Uncle John’s (Ministop) Menu Prices

Looking for a delicious meal or snack on a budget? Head over to the store of Uncle John’s nearest to your location, as its menu consists of affordable meals. It also provides convenience to customers as they can enjoy a wide array of fresh and hot ready-to-eat meals and snacks and shop for great-value products at the same time. 

Uncle John’s Menu Philippines Updated

Combo A₱ 96.00
Combo B₱ 90.00
Combo C₱ 71.00
Combo D₱ 68.00
Photo Credit: Uncle John’s Facebook Page
1Pc Burger Steak₱ 29.00
2Pc Burger Steak₱ 42.00
Bicol Express₱ 50.00
Chicken Ala Pobre₱ 50.00
Chicken Sisig₱ 50.00
Chicken Teriyaki₱ 50.00
Dinuguan₱ 50.00
Fish Steak₱ 50.00
Gravy Pork₱ 50.00
Hotohix₱ 42.00
Lechon Kawali₱ 50.00
Pork Bbq₱ 50.00
Pork Sisig₱ 50.00
Spring Rolle₱ 42.00
Sweet Chili Pork₱ 50.00
Photo Credit: Uncle John’s Facebook Page
Photo Credit: Uncle John’s Facebook Page
Chillz₱ 32.00
French Fries₱ 24.00
Mu Sundae Cup₱ 15.00
Sweet Kariman₱ 8.00
Photo Credit: Uncle John’s Facebook Page
1Pc Fried Chicken With Rice₱ 68.00
2Pcs Fried Chicken With Rice₱ 108.00
Breaded Porkchop With Rice₱ 100.00
Fried Or Steamed Siomai With Rice₱ 39.00
Hotdog Sandwich₱ 29.00
Jumbo Siopao₱ 37.00
Kariman₱ 26.00
Photo Credit: Uncle John’s Facebook Page
Photo Credit: Uncle John’s Facebook Page

About Uncle John’s 

Uncle John’s is one of the popular convenience store chains in the Philippines, offering ready-to-eat meals and other products. It was formerly known as “Ministop” and was rebranded to Uncle John’s in 2023, as Robinsons Retail Holdings Inc bought it in February 2022. This store is named after famous businessman John Gokongwei, Jr., who founded RRHI. 

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Uncle John’s Menu Best Seller 

Uncle John’s is popular for its affordable meals that suit the varied wants of its customers. These are some of this convenience store’s best sellers and popular ready-to-eat meals that give diners a convenient dining experience. 

Uncle John’s Chicken 1PC With Mang Tomas – Fried chicken is the best-selling product of Uncle John’s, loved by diners of all ages, as the tender and juicy meat and the crunchy batter create a gratifying contrast. It is paired with Mang Tomas, a popular sauce that adds a layer of flavor and texture, satisfying each bite. 

Uncle John’s Chicken 1PC With UFC Gravy – This meal is the same as the first one above; the only difference is the sauce served with it. The crunchiness and appetizing taste of chicken consistently satisfies the palate of its customers of all ages. The UFC Gravy served with it gives an umami flavor profile, making this meal pleasurable and highly palatable. 

Uncle John’s Spicy Chicken 1 PC With Mang Tomas – Wake up your senses with this spicy chicken that is bursting with flavors. The Mang Tomas sauce served with it boosts its flavor, as it imparts a spicy kick and mouthwatering goodness. 

Kariman – It is one of the famous and best-selling dishes of Uncle John’s, as it is packed with heavenly and mouthwatering goodness that will make you crave more. This fried sandwich is stuffed with delicious fillings, such as ham & cheese, tuna melt, pizza supreme, and chocolate, giving customers different choices to satisfy their cravings. 

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Toppers Hotchix – Are you looking for something quick, delicious, and filling meal? If so, this Topper Hotchix of Uncle John’s is the one that you are looking for. The white steamed rice is topped with hot and spicy chicken cubes marinated and coated with special ingredients and fried to perfect crispiness and golden-brown state. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the food dishes offered by Uncle John’s? 

The food dishes offered by Uncle John’s consists of ready-to-eat cuisines, such as chicken, toppers, empanada, Korean dog, pork bun, Kariman, and various rice meals. 

What is Uncle John’s famous for? 

Uncle John’s is famous for its Fried Chicken dishes. 

Is Uncle John’s open 24/7? 

Yes, most branches of Uncle John’s are open 24/7. 

Who is Uncle John in Uncle John’s brand? 

John Gokongwei Jr. is the Uncle John in Uncle John’s brand. 

Does Uncle John’s offer promos or discounts? 

Yes, Uncle John’s offers limited-time promos and discounts. 

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