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Another day for Classics while we create an exciting weekend bonding with this OG Pizza from Papa John’s. They are one of the oldest pizza chains in the Philippines and have truly proved their worth by establishing a great commitment to their Filipino customers. Let us take a cheesy leap to the masters of pizza with their enticing menu collections.

Papa John’s Menu Philippines Updated

All Veggie Calzone₱ 239.00
Cheese Pizzadilla₱ 279.00
Cheesesticks₱ 189.00
Chicken & Mushroom Calzone₱ 239.00
Chicken Aloha Bites₱ 169.00
Cookies And Cream Bites₱ 169.00
Creamy Spinach₱ 185.00
Creamy Spinach Bites₱ 169.00
Ham And Cheese Delight Calzone₱ 109.00
Herbed Parmesan Breadsticks₱ 189.00
Pepperoni & Mushroom Calzone₱ 239.00
Taco Pizzadilla₱ 279.00
Truffle Chicken Pizzadilla₱ 279.00
Ultimate Cheese Calzone₱ 109.00
Photo Credit: Papa John’s Facebook Page
All The Meats(12″ Pizza)₱ 599.00
All The Meats(14″ Pizza)₱ 699.00
All The Meats(9″ Pizza)₱ 439.00
Chicken Bacon Ranch(12″ Pizza)₱ 519.00
Chicken Bacon Ranch(14″ Pizza)₱ 699.00
Chicken Bacon Ranch(9″ Pizza)₱ 369.00
Super Papa(12″ Pizza)₱ 599.00
Super Papa(14″ Pizza)₱ 699.00
Super Papa(9″ Pizza)₱ 439.00
Photo Credit: Papa John’s Facebook Page
3 Sum Bundle(Three Boxes Of 12″ Pizzas W/ Free 1.5L Coke)₱ 1335.00
Better Half First Love(12″ Pizza With 2 Flavors, 2 Solo Pasta & 1.5 L Coke)₱ 699.00
Better Half Great Love(12″ Pizza With 2 Flavors, 6 Pcs Chicken Wings &1.5 L Coke)₱ 795.00
Better Half Puppy Love(12″ Pizza 2 Flavors & 1.5 L Coke)₱ 458.00
Better Half True Love(2 12″ Pizza With 2 Flavors, 3 Solo Pasta & 1.5 L Coke)₱ 1034.00
Big Time Sarap Feast(12” Pizza Edge, Chicken Wings, 3 Solo Pasta & Coke)₱ 1099.00
Big Time Sarap Feast(12” Pizza Thin Crust, Chicken Wings, 2 Solo Pasta & Coke)₱ 879.00
Big Time Sarap Feast(2 12″ Pizza, 2 Chicken Wings,3 Solo Pasta & Coke)₱ 1569.00
Big Time Sarap Feast(9” Pizza, Chicken Wings & Coke)₱ 729.00
Cheddar Edge Duo(Two 12″ Specialty Pizzas)₱ 839.00
Mama’S Flavored Chicken Wings(6-Pcs New Flavored Chicken Wings)₱ 329.00
Premium Duo Savers(Two 12″ Premium Pizzas)₱ 699.00
Premium Super Duo(Two 14″ Large Pizzas & 1.5L Coke)₱ 1145.00
Photo Credit: Papa John’s Facebook Page
Carbonara(Platter)₱ 327.00
Carbonara(Single)₱ 129.00
Cheese & Bacon In Red Sauce(Platter)₱ 327.00
Cheese & Bacon In Red Sauce(Single)₱ 129.00
Cheesy Mushroom(Platter)₱ 327.00
Cheesy Mushroom(Single)₱ 119.00
Oven-Baked Classic Spaghetti(Single)₱ 129.00
Oven-Baked Creamy Cheesy Pasta(Single)₱ 129.00
Oven-Baked Creamy Crab Meat(Single)₱ 129.00
Spinach Alfredo(Platter)₱ 485.00
Spinach Alfredo(Single)₱ 159.00
Three Cheese(Platter)₱ 327.00
Three Cheese(Single)₱ 119.00
Photo Credit: Papa John’s Facebook Page
Bottled Water(Small)₱ 35.00
Coca-Cola Zero(1.5L)₱ 109.00
Coca-Cola Zero(Can)₱ 59.00
Coca-Cola Zero(Sigle Served)₱ 59.00
Coca-Cola(1.5L)₱ 109.00
Coca-Cola(Can)₱ 59.00
Coca-Cola(Sigle Served)₱ 59.00
Royal Tru-Grape(Can)₱ 59.00
Royal Tru-Grape(Sigle Served)₱ 59.00
Royal Tru-Orange(Can)₱ 59.00
Royal Tru-Orange(Sigle Served)₱ 59.00
Sprite(Can)₱ 59.00
Sprite(Sigle Served)₱ 59.00
Photo Credit: Papa John’s GrabFood Page
Cheese Trio(12″ Pizza)₱ 519.00
Cheese Trio(14″ Pizza)₱ 629.00
Cheese Trio(9″ Pizza)₱ 369.00
Garden Special(12″ Pizza)₱ 519.00
Garden Special(14″ Pizza)₱ 629.00
Pepperoni(12″ Pizza)₱ 599.00
Pepperoni(14″ Pizza)₱ 699.00
Pepperoni(9″ Pizza)₱ 439.00
Simply Cheese(12″ Pizza)₱ 519.00
Simply Cheese(14″ Pizza)₱ 629.00
Simply Cheese(9″ Pizza)₱ 369.00
The Hawaiian(12″ Pizza)₱ 599.00
The Hawaiian(14″ Pizza₱ 699.00
The Hawaiian(9″ Pizza)₱ 439.00
Photo Credit: Papa John’s Facebook Page


Papa John’s is one of the classic pizza chains serving their favorite pizza since 1984. They have an utmost commitment to serving high-quality pizza with fresh and fine ingredients. Aside from Pizza they also offer Pasta, Sides, Drinks, and amazing Promos that await you at Papa John’s.

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Papa John’s Menu Best Seller

Super Papa – One of the House specialties, This Super Papa is an amazing combination of tasty pepperoni, ham slices, Italian sausage, onions, black olives slices, and green pepper.

All the Meat- Down for meaty pizza? This All the Meat pizza will give you all the meatiness you can have in a pizza. It has an enticing combination of flavorful pepperoni, beef bits, ham slices, Italian sausage, and the final touch of crunchy bacon.

Five Cheese Spinach – This TikTok trending pizza has surprisingly received tons of love from people because of its delectable 5 kinds of cheese which are: parmesan cheese mozzarella cheese cream cheese cheddar cheese and Papa’s signature classic cheese. Even though it has an overwhelming amount of cheese, it surely won’t give you any “umay” feeling.

Frequently Ask Questions at Papa John’s

What is Papa John’s?

Papa John’s is one of the OG Pizza stores offering their Papa John’s favorite since 1984.

What is Papa John’s known for?

Papa John’s is known for their quality pizza such as their signature Super Papa which is definitely a must-try at Papa John’s.

Where is the nearest Papa John’s in my area?

You can visit this link at where you can see all the available  Papa John’s branches in your area and their regular operating hours.

What are the operating hours of Papa John’s?

Papa John’s typically starts from 9 AM to 12 AM. However, the operating hours of every store will always vary in every specific Papa John’s branch.

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Is Mandarin Sky HALAL-Certified?

NO, Papa John’s serves pork on pizza and uses derivatives that are not classified as a HALAL-Certified product.

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