Kumori Menu Prices

Most people start their day eating bread and commonly pair them with coffee, as it is filling, delicious, and convenient. Bread is also loved for its simplicity and versatility, as it can be filled with different spreads, paired with other food, or enjoyed on its own. The breads and pastries on the menu of Kumori comprise freshly baked products suitable for the varied preferences of its patrons and different occasions. 

Kumori Menu Philippines Updated

Blueberry Lemonade₱ 125.00
House Iced Tea₱ 85.00
Lemon Peach Tea₱ 115.00
Passion Fruit Coco₱ 115.00
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Cafe Americano₱ 110.00
Cafe Cappuccino₱ 125.00
Cafe Latte₱ 115.00
Cafe Mocha₱ 125.00
Chamomile₱ 85.00
Green Tea₱ 85.00
Lychee₱ 85.00
Pepper Mint₱ 85.0
Wold Berry₱ 85.00
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Banana Charlotte₱ 550.00
Banana Oreo Yakigashi₱ 450.00
Caramel Crunch₱ 780.00
Light Double Cheesecake₱ 550.00
Marshmallow Choco Yakigashi₱ 492.00
Nama Choco Sand Chocolate₱ 265.00
Saku Saku Chocolate₱ 1100.00
Salted Cheese Yakigashi₱ 510.00
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Chocolate₱ 145.00
Earl Grey₱ 110.00
Matcha Choco₱ 155.00
Mocha Choco₱ 155.00
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Cottage Cheese₱ 88.00
Fuwari Cheese Cup₱ 355.00
Krone₱ 55.00
Signature Cheese Tart₱ 620.00
Signature Hanjuku Cheese₱ 294.00
Toyohashi Pudding₱ 98.00
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Almond Custard Bun₱ 69.00
Almond Danish₱ 54.00
Aloha King₱ 78.00
Apple Cheese Danish₱ 65.00
Apple Raisin Bun₱ 60.00
Bacon And Bonito₱ 50.00
Blueberry Brioche₱ 59.00
Blueberry Cream Cheese₱ 55.00
Chee Chee₱ 38.00
Cheese Stick₱ 33.00
Cheesy Ham And Mushroom Bun₱ 57.00
Ciabatta₱ 50.00
Cinnamon Roll₱ 60.00
Coffee Pan₱ 45.00
Crab Stick Bun₱ 65.00
Cranberry Cheese Roll₱ 51.00
Cranberry Cream Cheese₱ 53.00
Croissant₱ 56.00
Custard Butter Bun₱ 48.00
Egg Loaf₱ 79.00
Green Apple Bun₱ 58.00
Kadawari Choco Bun₱ 45.00
Kadawari Cream Bun₱ 45.00
Lion Prince₱ 58.00
Mad Sausage₱ 52.00
Maguro Tuna Pan₱ 55.00
Matcha Butter Bun₱ 53.00
Melon Pan₱ 40.00
Mozzu Chizu Pan₱ 62.00
Ohayo Sunrise₱ 55.00
Pain Au Chocolat₱ 65.00
Parmesan Cheese Bun₱ 46.00
Pb Bun₱ 36.00
Peach Brioche₱ 53.00
Penguin₱ 45.00
Premium Cheese Loaf₱ 160.00
Pumpkin Bun₱ 43.00
Red Bean Bun₱ 43.00
Sausage Roll₱ 38.0
Soft Milk Bun₱ 33.00
Soft Tuna Bun₱ 57.00
Sukiyaki Bun₱ 88.00
Teddy Yums₱ 38.00
Tiger Bun₱ 50.00
Photo Credit: Kumori Facebook Page

About Kumori 

Kumori is the number 1 Japanese bakery in the Philippines that offers unique quality products, such as breads and pastries. In Japanese, Kumori means cloudy, but the concept of this bakery is to represent positivity and sunshine. In line with this, it offers warmth and comfort through its authentic Japanese products. It uses traditional recipes with a careful approach to ensure that it will suit the customers’ palate. 

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Kumori Menu Best Seller 

Here are some of the best sellers of Kumori, loved for their softness, authenticity, and irresistible goodness. Aside from their delicious and authentic taste, these breads and pastries are also budget-friendly. 

1. Signature Cheese Tart – Savor the delicious taste of Kumori’s bread, where sweet tart is infused with different kinds of cheese. It has a melt-in-your-mouth goodness and is oozing with cheesiness and creaminess, making it an all-time best seller. Whether you are taking a break or celebrating your wins, this is a perfect treat that will fill your day with positive vibes. 

2. Hanjuku New York Cheesecake – The signature soft and moist cheesecake of this restaurant is laid on a salty graham base. This classic American cheesecake has a distinctive taste, as it is prepared in a Japanese way. The cheesecake is half-baked, resulting in a unique and flavorful treat. 

3. Premium Cheese Loaf – If you love cheesy bread, this one is perfect, as the soft and fluffy Japanese milk bread is infused with chunks of cheese. You do not need an extra spread because this loaf is good on its own. It is the bread you should try or bring home to your loved ones as all your family members will surely love it. 

4. Summer Strawberry Cake Cup – A perfect dessert that will satisfy your sweet tooth cravings, consisting of a soft sponge base, delicious strawberry jam, and strawberry mousse. It is topped with whipped cream and sliced strawberries, adding a soft texture and gratifying flavors. You will love it at first sight, and it will impress your taste buds on each bite, as it is appealing to the senses. 

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5. Light Double Cheesecake (5 Inches) – Celebrate your special moments with your loved ones with this light double cheesecake of Kumori. It is made with a rich sponge cake, white chiffon, and cream cheese. The Japanese cake crumbs are covered on it, and the white chocolate is on its top. This bakery also offers toppers for different occasions that you can use to decorate your cake and make your moment more exciting. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Kumori? 

Kumori is a Japanese bakery that offers fresh and quality bread and pastries. 

Does Kumori have a franchise program? 

Yes, Kumori offers a franchise program. 

What is the shelf life of Kumori products? 

Bread: Highly recommended to be consumed within the day of purchase, but can be stored in the chiller for up to two days. 

Cake: 2-3 days if stored in chiller and 7 days if stored in freezer. 

Pastries: Store in chiller for up to 2-3 days.  

What are the payment methods accepted by Kumori? 

The payment methods accepted by Kumori are Cash, GCash, Bank Deposit, Credit Card, Paymaya, and Atome Payments. 

Are the products of Kumori available for pick-up and delivery? 

Yes, the products offered by Kumori are available for pick-up and delivery. 

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