuckles are deep-fried expertly to make its skin light and crunchy, and its meat tender and juicy that melts in your mouth. 

Sinangag na Sinigang – Sinangag and sinigang are two popular Filipino cuisines combined in this meal. It is a one-of-a-kind fried rice flavored with traditional sinigang cuisine. It is topped with vegetable tempura and pork liempo, giving diners a filling and satisfying meal.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Kanin Club deliver? 

Kanin Club does not have a delivery service yet, but you can order for pick-up through different platforms, such as Lalamove, Angkas Padala, or TokTok. You can arrange your orders through this link or contact the nearest branch to your location.  

What type of cuisines does Kanin Club offer? 

Filipino cuisines with a creative twist are the dishes offered by Kanin Club. 

What are some of the must-try dishes at Kanin Club? 

Crispy Dinuguan, Seafood Kare-Kare, and Sinangag na Sinigang are some of the must-try dishes at Kanin Club. 

Does Kanin Club offer vegetarian dishes? 

Yes, Kanin Club offers vegetarian dishes, such as Kanin Club’s Vegetarian Delight, Vegetarian Curry, and other vegetables and desserts. 

Where are the branches of Kanin Club located? 

The branches of Kanin Club are located in Paseo de Sta Rosa, Westgate, and Paseo de Magallanes. 

Social Media Links

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kaninclubph/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kaninclubph/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/kaninclubph


The wide array of Filipino dishes featured in the Kanin Club menu will give you a unique dining experience that you will surely remember. It is a great dining place to visit as it will surely meet your expectations with its authentic and unique cuisines. This restaurant has a warm and comforting ambiance that showcases the hospitality of Filipinos and makes diners feel at home.

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