Landers Central Menu Prices

Are you looking for a place that serves different snack items and quick bites? Then why don’t you try visiting Landers Central and indulge in their delicious and affordable pizza and sandwich offerings? Landers Central is one of the best places in the Philippines if you are looking to grab a quick bite at a budget-friendly price.

Landers Central Menu Philippines Updated

Chicken Roll-Up W/ Bacon₱ 171.00
New Cheesy Smoked Hotdog₱ 171.00
New Jalapeno W/ Beef Chili Dog₱ 263.00
New Jalapeno W/ Cheesy Bacon Dog₱ 275.00
Spinach Lasagna₱ 332.00
Stromboli₱ 184.00
U.S. Angus Beef Burger₱ 226.00
U.S. Angus Beef Burger + Drink₱ 286.00
U.S. Beef Jalapeno Cheese₱ 217.00
U.S. Beef Jalapeno Cheese Hotdog + Drink₱ 325.00
U.S. Cheesy Sausage Roll₱ 171.00
U.S. Famous Beef Hotdog₱ 183.00
U.S. Famous Beef Hotdog + Drink₱ 289.00
Photo Credit: Central PH Facebook Page
Cavendish Fries₱ 89.00
Gravy 2Oz₱ 12.00
Rice₱ 36.00
Us Crinkle Cut Fries₱ 75.00
2Pc Chicken + Rice + Drink₱ 263.00
2Pc Chicken W/ Rice₱ 229.00
2Pc Fiery Spicy Chicken W/ Rice₱ 189.00
8Pc Chicken Bucket₱ 688.00
8Pc Fiery Spicy Chicken Bucket₱ 712.00
Hickory Wings W/ Fries₱ 232.00
Truffle Trio Meal₱ 279.00
U.S. Angus Patty Peppered Steak₱ 226.00
Us Angus Patty Peppered Steak + Drink₱ 286.00
Photo Credit: Landers Superstore Facebook Page
Bottled Water₱ 42.00
Coke₱ 64.00
Coke Reg In Can₱ 64.00
Minute Maid₱ 64.00
Real Leaf Tea₱ 64.00
Royal₱ 64.00
Royal Orange In Can₱ 64.00
Sarsi₱ 64.00
Sprite₱ 64.00
Sprite In Can₱ 64.00
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Brewed Coffee₱ 85.00
Cafe Americano 12Oz₱ 99.00
Cafe Latte 12Oz₱ 125.00
Cappucino 12Oz₱ 125.00
Classic Milk Tea₱ 137.00
Espresso Double Shot 60Ml₱ 59.00
Honey Dew Frappe₱ 179.00
Hot Chocolate 12Oz₱ 113.00
Machiato Caramel 12Oz₱ 170.00
Mocha Latte 12Oz₱ 165.00
Taro Frappe₱ 179.00
Tropical Passion Fruit Tea₱ 155.00
White Chocolate Frappe₱ 179.00
Wintermelon Milk Tea₱ 160.00
Photo Credit: Landers Central GrabFood Page
Bronx Pepperoni Pizza₱ 743.00
Bronx Pepperoni Pizza Slice W/ Drink₱ 190.00
Brooklyn Bomber Pizza₱ 743.00
Brooklyn Bomber Slice Pizza W/ Drink₱ 190.00
Creamy Shrimp Pesto Pizza₱ 861.00
Creamy Shrimp Pesto Pizza Slice W/ Drink₱ 208.00
Garlic Four Cheese Pizza₱ 795.00
Garlic Four Cheese Pizza Slice W/ Drink₱ 208.00
Half Bacon Mushroom / Pepperoni₱ 861.00
Half N.Y. Cheese / Bacon Mushroom₱ 861.00
Half N.Y. Cheese / Pepperoni₱ 743.00
Manhattan Supreme Pizza Slice W/ Drink₱ 190.00
Margherita Pizza₱ 874.00
N.Y. Cheese Deluxe Pizza₱ 624.00
N.Y. Cheese Deluxe Slice W/ Drink₱ 184.00
N.Y. Smoked Bacon Mushroom Pizza₱ 861.00
N.Y. Smoked Bacon Mushroom Slice Pizza W/ Drink₱ 208.00
Whole Manhattan Supreme Pizza₱ 743.00
Photo Credit: Landers Central GrabFood Page
Creamy Truffle Pasta W/ Grilled Chicken₱ 232.00
Mixed Green Raspberry Vinaigrette Salad₱ 236.00
Photo Credit: Landers Central GrabFood Page


Landers Central is one of the restaurant chains in the Philippines that aims to provide a diverse and indulgent dining experience for locals and tourists alike. Whether you are in the mood for pizza, hot dogs, or sandwiches, Landers Central’s menu is filled with diverse items giving something for anyone to enjoy.

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Landers Central Best Selling Menu

Cheese Deluxe Pizza – A classic favorite, Landers Central’s Cheese Deluxe Pizza is all about the perfect blend of melted cheese and tomato sauce on a crispy crust giving new meaning to the phrase “simplicity at its best”, allowing the rich cheese flavors to shine.

Manhattan Supreme Pizza – For those who crave a little more complexity in their pizza, the Manhattan Supreme Pizza at Landers Central is the perfect choice. This pizza is topped with a medley of ingredients like pepperoni, bell peppers, onions, and more, creating a savory and satisfying experience that you won’t be able to forget.

Salisbury Turkey Franks – Landers Central’s Salisbury Turkey Franks are a delicious twist on traditional hot dog sandwiches. These are made with turkey meat and seasoned to perfection, offering a lighter yet savory alternative to your average franks.

Fries -The fries from Landers Central are a beloved side dish that pairs well with almost any meal that they offer. Whether customers prefer them plain, seasoned, or loaded with toppings, Landers Central’s fries are surely a satisfying accompaniment to anyone’s meal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Landers Central located?

You can Landers Central in Landers Balintawak.

What types of dishes does Landers Central offer?

Landers Central provides a variety of snack items such as pizza, hot dogs, and fries.

Is Landers Central a budget-friendly restaurant?

This restaurant has become a go-to place for many snack lovers due to its budget-friendly prices.

Is Landers Central a family-friendly restaurant?

Landers Central is one of the best places for families to go to for a simple and memorable meal.

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