Kong Noodles Menu Prices

If food is your best friend, then Kong must be one of them! Hi foodies! For our next food tourism, at the top of my list is the Kong Noodles where Asian cuisine is fused with “down under” flavors- Australia. Keep up with me as we dig into the contemporary flavors of Kong Noodles.

Kong Noodles Menu Philippines Updated

Green Papaya Salad W/ Nahm Jim₱ 250.00
Szechuan Salt & Pepper Tempura Tofu And Nuoc Mam₱ 200.00
Szechuan Salt & Pepper Wings And Nuoc Mam₱ 250.00
Photo Credit: Kong Noodles Facebook Page
Balinese-Style Marinated Chicken Thigh, Steamed Rice₱ 400.00
Tender Roasted Pork In Black Caramel, Fried Rice₱ 450.00
Photo Credit: Kong Noodles Facebook Page
Swiss Chocolate Mousse, Marinated Coulis & Crosta’S Chocolate Crumble₱ 350.00
Fresh Ginger Iced Tea W/ Lemon₱ 100.00
Fresh Lemongrass Iced Tea W/ Lemon₱ 100.00
Stir-Fried Egg Noodles, Soy, Egg & Dragon Oil₱ 400.00
Stir-Fried Rolled Rice Noodles, Egg, Sweet Soy & Kaffir Lime₱ 400.00
Kong Banh Mi₱ 350.00
Braised Beef In Master Stock Soup & Wheat Noodle₱ 600.00
Thai-Style Chicken Noodle Soup W/ Egg Noodles₱ 400.00
Stir-Fried Bok Choy In Indonesian Sambal₱ 200.00
Stir-Fried Kang Kong In Soy & Vinegar₱ 200.00

About Kong Noodles

Kong Noodles was established by the owner named Tommy Woudwyk bringing you mouthwatering dishes that will surely elevate your mood. The owner’s mission is to provide an elevated take on Southeast Asian cuisine giving you a distinctive and extraordinary flavor that you could ever get in every bite. So, if your palates are ready for a unique and never-the-same dish, you will definitely be seated as you savor their remarkable food!

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Kong Noodles Menu Best Seller

Introducing the phenomenal best-sellers from Kong Noodles, where flavor and quality collide in each and every morsel.

Sake Soy Chicken Wings with Nuoc Nam– An exquisite fusion of flavors that transports your palate into a journey of a lifetime. Perfectly roasted chicken wings soaked in sake and soy, served alongside a Vietnamese nuoc nam sauce. Admire the delicious richness of the sauce and the rich umami of soy with every bite to create a gourmet experience you won’t soon forget.

Prawn and Tofu– In contrast to classic curry mee or laksa, this version uses slightly chewier wheat noodles that perfectly accentuate the strong flavors substituted in place of rice or egg noodles. With every slurp of the soup; the smooth, mildly spicy coconut broth filled with tofu and prawns is unveiled. This dish is a wonderful reinterpretation of a traditional Malaysian dish, skillfully prepared to provide a genuinely remarkable culinary encounter.

Som Tam– With pomelo and cherry tomatoes added, enjoy a cool take on the traditional Som Tam. Each spoonful of this green papaya salad creates a delicious blast of tastes thanks to the combination of tart sourness and fruity sweetness.

Javanese Lamb Curry – this dish is a fragrant concoction of seasonings and ingredients with Indian influences, such as anise and cloves, and aromatic herbs for a cooling effect. With its complex flavor and fragrant appeal, this dish entices even the biggest skeptics of Asian cuisine.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Kong Noodles located?

104 H.V Dela Costa Street Corner Leviste Street Makati City

What is Kong Noodles’ operating hours?

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They are open daily from 11:00 AM to 9:00 PM.

Can I order at Kong Noodles for delivery?

Yes. You can place your order at Kong Noodles. Just go through and visit their website.

Does Kong Noodles also provide different dishes besides noodles?

Yes, they are also known not just for their authentic noodles but also their rice bowls, starters, sides and desserts. 

Is it allowed to bring my pets with me?

Yes, they are very much accommodating even if you bring your pets with you.

Social Media Pages

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kongnoods

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kongnoods/?hl=en

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