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If you’re in the mood for mouthwatering grilled chicken with a Thai twist, look no further than Khao Khai Thai Chicken House. This restaurant in the Philippines has gained popularity for its delicious Thai-style grilled chicken dishes and an array of sides, sauces, and Thai-inspired dishes that complement its specialty.

Khao Khai Menu Philippines Updated

Crispy Fried Tofu₱ 199.00
Farang Fries₱ 119.00
Garlic Beans₱ 164.00
Som Tam Platter₱ 284.00
Toasted Corn₱ 79.00
Yam Kai Dao₱ 149.00
Photo Credit: Khao Khai Facebook Page
Thai Milk Tea Bottle₱ 174.00
Photo Credit: Khao Khai Facebook Page
Bangkok Liempo₱ 284.00
Fried Chicken Krapao₱ 265.00
Gai Tod Curry₱ 325.00
Kor Moo Yang Krapao₱ 207.00
Moo Krob Krapao₱ 326.00
Red Beef Curry Rice Bowl₱ 333.00
Shrimp Krapao₱ 332.00
Squid Krapao₱ 324.00
Photo Credit: Khao Khai Facebook Page
Gai Tod 1 Pcs₱ 154.00
Gai Tod 2 Pcs₱ 274.00
Gai Tod 3 Pcs₱ 404.00
Gai Tod Box Of 8₱ 879.00
Gai Yang Large₱ 659.00
Gai Yang Regular₱ 364.00
Victory Wings₱ 439.00
Photo Credit: Khao Khai Facebook Page
Chicken Khao Soi₱ 374.00
Chicken Larb₱ 314.00
Crispy Pork Riblets₱ 254.00
Drunken Spaghetti₱ 329.00
Dry Pork Curry₱ 279.00
Fried Chicken Krapao Platter₱ 329.00
Khao Kluk Kapi₱ 329.00
Kor Moo Yang Platter₱ 229.00
Moo Hung₱ 254.00
Moo Krob Krapao Platter₱ 384.00
Phat Mama₱ 349.00
Pork Khao Soi₱ 384.00
Red Beef Curry Platter₱ 404.00
Seafood Khao Soi₱ 394.00
Shrimp Krapao Platter₱ 414.00
Squid Krapao Platter₱ 394.00
Yaowaraj Fried Rice₱ 284.00
Yum Nua₱ 434.00
Photo Credit: Khao Khai Facebook Page
Fried Egg₱ 29.00
Jasmine Rice₱ 59.00
Som Tam Solo₱ 94.00
Sticky Rice₱ 74.00
Photo Credit: Khao Khai Facebook Page

About Khao Khai

Khao Khai is a popular restaurant in the Philippines known for its delicious Thai-inspired dishes with the Thai-style grilled chicken as the highlight. This restaurant specializes in serving various dishes prepared with Thai flavors and cooking techniques quickly gaining recognition and customer base.

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Khao Khai Best Selling Menu

Som Tam – The Som Tam at Khao Khai has a satisfying explosion of flavors that are sure to please. It is a refreshing and spicy appetizer that wakes up your appetite and sets the tone for the rest of your Thai dining experience in Khao Khai.

Kor Moo Yang – Khao Khai’s Kor Moo Yang, or Thai grilled pork neck, is made with meat marinated to perfection, and cooked with a grilling process that imparts a smoky char that elevates the taste of the dish.

Gaeng Hung Lay – This Gaeng Hung Lay that Khao Khai offers is a reflection of the rich and diverse Thai curry tradition. The slow-cooked pork belly is tender, and the curry itself is composed of a blend of sweet and savory with subtle earthy undertones. It is a dish that is deeply satisfying and showcases the depth of Thai cuisine.

Fried Chicken Krapao – The Fried Chicken Krapao at Khao Khai is a flavor-packed dish that is an absolute must-try. The tender chicken is stir-fried with aromatic Thai basil and chilies, resulting in a savory and fragrant dish perfect for anyone looking to try an authentic Thai experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Khao Khai?

Khao Khai is a Thai restaurant in the Philippines.

Where is Khao Khai located?

Khao Khai has multiple branches in multiple areas in Metro Manila.

What type of dishes does Khao Khai serve?

Khao Khai offers a diverse menu filled with delicious and authentic Thai dishes.

Is Khao Khai a budget-friendly restaurant?

Khao Khai is one of the best places to go if you want a budget-friendly Thai dining experience.

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