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Greetings, fellow foodies! There’s just one place to go if you want an incredible dining experience: Txoko. Every meal, from delicious tapas to tender grilled meats, is an expression of skill and tradition. Come along with me as we embark on an unparalleled culinary journey where each taste reveals a tale of passion and skillful preparation.

Txoko Menu Philippines Updated

Foie₱ 980.00
Gilda₱ 280.00
Iberico₱ 750.00
Salmon₱ 510.00
Tataki Al Atun₱ 420.00
Photo Credit: Txoko Facebook Page
Burrata₱ 550.00
Gulas Y Champinones₱ 580.00
Salteado Verdura Con Trufa₱ 720.00
Soft Shell Crab Salad₱ 650.00
Verde₱ 290.00
Photo Credit: Txoko Facebook Page
Calabaza₱ 320.00
Cebolla₱ 320.00
Salmorejo₱ 390.00
Photo Credit: Txoko Facebook Page
Butifarra₱ 840.00
Campero₱ 890.00
Cordero₱ 1450.00
Fideua De Pato₱ 980.00
Negra₱ 880.00
Rabo₱ 890.00
Setas Y Tuetano₱ 970.00
Verduras₱ 860.00
Photo Credit: Txoko Facebook Page
Bescugo₱ 2890.00
Callos Y Huevo₱ 780.00
Entrecote₱ 4780.00
Lengua Ala Parilla₱ 980.00
Pulpo Ala Brasa₱ 890.00
Secreto Iberico₱ 1590.00
Photo Credit: Txoko Facebook Page
Cuarto De Cerdito₱ 4680.00
Cuarto De Lechazo₱ 8490.00
Rodaballo Al Josper₱ 8190.00
Tomahawk₱ 8790.00
Photo Credit: Txoko Facebook Page
Beef Tartare₱ 850.00
Boquerones₱ 750.00
Canelones Txangurro₱ 850.00
Chorizo Ala Parilla₱ 520.00
Croquetas Asadas₱ 620.00
Croquetas De Jamon₱ 580.00
Escalivada₱ 395.00
Foie Gras Escalope₱ 1150.00
Foie Gras Micuit₱ 790.00
Gambas Al Ajillo₱ 620.00
Pan Con Tomate₱ 595.00
Patatas Bravas₱ 320.00
Pulpo Carpaccio₱ 790.00
Tuna Tartare₱ 600.00
Photo Credit: Txoko Facebook Page

About Txoko

Situated in the vibrant Legazpi Village of Makati, Txoko Asador beckons with its captivating blend of Basque and Castilian flavors. Renowned for its expertly grilled meats and fresh seafood, this high-end Spanish eatery invites diners to savor the essence of Northern Spain. Amidst the cozy, rustic ambiance, guests witness culinary mastery firsthand at the open kitchen. You can also embark in modern twists on traditional favorites like paella and croquetas, complemented by a thoughtfully curated array of beverages at the inviting bar. Txoko Asador promises a dining experience that satisfies all the senses.

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Txoko’s Menu Best Seller

Prepare your palate for a one-of-a-kind journey through Txoko’s menu best sellers. The genuineness of the flavors and products used here has drawn praise from many. So, get ready to discover the ultimate highlights of this Northern Spanish cuisine.

  • Cuatro De Lechazo – Dive into a culinary adventure with Cuatro De Lechazo, where the smoky aroma of perfectly grilled suckling lamb quarter gives way to tender, melt-in-your-mouth goodness. Each bite is a revelation of rich, savory flavors that linger on the palate, making it a must-try for any meat lover.
  • Gambas a la Brasa con Ajada – Prepare to be dazzled by Gambas a la Brasa con Ajada, where plump, juicy white shrimps are grilled to perfection and dressed in a heavenly garlic-infused sauce. With each bite, you’ll experience a burst of oceanic freshness complemented by the bold flavors of garlic, creating a culinary symphony that satisfies the senses.
  • Tartar de Solomillo – Immerse in the luxurious Tartar de Solomillo, a captivating blend of finely minced steak tartare, creamy stracciatella cheese, and the wonderful crunch of fried capers. You’ll be left wanting more with every bite as the flavors and textures dance across your palate in a wonderful harmony.
  • Cojonudo – Experience the epitome of Spanish culinary innovation with Cojonudo, Txoko’s signature Pintxos featuring savory chorizo and delicate quail eggs nestled atop buttery brioche. Each bite is a burst of flavor, with the richness of the chorizo perfectly complemented by the creamy texture of the quail eggs, making it a true treat for food lovers everywhere.

Frequently Asked Question

Where is Txoko located?

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G/F Erlag Building, #102 Esteban St., Legazpi Village, Makati City

What is Txoko’s operating hours?


  • Lunch 12NN-3PM
  • Dinner 5PM-10PM


  • Lunch 12NN-3PM
  • Dinner

1st: 5PM-8PM

2nd: 8:15PM-11PM

Can I make reservations at Txoko?

Yes, Txoko accepts reservations for both lunch and dinner services. For reservations, contact 0956-047-3224, (02) 8367-6673, or email [email protected].

What type of cuisine does Txoko offer?

Txoko specializes in high-end Spanish cuisine with a focus on Basque and Castilian-inspired dishes.

What sets Txoko apart from other restaurants?

Txoko offers a cozy and rustic ambiance, allowing diners to witness culinary expertise firsthand at the open kitchen. Its focus on traditional Spanish flavors with a modern twist and the curated selection of alcoholic beverages further enhance the dining experience.

Social Media Pages

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/txokoasador

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/txokoasador/

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