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Hey food aficionados! Today, we’re embarking on a culinary journey through the enchanting world of Leylam, where Turkish-inspired shawarma takes center stage. Brace yourselves for a taste explosion as we unravel the secrets behind Leylam’s Turkish shawarma. Get ready to have a taste of spices and succulence that will redefine your shawarma experience! Ready, set, let’s dive into the delectable universe of Leylam!

Leylam Menu Philippines Updated

Leylam Noodles₱ 130.00
Leylam Rice₱ 130.00
Leylam Wrap₱ 124.00
Photo Credit: Leylam Facebook Page
Crispy Shawarma₱ 162.00
Melted Pita₱ 130.00
Photo Credit: Leylam Facebook Page
Double Noodles₱ 270.00
Double Rice₱ 270.00
Leylam Rice + Leylam Noodles₱ 270.00
Delfav 1₱ 590.00
Delfav 2₱ 630.00
Delfav 3-5 Pieces Leylam Wrap + 3 Bottle Cucumber Lemonade₱ 735.00
Delfav 3-5 Pieces Leylam Wrap + 3 Bottle Iced Tea₱ 735.00
Delfav 4-5 Pieces Leylam Rice + 3 Bottle Cucumber Lemonade₱ 790.00
Delfav 4-5 Pieces Leylam Rice + 3 Bottle Iced Tea₱ 790.00
Cheese₱ 20.00
Egg₱ 25.00

About Leylam

Leylam, a culinary gem born in May 2005, captures the hearts of Filipinos with its Turkish-inspired foods. A pioneer in introducing the unique flavors of Turkey to the Filipino palate, Leylam’s journey began with the iconic shawarma wrap. Infused with a distinct recipe, Leylam has evolved to offer Leylam Rice and Leylam Noodles, blending Turkish authenticity with Filipino flair. With over 140 outlets nationwide, Leylam stands as the first and largest chain of company-owned Shawarma stores in the Philippines, continually innovating to deliver an exceptional dining experience with a Turkish twist and a Filipino touch.

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Leylam’s Menu Best Seller

Embark on a palate-pleasing odyssey as we unveil the crown jewels of Leylam’s culinary repertoire – the Menu Best Sellers. Brace yourself for a sensational feast of Turkish-inspired dishes that have earned the coveted title of Leylam’s finest creations.

  • Sizzling Shawarma Rice – Brace your palate for an explosion of flavors with Leylam’s Sizzling Shawarma Rice. Succulent shawarma, perfectly seasoned rice, and a medley of vibrant spices create a dish that’s a feast for the senses.
  • Leylam Wrap – Take the ultimate comfort with Leylam Shawarma Wrap, now elevated with a luscious boiled egg or cheese. Each bite unveils a perfect symphony of Turkish-inspired goodness, leaving you craving more.
  • Leylam Noodles – Delicately crafted with supreme-quality ingredients, this dish with a boiled egg on top boasts a harmonious blend of flavors that will leave you captivated.
  • Mozzarella Sticks – Dive into gooey perfection with Leylam’s Mozzarella Sticks. Golden-brown and irresistibly cheesy, these bites are an amazing addition to your culinary adventure!
  • Crispy Pita – Elevate your senses with the Crispy Pita featuring a perfectly boiled egg. Leylam’s perfect balance of crispiness and tenderness makes this dish a standout, promising a satisfying blend of textures.

Frequently Asked Questions

What inspired the creation of Leylam’s menu?

Leylam’s menu draws inspiration from Turkish flavors, meticulously crafted to suit the Filipino palate. The fusion of Turkish culinary expertise and local taste preferences gives rise to the unique and amazing dishes.

Are there healthier options on Leylam’s menu?

Absolutely! Leylam values every customer’s well-being. Healthier options are available, catering to those seeking nutritious choices without compromising on flavor. The menu includes wraps with fresh vegetables and lean protein.

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Can Leylam cater to special events?

Certainly! Leylam is an active participant in special events, offering delectable products during concerts and crowd-gathering celebrations. The brand’s versatility extends to various outlet formats, ensuring satisfaction for every market segment in the areas where Leylam operates.

Does Leylam offer vegetarian or vegan options?

Yes, Leylam caters to diverse dietary preferences. The “All Vege Wrap” is an amazing vegetarian option, showcasing a medley of fresh vegetables and Turkish-inspired goodness. It’s a flavorful choice for those seeking meat-free options.

Can I order Leylam’s menu items online or through delivery services?

Many Leylam outlets offer online ordering and delivery services for your convenience. Leylam is available via FoodPanda and GrabFood.

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