Turks Menu Prices

Turks is a place that food lovers will enjoy. They specialize in making and serving delicious Turkish treats that taste really good. Their highlight is the pita wraps are filled with flavorful meat, veggies, and tasty sauce. If you’re looking for a quick and tasty bite, the Turks is highly recommended.

Turks Menu Philippines Updated

Value Meals A₱ 155.00
Value Meals B₱ 140.00
Photo Credit: Turks Facebook Page
Beef & Chicken Platter₱ 185.00
Beef & Kebab Platter₱ 185.00
Beef Rice₱ 125.00
Beef Rice Steak₱ 240.00
Chicken & Kebab Platter₱ 185.00
Chicken Kebab Rice₱ 125.00
Chicken Rice₱ 125.00
Chicken Rice Steak₱ 185.00
Hotdog Rice₱ 125.00
Kebab Rice₱ 125.00
Rice Bowl Beef & Chicken₱ 75.00
Photo Credit: Turks Facebook Page
Photo Credit: Turks Facebook Page
Beef Pita Wrap₱ 85.00
Chicken Kebab Wrap₱ 85.00
Chicken Pita Wrap₱ 85.00
Hotdog Wrap₱ 85.00
Kebab Wrap₱ 85.00
Small Pita Wrap Beef & Chicken₱ 65.00
Photo Credit: Turks Facebook Page
Cheddar Cheese₱ 15.00
Coke Mismo₱ 20.00
Turks Fried Cheese & Barbecue₱ 40.00
Turks Java Rice₱ 25.00
Turks Sauces Garlic-Cheese-Chili₱ 10.00
Turks Water₱ 20.00


Turks is a popular brand in the Philippines that offers convenient and tasty pita wraps, rice meals, and value meals. From its humble and inspiring beginnings as a food cart in SM City Sta. Mesa in 2007, it has grown into a well-known shop in the country. The original Pinoy recipe and fresh and premium ingredients give its products a distinctive taste that you will surely love and remember.

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Turks Menu Best Seller 

The best sellers of Turks consist of their signature pita wraps and rice meals made with premium meat, crispy vegetables, and special sauces. These cuisines are well-loved for their hearty taste, convenience, and affordability. 

Beef Pita Wrap – Beef is an all-time favorite pita wrap of its customers, as it is bursting with appetizing aromas and delicious flavors. It is best to add cheese to this luscious wrap to make each bite more gratifying. If you are a first-time customer, this beef pita wrap is the one you should not miss out on, as it will definitely impress you on your first bite. 

Chicken Pita Wrap – The soft pita bread is filled with tender and juicy chicken strips, fresh tomatoes, and cucumber. It is a nutritious dish as its ingredients are packed with essential nutrients. This pita wrap is one of the go-to food of its customers, as it is affordable, hearty, and enjoyable. 

Rice Bowl – Rice bowl is one of the best sellers of Turks, as it is budget-friendly and ideal for those who do not have time to prepare a meal, especially if they live alone. It has a generous serving and delicious taste that will surely fill you up. Beef and chicken are the two varieties of rice bowls offered by Turks. 

Beef Rice – A perfect on-the-go and convenient meal that consists of java rice, vegetables, and beef. The aroma, juiciness, and delicious taste of beef, the satisfying taste and vibrant color of java rice, and the freshness of vegetables make this dish appealing to the senses. 

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Chicken Rice – It is the best meal choice for those who prefer chicken over beef. The special sauce used in marinating chicken gives mouthwatering and melt-in-your-mouth goodness. It is drizzled with special sauce and cheese, adding a creamy taste and enhancing its flavor. The dishes in this rice meal are arranged creatively, making it look visually appealing. 


What is Turks in the Philippines? 

Turks is a popular brand in the Philippines that offers delicious pita wraps, rice bowls, and rice meals. 

Is Turks a shawarma? 

Yes, Turks Philippines offers shawarma dishes or pita wraps. 

Who owns Turks Philippines? 

Turks Philippines is owned by Zenarosa Food Corporation, a company founded and managed by Mr. Gem L. Zeñarosa. 

Does Turks have a franchise program? 

Yes, they have a franchise program. I suggest that you contact them to know more information about this.

Does Turks have branches nationwide? 

Yes, Turks have more than 600 branches nationwide. 

Social Media Links

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/official.turks/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/turks.official/?hl=en


Beef Pita Wrap is the most popular item on the Turks menu, as it is packed with pleasurable flavors and is the first product offered by this shop. The products that it offers capture the crowd’s taste and interest, as they are affordable, flavorsome, filling, and convenient. Its stores also have a modern and elegant look that matches the quality products it serves. 

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