Wendy’s Menu Prices

Looking for the perfect fast-food experience? Look no further than Wendy’s menu! From freshly grilled beef to mouthwatering comfort food, Wendy’s has consistently proven itself to be a favorite among food enthusiasts. With its dedication to quality and exceptional taste, Wendy’s has captured the hearts and palates of people everywhere. Explore Wendy’s menu today and discover why it’s the go-to choice for a satisfying and delicious meal.

Wendy’s Menu Philippines Updated

Chimichurri Beef Burger (Combo)₱ 249.00
Chimichurri Beef Burger (Solo)₱ 199.00
Chimichurri Chicken Salad (Big)₱ 160.00
Chimichurri Chicken Salad (Side)₱ 79.00
Take Home Combo₱ 670.00
Whattabox 1-Pc Fried Chicken₱ 199.00
Whattabox 1-Pc Spicy Fried Chicken₱ 205.00
Whattabox Bacon Mushroom Melt₱ 215.00
Whattabox Baconator Single₱ 269.00
Whattabox Big Bacon Mushroom Melt₱ 269.00
Whattabox Dave’S Single₱ 265.00
whattabox wendys menu
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Bacon Cheeseburger (Combo)₱ 149.00
Bacon Cheeseburger (Solo)₱ 99.00
Bacon Mushroom Melt (Combo)₱ 155.00
Bacon Mushroom Melt (Solo)₱ 105.00
Baconator Double (Combo)₱ 319.00
Baconator Double (Solo)₱ 269.00
Baconator Single (Combo)₱ 209.00
Baconator Single (Solo)₱ 159.00
Big Bacon Mushroom Melt (Combo)₱ 209.00
Big Bacon Mushroom Melt (Solo)₱ 159.00
Cheeseburger Deluxe (Combo)₱ 136.00
Cheeseburger Deluxe (Solo)₱ 86.00
Dave’S Double (Combo)₱ 290.00
Dave’S Double (Solo)₱ 240.00
Dave’S Single (Combo)₱ 205.00
Dave’S Single (Solo)₱ 155.00
Dave’S Triple (Combo)₱ 390.00
Dave’S Triple (Solo)₱ 340.00
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Fish Sandwich (Combo)₱ 185.00
Fish Sandwich (Solo)₱ 135.00
Shrimp Sandwich (Combo)₱ 185.00
Shrimp Sandwich (Solo)₱ 135.00
Spicy/Classic Chicken Sandwich (Combo)₱ 185.00
Spicy/Classic Chicken Sandwich (Solo)₱ 135.00
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1-Pc Fried Chicken W/ Fries (Combo)₱ 139.00
1-Pc Fried Chicken With Rice (Combo)₱ 109.00
1-Pc Fried Chicken With Rice (Solo)₱ 89.00
1-Pc. Spicy Fried Chicken With Rice & Regular Fries (Combo)₱ 142.00
1-Pc. Spicy Fried Chicken With Rice (Combo)₱ 112.00
1-Pc. Spicy Fried Chicken With Rice (Solo)₱ 92.00
2-Pc Fried Chicken With Rice (Combo)₱ 190.00
2-Pc Fried Chicken With Rice (Solo)₱ 170.00
2-Pc. Spicy Fried Chicken With Rice (Ala Carte)₱ 176.00
2-Pc. Spicy Fried Chicken With Rice (Combo)₱ 196.00
3-Pc Fried Chicken₱ 235.00
3-Pc. Spicy Fried Chicken₱ 244.00
6-Pc Chicken Nuggets (Solo)₱ 115.00
6-Pc Chicken Nuggets With Fries (Combo)₱ 165.00
6-Pc Chicken Nuggets With Rice (Combo)₱ 160.00
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Fambox Bacon Mushroom Melt (Good For 3)₱ 445.00
Fambox Bacon Mushroom Melt (Good For 3) With Litro Iced Tea₱ 525.00
Fambox Bacon Mushroom Melt (Good For 4)₱ 590.00
Fambox Bacon Mushroom Melt (Good For 4) With Litro Iced Tea₱ 625.00
Fambox Baconator Single (Good For 3)₱ 599.00
Fambox Baconator Single (Good For 4)₱ 799.00
Fambox Fried Chicken (Good For 3)₱ 509.00
Fambox Fried Chicken (Good For 3) With Litro Iced Tea₱ 589.00
Fambox Fried Chicken (Good For 4)₱ 679.00
Fambox Fried Chicken (Good For 4) With Litro Iced Tea₱ 729.00
Fambox Spicy Fried Chicken (Good For 3)₱ 527.00
Fambox Spicy Fried Chicken (Good For 4)₱ 703.00
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20-Pc Chicken Nuggets Box₱ 330.00
6-Pc Chicken Box₱ 450.00
6-Pc. Spicy Chicken Box₱ 468.00
Beefy Spaghetti Platter₱ 220.00
Creamy Macaroni Platter₱ 199.00
Beef Bulgogi Salad (Big)₱ 160.00
Beef Bulgogi Salad (Side)₱ 79.00
Caesar Salad Supreme (Big)₱ 160.00
Caesar Salad Supreme (Side)₱ 79.00
Macaroni Salad (Big)₱ 105.00
Macaroni Salad (Side)₱ 55.00
Mango Kani Salad (Big)₱ 160.00
Mango Kani Salad (Side)₱ 79.00
Taco Salad (Big)₱ 160.00
Taco Salad Wrap₱ 125.00
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Chili Classic (Combo)₱ 130.00
Chili Classic (Solo)₱ 110.00
Chili N Rice (Combo)₱ 119.00
Chili N Rice (Solo)₱ 99.00
1 Pc. Spicy Fried Chicken With Spaghetti (Combo)₱ 162.00
1-Pc Fried Chicken W/ Spaghetti With Drink₱ 159.00
Spaghetti (Solo)₱ 59.00
Bacon & Egg Croissant Meal₱ 145.00
Bacon & Egg Croissant Solo₱ 99.00
Bacon Mushroom Melt Breakfast Bowl (Solo)₱ 159.00
Bacon Mushroom Melt Breakfast Bowl Combo₱ 185.00
Blt Croissant Meal₱ 145.00
Blt Croissant Solo₱ 99.00
Breakfast Bmm Meal₱ 155.00
Breakfast Bmm Solo₱ 114.00
Honey Bbq Tapa Breakfast Bowl Combo₱ 185.00
Honey Bbq Tapa Breakfast Bowl Solo₱ 159.00
Potato Wedge₱ 68.00
Photo Credit: facebook.com/WendysPhilippines
Chipotle Bbq Beef (Combo)₱ 189.00
Chipotle Bbq Beef (Solo)₱ 165.00
Chipotle Bbq Chicken (Combo)₱ 189.00
Chipotle Bbq Chicken (Solo)₱ 165.00
Texmex Beef (Combo)₱ 189.00
Texmex Beef (Solo)₱ 165.00
Texmex Chicken (Combo)₱ 189.00
Texmex Chicken (Solo)₱ 165.00
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Chocolate (12 Oz)₱ 65.00
Chocolate (16 Oz)₱ 79.00
Chocolate (6 Oz)₱ 39.00
Natural Cut Fries (Biggie)₱ 95.00
Natural Cut Fries (Large)₱ 75.00
Natural Cut Fries (Regular)₱ 45.00
Red Velvet Frosty Overload (6 Oz)₱ 39.00
Red Velvet Frosty Overload (Small Tub)₱ 99.00
Strawberry Cheesecake Overload (12 Oz)₱ 70.00
Strawberry Cheesecake Overload (6 Oz)₱ 39.00
Ube Quezo Holiday Frosty 6 Oz (Vanilla)₱ 39.00
Ube Quezo Holiday Frosty Small Tub (Chocolate)₱ 99.00
Vanilla (12 Oz)₱ 65.00
Vanilla (16 Oz)₱ 79.00
Vanilla (6 Oz)₱ 39.00
Photo Credit: facebook.com/WendysPhilippines
Coke, Sprite, Sarsi Or Coke Zero Biggie₱ 79.00
Coke, Sprite, Sarsi Or Coke Zero Large₱ 63.00
Coke, Sprite, Sarsi Or Coke Zero Medium₱ 55.00
Iced Tea Classic Biggie₱ 89.00
Iced Tea Classic Large₱ 75.00
Iced Tea Classic Medium₱ 65.00
Litro Iced Tea₱ 107.00
Peach Iced Tea Biggie₱ 89.00
Peach Iced Tea Large₱ 75.00
Peach Iced Tea Medium₱ 65.00
Peach Litro Iced Tea₱ 107.00
Black Iced Coffee (Cold Brew Coffee)₱ 89.00
Brewed Coffee (A Cup Of Freshly Brewed Coffee)₱ 49.00
Chocolate Frostyccino₱ 89.00
Frosty Coffee₱ 89.00
Vanilla Frostyccino₱ 89.00

