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Hey, foodies! Craving a perfect blend of good vibes and delicious bites? Look no further than “Mabuti” – your go-to spot to eat and chill. Come and explore with me the flavors, ambiance, and overall awesomeness that Mabuti has to offer. It’s not just a meal; it’s a Mabuti experience waiting to be savored!

Mabuti Menu Philippines Updated

Big Breakfast Combo₱ 260.00
Small Breakfast Combo₱ 180.00
Photo Credit: Mabuti Facebook Page
Banana Bread₱ 120.00
Brownie W/ Ice Cream₱ 160.00
Fruit & Ice Cream Dessert₱ 200.00
Ice Cream Dessert₱ 200.00
Photo Credit: Mabuti Facebook Page
Classic Tomato₱ 250.00
Creamy Broccoli₱ 250.00
Creamy Mushroom₱ 250.00
Green Pesto₱ 250.00
Tuna & Lemon₱ 250.00
Coca Cola W/ Lemon₱ 80.00
Sparkling Water W/ Lemon₱ 100.00
Tonic Water W/ Lemon₱ 100.00
Photo Credit: Mabuti Facebook Page
Veggie Burger₱ 304.00
Pumpkin Cream₱ 200.00
Tom Yum₱ 200.00
Tomato Cream₱ 200.00
Avocado₱ 250.00
Feta₱ 250.00
Lumpia₱ 250.00
Mango₱ 250.00
Sweet Potato₱ 250.00
Oatmeal W/ Fresh Fruit₱ 220.00
Polish Racuchy₱ 220.00
Yogurt & Granola Jar₱ 222.00
Avocado₱ 200.00
Black Olives₱ 200.00
Mozzarella₱ 200.00
Tuna & Egg₱ 200.00

About Mabuti

At Mabuti, meaning “good” in Filipino, patrons can relish fresh and tasty dishes in a serene, welcoming ambiance. The restaurant operates with a focus on responsibility towards both its people and the environment. With a commitment to staff development, serving consistency, and food safety, Mabuti ensures a memorable dining experience. As a vegetarian haven, Mabuti minimizes its carbon footprint by maximizing local produce, supporting conservation initiatives, and crafting unique, local ingredient-based offerings like their singamas, jackfruit, banana heart, ube, and kangkong burger patty. Eat, chill, and contribute to a better world at Mabuti.

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Mabuti’s Menu Best Seller

Brace yourself for an extraordinary taste sensation that defines the essence of Mabuti’s remarkable eatery. Let’s explore the harmonious flavors that have elevated this dish to culinary stardom.

  • Shakshuka – Dive into the rich and savory world of Mabuti’s Shakshuka – eggs poached in a captivating tomato sauce with hints of onion, bell pepper, Spanish paprika, and cumin. Served alongside bread and a refreshing salad, it’s a taste of Israeli perfection.
  • Feta – Take a bite in the freshness of Mabuti’s Feta salad – a wonderful mix of feta cheese, tomatoes, cucumber, water spinach, olives, and basil, dressed in balsamic vinegar and olive oil. It’s a symphony of tastes that, when served with bread, will leave you wanting more.
  • Lumpia – Mabuti’s Lumpia is a masterpiece of freshness – five rice wraps bursting with vibrant vegetables and tofu. Each bite takes you on a satisfying and elevated flavor trip, especially as it was paired with a delicious peanut sauce.
  • Tomato Cream – Warm your soul with Mabuti’s Tomato Cream Soup – a velvety blend of tomatoes, dried tomatoes, garlic oil, oregano, basil, and cream. Served with bread, it’s a comforting bowl of goodness that captivates the senses.
  • Veggie Burger – Experience culinary bliss with Mabuti’s Veggie Burger – a homemade bun cradling a vegetable patty, mozzarella cheese, and fresh vegetables. Served alongside baked potato wedges, it’s a symphony of textures and flavors that redefine the veggie burger experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Mabuti a strictly vegetarian restaurant?

Yes, Mabuti is a vegetarian haven, crafting its dishes with a wonderful mix of local produce. Embrace the flavorful world of vegetarian cuisine at Mabuti.

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Where is Mabuti located?

Rizal Street, Port Barton, Palawan, Philippines

Can I make special requests or substitutions for dietary preferences at Mabuti?

Absolutely! Mabuti accommodates special requests and substitutions to cater to various dietary preferences. Feel free to inform their friendly staff about your preferences.

How can I write or find reviews about Mabuti?

To write or find reviews about Mabuti, visit TripAdvisor at from this link.

How does Mabuti handle food safety and hygiene?

Mabuti places a strong emphasis on food safety and hygiene. Their staff is rigorously trained to adhere to all sanitary requirements for food handling, ensuring that every dish served is prepared with the highest standards of cleanliness.

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