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Dive into the history of traditional Filipino cooking at Rodic’s. This restaurant has been serving Filipinos with traditional Filipino dishes way back in 1949 and has become a place where you can experience the soul of the Philippines’ culinary industry. Each bite of the dishes that they serve will tell you a story of flavors that have satisfied generations of Filipinos.

Rodic’s Menu Philippines Updated

Pork Sinigang₱ 160.00
Sinigang Na Bangus₱ 160.00
Sinigang Na Ulo Ng Salmon₱ 160.00
Photo Credit: Rodic’s Facebook Page
Fruit Salad₱ 55.00
Halo-Halo₱ 85.00
Pastillas₱ 15.00
Yema₱ 15.00
Photo Credit: Rodic’s Facebook Page
Baconsilog₱ 110.00
Bangus Silog₱ 110.00
Chicken Longsilog₱ 110.00
Jumbosilog₱ 110.00
Porkchop Silog₱ 110.00
Sisig W/ Egg & Rice₱ 110.00
Skinless Longsilog₱ 110.00
Tapsilog₱ 110.00
Tocilog₱ 110.00
Tuna Sisig W/ Egg₱ 115.00
Photo Credit: Rodic’s Facebook Page
Beef W/ Mushroom₱ 110.00
Bopis₱ 110.00
Caldereta₱ 110.00
Dinuguan₱ 110.00
Kare – Kare₱ 110.00
Lechon Paksiw₱ 110.00
Menudo₱ 110.00
Pork Sinigang₱ 110.00
Pork Steak₱ 110.00
Sauteed Vegetables₱ 80.00
Sinigang Na Ulo₱ 110.00
Photo Credit: Rodic’s Facebook Page
Beef Mami₱ 75.00
Extra Egg₱ 20.00
Fried Rice₱ 25.00
Palabok₱ 75.00
Plain Rice₱ 20.00
Suman Sa Latik₱ 35.00
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Beef Caldereta₱ 150.00
Beef Steak₱ 150.00
Dinuguan₱ 150.00
Grilled Liempo₱ 150.00
Lechon Paksiw₱ 150.00
Menudo₱ 150.00
Photo Credit: Rodic’s Facebook Page
Egg₱ 25.00
Fried Rice₱ 30.00
Rice₱ 25.00
Vegetable Side Order₱ 80.00
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C2₱ 40.00
Calamansi Juice₱ 40.00
Coffee₱ 35.00
Iced Tea₱ 30.00
Lemonade₱ 30.00
Milo₱ 35.00
Mineral Water₱ 25.00
Pepsi Pet Bottle₱ 40.00
Softdrinks₱ 45.00
Softdrinks 1.5L₱ 90.00
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Established in 1949, Rodic’s is a restaurant that has stood the test of time and has become a place where generations of Filipinos have gathered and savored the rich history of Filipino cuisine. At the helm of its menu is the Tapsilog which is a staple in Filipino cuisine providing Filipinos with a satisfying and flavorful meal for years.

Rodic’s Best Selling Menu

Tapsilog – This iconic Filipino breakfast dish at Rodic’s never disappoints with its tender marinated beef balanced with the serving of fragrant garlic rice and a sunny-side-up egg. It provides a blend of flavors and textures that make for an affordable satisfying meal to start the day.

Kare-Kare – Rodic’s version of Kare-Kare is a creamy, nutty dish. The rich peanut space coates the tender oxtail and a variety of vegetables creating complex flavors while the tender meat makes it a standout dish, perfect for those who are looking for a taste of Filipino comfort food.

Lechon Paksiw – The Lechon Paksiw at Rodic’s is a creative take on utilizing leftover lechon, a local version of roasted pig. The savory-sweet sauce elevates the dish, giving the meat a depth of flavor that perfectly represents the ingenuity of Filipinos in the kitchen, turning leftovers into a mouthwatering masterpiece.

Menudo – The tomato-based sauce of Rodic’s menudo is robust, and envelops the tender chunks of pork and liver, creating an enjoyable and exciting interplay of flavors that results in a comforting and nostalgic dish.


What type of cuisine does Rodic’s offer?

Rodic’s provides its customers with a wide variety of Filipino dishes that are sure to satisfy.

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Is Rodic’s halal-certified?

Rodic’s is not a halal-certified restaurant.

Where can I visit Rodic’s?

It has multiple branches located in multiple areas around Metro Manila.

Does Rodic’s offer promotions and discounts?

Yes, Rodic’s has promotions and discounts that regulars can avail of for a limited period of time.

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