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Baguio has been one of our go-to destinations when we yearn for peace, sanctuary, and a calming weekend. Speaking of peace and calm, there is this famous restaurant at Baguio that you might have bumped into as you venture into the summer capital of the Philippines. Introducing Lemon and Olives, It is one of the great recommended restaurants that offers Greek dishes perfect for your food adventure. Come on, let’s see what they have on their menu and join me on another flavorful journey.

Lemon and Olives Menu Philippines Updated

Bag Of Chips₱ 2.00
Chocolate Hazelnut Baklava₱ 6.00
Feta Zaatar Potatoes₱ 8.00
Fig Baklava₱ 6.00
Hummus Pita₱ 7.00
Small Greek Salad₱ 4.00
Spanakopita₱ 5.00
Zaatar Smash Potatoes₱ 6.00
Photo Credit: Lemon and Olives Facebook Page
Chicken Gyro₱ 11.00
Chicken Salad₱ 11.00
Gyro Combo₱ 17.00
Lamb Gyro₱ 11.00
Lamb Salad₱ 11.00
Seasonal Vege Salad₱ 11.00
Seasonal Vegetable Gyro₱ 11.00
Photo Credit: Lemon and Olives Facebook Page
Bottled Water₱ 2.00
Pellegrino₱ 3.00
Photo Credit: Lemon and Olives Facebook Page


Lemon and Olives is one of the popular restaurants in Baguio City and offers a very diverse collection of food that is most likely to be served exclusively in this restaurant. They offer Greek dishes and a romantic place for dining giving you an extra memorable experience. I highly recommend that you get an alfresco seat because the scenery and view will surely top up your experience. 

Lemon and Olives Best Seller Menu

Traditional Greek Dips Served with Homemade Pita Hummus – This hummus is one of the perfect starters that you can order at Lemon and Olives. It is a homemade pita bread that is served with traditional Greek dips that have a good blend of flavors and is a must-try.

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Greek Salad – This is one of the best salads they offer in their collection. It is very light and provides a refreshing experience with its texture that makes the dish feel more elevated.

Souvlaki Plate – This is another crowd’s favorite because of its burst of flavors with the juicy bites of the meat that are not overcooked so you can surely enjoy the goodness of every bite of this plate.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of cuisine do Lemon and Olives offer? 

Lemon and Olives offer a diverse collection of food that features Greek dishes and plates. Perfect for your adventurous heart who wants to try something out of the box experience.

What are the operating hours of Lemon and Olives?

Lemon and Olives operate from 11 AM until 9 PM.

Where is the nearest Lemon and Olives in my area?

They are located at 26 Outlook Dr S, Baguio, 2600 Benguet. Which is a very accessible location to have a great meal.

 Is Lemon and Olives HALAL Certified?

No, Lemon and Olives have no hold on any HALAL certifications and utilize ingredients that are not Muslim-friendly

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Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lemonandolivesph/

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