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Redefine and elevate your ramen experience with the flavorful and authentic chicken-based dishes of Marudori. The dishes on its menu are creatively crafted and prepared by its Japanese Ramen champions, who have top-notch knowledge and skills in Japanese cuisine. It uses locally sourced chicken from Filipino farmers to support their livelihood and ensure the freshness of its cuisines. 

Marudori Menu Philippines Updated

Ebi Miso₱ 641.00
Shio Paitan₱ 433.00
Shoyu Paitan₱ 461.00
Tantanmen₱ 494.00
Photo Credit: Marudori Facebook Page
Hiyashi Ramen₱ 490.00
Photo Credit: Marudori Facebook Page
Aji Tamago₱ 80.00
Garlic Chicken Chahan₱ 390.00
Grilled Chicken₱ 120.00
Grilled Shrimp₱ 420.00
Gyoza₱ 250.00
Shiro Miso Karaage₱ 450.00
Tsukune₱ 280.00
White Chicken₱ 100.00
Photo Credit: Marudori Facebook Page
Bundaberg₱ 180.00
Le Minerale₱ 50.00
Lemon Dou₱ 150.00
Organic Kombucha Raspberry Lemonade₱ 280.00
San Pellegrino₱ 230.0
Sapporo Beer Bottle₱ 180.00
Sodas In Can₱ 80.00
Stanford Shaw Ginger Ale₱ 220.00
Photo Credit: Marudori Facebook Page


Marudori was founded with the aim of serving a soul-soothing and satisfying ramen dish suited for people from different walks of life. The maru in its name means “whole” while “dori” means chicken, which is why this Japanese restaurant’s concept is about using different parts of chicken as a base ingredient in most cuisines it offers. 

Marudori Menu Best Seller 

Here are some of the best-selling dishes of Marudori prepared using chosen ingredients and cooked in a special way, giving diners chicken-based ramen and cuisines that always satiate their appetite and give them an enjoyable meal. 

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1. Gyoza – The signature chicken gyoza of Marudori is freshly made daily to keep its flavor and quality. Its fillings consist of chicken, seasonings, and vegetables mixed perfectly, satisfying each bite. The base of this chicken dumplings has a crispy texture as it is shallow fried. It is paired with a sweet and sour sauce that elevates its unique flavor profile.  

2. Shoyu Paitan – Soy sauce is this dish’s special ingredient, making it a crowd-favorite dish, as it is packed with umami flavor that is pleasing to the palate. Its noodles have a perfect balance of smooth, chewy, and tender texture that works harmoniously with grilled chicken thighs and other ingredients, creating appealing layers of flavor.

3. Garlic Chicken Chahan – Experience the goodness of this Japanese-style fried rice made with the restaurant’s signature shoyu seasoning, spring onions, chicken bits, corn, and egg omelette. It consistently appeals to the senses as its ingredients’ taste, texture, and aroma are well-combined. The mayu and delicious grilled chicken is topped on it and serves as a viand. 

4. Yuzu Tsukemen – It is a go-to comfort food that its guests always enjoy, as its broth has a rich and savory flavor. This heartwarming yuzu tsukemen also comes with chicken breast, fried chicken balls, and freshly grated yuzu. The yuzu kosho and a pinch of lemon added to it impart a refreshing flavor that cleanses the palate. 

5. Tsukene – Marudori prepared this dish by grilling their house-seasoned minced chicken over binchotan charcoal. The special sauce slathered on it gives a glossy appearance, making it enticing and mouthwatering. To make it more flavorful and exciting, it is served with a signature teriyaki sauce. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the kinds of ramen offered by Marudori? 

The kinds of ramen Marudori offers are Tori Paitan, Tsukemen, and Hiyashi. 

Where are the branches of Marudori located? 

The branches of Marudori are located in the following areas: 

  • Rockwell (Ground Floor, 8 Rockwell Center Plaza Drive, Makati City) 
  • Makati (G/F V. Corporate Centre Building, Soliman St., Salcedo Village, Makati City)

Does Marudori offer vegan or vegetarian options? 

Yes, Marudori offers vegan options such as TanTanMen, a plant-based ramen alternative. 

Does Marudori offer a delivery service? 

Marudori does not offer delivery service yet, as they want their diners to experience its cuisine’s freshness and delicious taste. 

What makes Marudori different from other ramen restaurants? 

The chicken-based ramen and cuisines served by Marudori make it different from other ramen restaurants. 

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