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Welcome to The Wild Poppy, where Southeast Asian cuisine meets cocktails with a twist! Get ready to embark on a culinary journey like no other, where bold flavors and innovative concoctions take center stage. So, come and join me as we explore the delicious world of The Wild Poppy—I promise, you won’t be disappointed!

The Wild Poppy Menu Philippines Updated

Chicken Ren Damn (300G)Spicy Chicken Rendang₱ 600.00
Flying Chicks (18Pcs)Fried Chicken Wings W/ Hoisin Glaze₱ 750.00
Hoi, Belly (300G)Braised And Pan Seared Pork Belly, Hoisin Sauce₱ 600.00
Pok Pok Bites (600G)Fried Bite-Size Chicken Fillets, Shallots, Cilantro₱ 600.00
Photo Credit: The Wild Poppy Facebook Page
Bai Chick-A Bao Bao₱ 125.00
Chicken Ren Damn Bao₱ 125.00
Chicken Ren Damn Rice Bowl₱ 395.00
Flying Chicks Rice Bowl₱ 225.00
Hoi, Belly Bao₱ 125.00
Hoi, Belly Rice Bowl₱ 395.00
Pok Pok Bites Rice Bowl₱ 395.00
Rice Bowls
Photo Credit: The Wild Poppy Facebook Page
Order 3 Baos₱ 300.00

About The Wild Poppy

Located in the vibrant streets of Makati City, The Wild Poppy is the place to go if you want a unique culinary experience! Here, you can explore a world of Southeast Asian dishes and beverages with a twist that will captivate your senses. With both indoor and outdoor seating options, friendly staff, and fast service, The Wild Poppy promises an unforgettable dining experience that’s as wonderful as it is delicious.

The Wild Poppy’s Menu Best Seller

Presenting The Wild Poppy’s Menu Best Seller! These are the dishes that keep foodies coming back for more, each one bursting with flavor and creativity.

  • Red Thai Noodles – Dive into a bowl of creamy red curry goodness at The Wild Poppy! These fried noodles, infused with a mild potato essence, are a must-try for Thai food lovers.
  • Mixed Shrooms – Calling all mushroom lovers! The Wild Poppy’s Mixed Shrooms dish is a treat for the senses. Tempura-fried Hiratake, Shimeji, and Shiitake mushrooms served with three flavorful sauces make for a mouthwatering experience you won’t soon forget.
  • Chicken Ren Damn Bao – Spice up your meal with The Wild Poppy’s Chicken Ren Damn Bao! Tender chicken rendang tucked inside soft cuapao bao served with a fusion of sweet potato and potato on the side. It’s affordable, flavorful, and guaranteed to satisfy your cravings for something spicy.
  • Hoi Belly – Savor the sumptuous flavors of braised and pan-seared hoisin glazed pork belly at The Wild Poppy. With each bite, you’ll be transported to flavor paradise, as the succulent pork melts in your mouth, leaving you yearning for another heavenly taste.
  • Flying Chicks – Get ready to soar to new heights with The Wild Poppy’s Flying Chicks! These crispy fried chicken wings, glazed with hoisin, are a finger-licking treat that’ll have you coming back for seconds.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of cuisine does The Wild Poppy serve?

The Wild Poppy specializes in Southeast Asian cuisine with a unique twist, offering dishes that blend traditional flavors with creative innovations.

Where is The Wild Poppy located?

5666 Don Pedro Street, Poblacion 1210 Makati, Philippines

What is The Wild Poppy operating hours?

Tuesday to Saturday, from 6:00 PM to 1:00 AM.

Are reservations required at The Wild Poppy?

Reservations are recommended, especially during peak hours, to ensure a table is available. Contact them at [email protected] for inquiries.

Does The Wild Poppy offer cocktails or alcoholic beverages?

Yes, The Wild Poppy offers a selection of cocktails with a unique twist, along with other alcoholic beverages to complement your dining experience.

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