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Hey, coffee lovers! Get ready for a flavor-packed journey as we dive into the aromatic world of Palpitate Coffee. Join me as we explore the enticing flavors, cozy ambiance, and unique offerings that make Palpitate Coffee a must-visit for every coffee connoisseur. Let’s sip, savor, and unravel the wonderful story behind this caffeine haven!

Palpitate Coffee Menu Philippines Updated

Americano₱ 160.00
Belgian Chocolate₱ 190.00
Caramel Macchiato₱ 200.00
Cloud Americano₱ 180.00
Hazelnut Espresso₱ 190.00
House Blended₱ 170.00
Matcha Latte₱ 190.00
Mocha₱ 190.00
Palpitate Latte₱ 200.00
Seasalt Latte₱ 200.00
Spanish Latte₱ 190.00
White Mocha₱ 200.00
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Ice Seasalt Latte₱ 180.00
Iced Americano₱ 140.00
Iced Belgian Chocolate₱ 170.00
Iced Caramel Macchiato₱ 180.00
Iced Cloud Americano₱ 160.00
Iced Hazelnut Espresso₱ 170.00
Iced House Blend₱ 150.00
Iced Matcha Latte₱ 170.00
Iced Mocha₱ 170.00
Iced Palpitate Latte₱ 180.00
Iced Spanish Latte₱ 170.00
Iced White Mocha₱ 180.00
Photo Credit: Palpitate Coffee Facebook Page
Oat Milk₱ 75.00
Bergamot Passion Tea₱ 170.00
Raspberry Citrus Tea₱ 170.00
Strawberry Au Lait₱ 160.00
Photo Credit: Palpitate Coffee Facebook Page
Hot Americano₱ 130.00
Hot Belgian Chocolate₱ 160.00
Hot Bergamot Passion Tea₱ 160.00
Hot Caramel Macchiato₱ 170.00
Hot Hazelnut Espresso₱ 160.00
Hot House Blended₱ 140.00
Hot Matcha Latte₱ 160.00
Hot Mocha₱ 160.00
Hot Palpitate Latte₱ 170.00
Hot Raspberry Citrus₱ 160.00
Hot Seasalt Latte₱ 170.00
Hot Spanish Latte₱ 160.00
Hot White Mocha₱ 170.00
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About Palpitate Coffee

Discover the coffee haven of the Philippines – Palpitate Coffee. This coffee shop is a sanctuary for coffee lovers, with multiple locations across the nation. With a focus on high-quality, ethically sourced beans, Palpitate Coffee crafts bold and aromatic blends that redefine your coffee experience. From artisanal roasting techniques to unique blends, each cup tells a story of dedication to excellence. Come and let’s unravel the layers of flavor and charm that make Palpitate Coffee a destination worth exploring for every discerning coffee lover.

Palpitate Coffee’s Menu Best Seller

Brace yourself for an enticing journey through Palpitate Coffee’s Menu Best Seller. As we unveil the star of their offerings, prepare to be swept away by flavors that will leave your palate dancing in pure joy.

  • Iced Sea Salt Latte – Dive into a sea of flavor with Palpitate’s Iced Sea Salt Latte. The perfect balance of creamy sweetness and a hint of saltiness creates a symphony on your palate – an absolute must-try for a refreshing sensation.
  • Iced Spanish Latte – Embark on a journey to Spain with Palpitate’s Iced Spanish Latte. This velvety blend of espresso and sweetened condensed milk offers a captivating dance of bold coffee notes and silky smoothness. A wonderful escape in every sip.
  • Iced Matcha Latte – Elevate your senses with Palpitate’s Iced Matcha Latte. Immerse yourself in the vibrant green goodness of premium matcha, expertly combined with silky milk for a harmonious balance that captivates senses with its rich, earthy undertones.
  • Iced White Mocha – Immerse in pure decadence with Palpitate’s Iced White Mocha. Luxurious white chocolate melds seamlessly with robust espresso, creating a luscious concoction that delivers a velvety, sweet symphony. A treat that will leave you craving for more.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Palpitate Coffee located?

Palpitate Coffee has numerous branches, including San Mateo Road Quezon City, Batasan Hills Quezon City, Taytay Rizal, Antipolo Rizal, Tanay Rizal, Saranay North Caloocan, Clark Global City Pampanga, SM SJDM Bulacan, SM Dagupan Pangasinan, Poblacion Davao City, Robinsons Iloilo, and Lilac St. Marikina City.

What is Palpitate Coffee operating hours?

It varies across branches, but they typically start the day at 10AM and ends at 10Pm.

Can I franchise Palpitate Coffee?

Yes. For inquiries and application process, send your letter of intent to [email protected]

What makes Palpitate Coffee stand out?

Palpitate Coffee stands out for its commitment to quality. They source premium beans, ensure ethical practices, and employ artisanal roasting techniques. Palpitate Coffee’s dedication to excellence shines in every cup, offering a unique and unforgettable coffee experience.

Is Palpitate Coffee a cozy place to work or socialize?

Of course! Palpitate Coffee creates a cozy and welcoming atmosphere. Their branches provide the ideal environment, whether you’re searching for a peaceful location to work or a warm place to catch up with friends.

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