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Strike your day with an indulging sip of Serenitea drinks! They offer a great selection of beverages with their menu collection that is divided into five categories which are Love, Indulge, Refresh, Energize, and Satisfy for you to find the perfect drink and snacks for you!

Serenitea Menu Philippines Updated

Chicken Bao₱ 132.00
Chicken Chops₱ 121.00
Chicken Delight₱ 165.00
Chicken Wings₱ 231.00
Fish N’ Fries₱ 218.90
French Beans₱ 121.00
Fried Mantou₱ 108.90
Fries N’ Dip₱ 154.00
Hashbrown₱ 49.50
Italian Chicken Wings₱ 231.00
Meat Balls 3 Pcs₱ 82.50
Meat Balls 5 Pcs₱ 132.00
Mexican Chicken Wings₱ 231.00
Original Chicken Chops₱ 121.00
Pepper Tofu₱ 99.00
Squid Balls 3 Pcs₱ 93.50
Squid Balls 5 Pcs₱ 143.00
Taiwan Sausage₱ 108.90
Western Chicken Delight₱ 187.00
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Brown Sugar Fresh Regular Milk₱ 165.00
French Beans₱ 121.00
Midnight Matcha₱ 192.50
Royal Milk Tea₱ 132.00
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Assam Milk Tea (Medium)₱ 115.50
Assam Milk Tea(Large)₱ 132.00
Black Tea Latte₱ 143.00
Black Tea Latte(Large)₱ 165.00
Brown Sugar Taho Milk Tea (Medium)₱ 198.00
Cookie Brulee Milk Tea (Medium)₱ 159.00
Cookie Brulee Milk Tea(Large)₱ 176.00
Cookie Supreme Milk Tea (Medium)₱192.50
Cookie Supreme Milk Tea(Large)₱ 209.00
Creme Brulee Milk Tea (Medium)₱ 137.50
Creme Brulee Milk Tea(Large)₱ 154.00
Emperor Milk Tea (Medium)₱ 121.00
Emperor Milk Tea(Large)₱ 137.50
Hokkaido Milk Tea (Medium)₱ 121.00
Hokkaido Milk Tea(Large)₱ 137.50
Jasmine Milk Tea (Medium)₱ 115.50
Jasmine Milk Tea(Large)₱ 132.00
Nagasaki Milk Tea (Medium)₱ 121.00
Nagasaki Milk Tea(Large)₱ 137.50
Okinawa Milk Tea (Medium)₱ 121.00
Okinawa Milk Tea(Large)₱ 137.50
Royal Milk Tea (Medium)₱ 115.50
Royal Milk Tea(Large)₱ 132.00
Soybean Cheese Frost Milk Tea (Medium)₱ 159.00
Soybean Cheese Frost Milk Tea(Large)₱176.00
Traditional Milk Tea (Medium)₱ 115.50
Traditional Milk Tea(Large)₱ 132.00
Wintermelon Milk Tea (Medium)₱ 121.00
Wintermelon Milk Tea(Large)₱ 137.50
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Brown Sugar Fresh Regular Milk₱ 165.00
Brown Sugar Frost Regular Milk₱ 165.00
Brown Sugar Grass Jelly₱ 165.00
Brown Sugar Taho₱ 165.00
Buy 1 Take 1 Brown Sugar Fresh Milk With Big Pearls₱ 165.00
Buy 1 Take 1 Brown Sugar Grass Jelly With Big Pearls₱ 165.00
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Black Pepper Beef Rice₱ 218.90
Chicken Chops Rice₱ 165.00
Chicken Wings Rice₱ 198.00
Creamy Chicken Rice₱ 253.00
Curry Chicken Rice₱ 253.00
Ginger Beef Rice₱ 218.90
Imperial Beef Rice₱ 218.90
Plain Rice₱ 44.00
Taiwan Sausage Rice₱ 143.00
Yakiniku Beef Rice₱ 218.90
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Auro Cacao Cookies N Cream₱ 194.25
Auro Trio Chocolate₱ 203.50
Choco Cookies Milk Tea₱ 176.00
Coffee Snow₱ 176.00
Cookies & Cream Milk Tea₱ 176.00
Midnight Matcha₱ 192.50
Taro Snow₱ 176.00
Winter Snow₱ 136.50
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Serenitea is a Filipino-based company that offers great-quality drinks and snacks. They specialize in milk tea and other sweet drinks that will surely save you from your sweet cravings. They use 100% premium farm fresh milk in their available boba drinks such as their Brown Sugar Frost and Brown Sugar Fresh Milk.

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Serenitea Menu Best Seller

Wintermelon Milk Tea- This favorite milk tea is a must-try drink especially as a starter since it is one of the safe options for your first Serenitea experience. It has caramelized sugar that blends perfectly with chewy pearls which can also be replaced with nata de coco. 

Taho Milk tea – A fine refreshing drink made to satisfy your taho and milk tea cravings at the same time. It has a perfect fusion of the flavorful taho and richness of milk tea. A perfect drink to start your day with.

Okinawa Espresso – This Okinawa espresso is ideal for everyone who loves the blend of coffee in their Okinawa Milk Tea. It has the right level of aromatic coffee fumes and the milk tea taste of the drink. 

Frequently Asked Questions at Serenitea 

What is Serenitea?

Serenitea is a business chain offering various fine refreshments such as milk teas, sweet drinks, and snacks that come at very affordable prices while ensuring that the quality is not getting compromised.

What does the Serenitea logo mean?

The curves and tails feature a green leaf where you can subtly visualize a yin-yang symbol. On the other end, the butterfly gives a certain touch of relaxation which is one of the main missions of the company; to create a relaxing environment where people can enjoy their drink at the greatest comfort.

Where is the nearest Serenitea in my area?

You can visit this link at where you can see all the available Serenitea branches in your area. 

What are the operating hours of Serenitea?

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Serenitea typically starts from 10 AM to 7 PM. Branches inside the Mall are aligned to the operating hours of the specific mall branch they are located.

Is Serenitea HALAL Certified?

Yes, Serenitea is classified as a HALAL Certified Business chain. 

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