Toyo Eatery Menu Prices

A feast of culture and tradition with innovative concepts that are served in great meals will meet you at Toyo Eatery! It is no secret that Toyo Eatery is truly commendable when it comes to serving Filipino cuisine with a fine twist curated by expertise and love for cooking. Let us visit Toyo Eatery today and take a look at their fine menu collection that features amazing Filipino flavors.

Toyo Eatery Menu Philippines Updated

Blackmore Karubi₱ 1100.00
Burnt Kalabaza₱ 450.00
Garden Vegetables₱ 480.00
Grilled Belly And Loin Of Bangus₱ 550.00
Kilaw Of Wild Talakitok, Lime, And Sesame₱ 370.00
Lightly Grilled Mackerel₱ 680.00
Oysters₱ 380.00
Toyo Eatery Silog₱ 250.00
Toyo Eatery Three Cut Pork Bbq₱ 380.00
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Fish₱ 2900.00
Pork Bbq₱ 2900.00
Steak₱ 3500.00
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Boozy₱ 600.00
Cocktail #5₱ 450.00
Come & See Me₱ 390.00
Daisy Fay₱ 350.00
Don Jon₱ 550.00
Fifi₱ 370.00
Provincial₱ 480.00
Tapuey Sour₱ 380.00
Trudeau₱ 420.00
Photo Credit: Toyo Eatery Facebook Page
Craftpoint Brewery₱ 250.00
Joe’S Brew₱ 250.00
Nipa Brew Craft Beer₱ 250.00
San Miguel Beer₱ 130.00
Photo Credit: Toyo Eatery Facebook Page
Acqua Panna₱ 180.00
Grand Jasmine White & Green Tea₱ 295.00
Houijicha₱ 190.00
Royal Orchid Oolong Tea₱ 195.00
San Peligrino₱ 180.00
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An escape from the Ordinary is what we can truly describe as the transcendental experience offered in Toyo Eatery. They feature a great collection of Pinoy’s favorite cuisine that features meat dishes and seafood dishes that are curated with fun and creative twist without losing their Filipino roots. Let us take a look at their top 3 best-selling dishes that you can consider when you visit Toyo Eatery.

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Toyo Eatery Menu Best Seller

Tomato Meringue – It is one of their best-tasting favorite meals found in their Eatery Tasting collection. It features fresh flavors that will surely soothe the mouth’s delight. It has a well-balanced taste of meringue with a surprisingly great blend of tomato.

A4 Japanese Wagyu Sirloin – Toyo Eatery truly prides itself on its A4 Quality beef which is basically considered premium quality meat. It features an umami flavor with outstanding aromatic fumes that undeniably give another feeling of every bite.

Fresh Aklan Oysters – Looking for oceanic experience? well, the best seafood flavor is served in this meal! It features fresh and great quality oysters from Aklan. It features sweet flavors with the buttery flavor and earthy flavors of the fresh oysters.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of cuisine does Toyo Eatery offer? 

Toyo Eatery offers a great blend of modernized Filipino cuisine that highlights traditional Filipino flavors with a touch of a modern twist.

Are there dress codes at Toyo Eatery?

There are no specific dress codes when dining at Toyo Eatery, however, they recommend their customers to wear smart casual attire to elevate the experience of dining.

Can I make a reservation at Toyo Eatery?

Yes, the restaurant recommends their customers book a reservation before their visit to avoid any hassle of pending lineups. You can visit their website and tap reservations to see the available slots.

Is Toyo Eatery HALAL-Certified?

No, is known for its Pork entrees collection and meals that utilize derivatives with no HALAL certifications.

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