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Hey, foodies! Let’s dig into a burger experience that will change the game. If you want the utmost treat with each bite, go no further than SMASH BUNS PH! This burger establishment is well-known for its scrumptious products, featuring wonderfully juicy burgers sandwiched between fluffy buns and topped with the freshest ingredients. So, come and let’s enjoy the delectable mysteries of SMASH BUNS PH together!

Smash Buns Menu Philippines Updated

Avocado Egg + Smash₱ 185.00
Bacon Egg + Cheese Burger₱ 185.00
Cheezy Egg + Smash₱ 155.00
Cheezy Egg + Spam Smash₱ 185.00
Double Trouble₱ 235.00
Smashbuns Burger₱ 185.00
Photo Credit: Smash Buns Facebook Page
Avocado Egg + Smash₱ 110.00
Bacon Cheese Burger₱ 110.00
Cheezy Egg + Smash₱ 99.00
Cheezy Egg + Spam Smash₱ 110.00
Double Trouble₱ 135.00
Smashbuns Burger₱ 110.00
Photo Credit: Smash Buns Facebook Page
Avocado Ham Cheese₱ 120.00
Beef Bulgogi Sunny₱ 125.00
Double Spam Cheese₱ 120.00
Mr. Bacon Cheese₱ 120.00
Mr. Cheese Burger₱ 120.00
Mr. Ham Cheese₱ 110.00
Photo Credit: Smash Buns Facebook Page
Bacon₱ 25.00
Cheese₱ 10.00
Egg₱ 15.00
Smashbuns Beef Patty₱ 50.00
Smashbuns Sauce₱ 10.00
Bacon₱ 50.00
Cheese₱ 20.00
Egg₱ 30.00
Smashbuns Beef Patty₱ 100.00
Smashbuns Sauce₱ 20.00
Americano₱ 91.00
Caramel₱ 121.00
Hazelnut₱ 121.00
Latte₱ 101.00
Vanilla₱ 121.00

About Smash Buns

Situated in the heart of Quezon City at 411 N.S. Amoranto St., Smash Buns stands out as a culinary hotspot renowned for its distinctive egg drop sandwiches. Drawing inspiration from Korean flavors, their menu promises an explosion of taste with every bite. Boasting a welcoming atmosphere and attentive service, Smash Buns offers diners the opportunity to experience the essence of Seoul first-hand. Whether you’re in the mood for a hearty breakfast or a wonderful snack, this Quezon City gem has something unique to satisfy every craving.

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Smash Buns Menu Best Seller

Step right up to Smash Buns Menu Best Sellers, where flavor reigns supreme and satisfaction is guaranteed in every bite!

  • Double Spam Cheese Toast – Get ready to be spam-struck by Smash Buns’ Double Spam Cheese Toast! With each bite, you’ll experience a harmonious medley of crispy spam, gooey cheese, and toast that’s so fluffy it’ll make clouds jealous.
  • Avocado Ham Toast – Calling all avocado aficionados! Smash Buns’ Avocado Ham Toast is the breakfast champion you’ve been dreaming of. A combination of creamy avocado, savory ham, and toast so golden it’s practically a treasure. One bite and you’ll be saying, “avo-yeah!”
  • Beef Bulgogi Sunny – Hold onto your tummy, because Smash Buns’ Beef Bulgogi Sunny is about to take them on a wild ride! In this delectable masterpiece, tender beef bulgogi is paired with a sunny-side-up egg, creating a flavor explosion that’s both sweet and savory.
  • Mrs. Tuna Pesto Cheese – Say hello to your new flavor crush: Smash Buns’ Mrs. Tuna Pesto Cheese sandwich! Dive into a sea of tuna goodness, topped with a dollop of fresh pesto and gooey cheese. Warning: it offers a wonderful flavor that may cause addiction!
  • Yangneom Chicken – Get ready to spice up your life with Smash Buns’ Yangneom Chicken sandwich! Crispy chicken meets a whirlwind of sweet, sour, and spicy flavors in this Korean-inspired treat. A must-try for K-foods fanatics!

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Smash Buns PH located?

Smash Buns PH is conveniently located at 411 N.S. Amoranto St., Quezon City, Philippines.

Do you offer delivery services?

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Yes, they do! You can place your order through food delivery platforms or contact them directly for delivery options.

Does Smash Buns PH offer catering services?

Yes, they do! Just reach out to them in advance, and they’ll help you plan a delicious menu for your event.

What modes of payment do Smash Buns PH accept?

For your convenience, Smash Buns PH takes major credit and debit cards in addition to cash payments. They also offer other digital payment options, so feel free to inquire when placing your order.

Is Smash Buns PH kid-friendly?

Absolutely! Smash Buns PH welcomes families with children of all ages. Their menu includes options that are sure to appeal to younger palates, making it a great place for a family outing.

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