About Wendy’s

In a world where one would imagine that square patties would leave a mark on culinary history, Dave Thomas launched Wendy’s in November 1969, marking the journey of square beef patties as they show the world what happens when freshness meets innovation.

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Wendy’s Restaurants are fully devoted to the quality of food they offer, they are all about serving fresh food and undeniably proud of their freshly grilled beef and coarsely ground patty where juiciness and tenderness hit the right spot!

Wendy’s commitment to quality experience does not only revolve around the food they serve but to the entire dining experience. They have a meticulous taste for interior design ensuring that every customer feels the comfort of home as they dine at the table.

Speaking of Comfort? Having to bring comfort in the form of food is one thing that Wendy’s is so great about. They have a variety of available healthy dishes such as salad and low-calorie drinks like Fresh Iced tea lite for people in a health-conscious diet. Indeed, Wendy’s continuously proved why it remains a fast-food favorite because just like their tagline “Quality is Our Recipe”.

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Why is the restaurant called Wendy’s?

Dave Thomas (founder of Wendy’s) have initially used five of his children’s names before settling on the readily pronounceable nickname of his daughter Melinda, Winda, later known as Wendy.

What is Wendy’s most famous menu?

They are known for their square hamburger patties which marked the legacy of their business. They also have iconic frosty which is a dairy dessert.

What’s Wendy’s new Frosty?

The sweet berry treat will replace the Vanilla Frosty, which will not be available while strawberries are in season.

Where does Wendy’s Beef come from?

Wendy’s are committed to sourcing 100% of its meat from Beef Quality Assurance certified sources who undergo strict program protocols such as Animal Care and sustainable programs in order to ensure the top quality of every meat they serve.

What time is Wendy’s breakfast in the Philippines?

Breakfast meals are only served from 12 AM to 11 AM only.

Is Wendy’s HALAL Certified?

No, Wendy’s franchises do not carry a HALAL certificate or any HALAL accreditation for their suppliers.

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