Wildflour Menu Prices

Experience the best of baked delights at Wildflour, where passion is the heart of baking. They offer a great selection of meals and pastries that features both local and international cuisine so you will surely have something that can satisfy any of your cravings. Let’s take a look at their menu and their specialties.

Wildflour Menu Philippines Updated

Baby Mixed Green Salad₱ 679.00
Classic Caesar Salad₱ 725.00
Grilled Octopus Salad₱ 874.00
Roast Chicken Salad₱ 667.00
Steak Salad₱ 477.00
Wild Mushroom Salad₱ 725.00
Wildflour Chopped Salad₱ 552.00
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California Burger₱ 748.00
Chicken Avocado Sandwich₱ 725.00
Clubhouse Sandwich₱ 799.00
Philly Cheesesteak₱ 748.00
Reuben Sandwich₱ 667.00
Soup Salad Sandwich₱ 725.00
Tuna Melt₱ 684.00
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Chorizo & Gambas₱ 782.00
Korean Fried Chicken Wings₱ 1145.00
Roasted Bone Marrow₱ 518.00
Cereal Polvoron (100G)₱ 156.00
Cereal Polvoron (200G)₱ 780.00
Granola Jar₱ 340.00
Mini Chocolate Chip Cookies Jar₱ 156.00
Pinipig Polvoron (100G)₱ 300.00
Ube Butter Cookies₱ 4224.00
Walnut Butter Cookies Jar₱ 294.00
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Adobo Pandesal Pack₱ 150.00
Baguette₱ 161.00
Coffee Butter Buns₱ 384.00
English Muffins Pack₱ 173.00
Milk Bread₱ 299.00
Spanish Bread Pack₱ 480.00
Ube Cheese Pandesal Pack₱ 132.00
Whole Wheat Multigrain Pack₱ 339.00
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Adobo Fried Rice₱ 656.00
Bacon Fried Rice₱ 414.00
Beef Tapa₱ 720.00
Filipino Breakfast₱ 684.00
Kimchi Fried Rice₱ 725.00
Bacon Steak Meal ₱ 630.00
Beef Tapa Meal ₱ 605.00
Bld Bundle (For 2)₱ 1265.00
Bld Bundle (For 3)₱ 1870.00
Burger Steak Meal ₱ 525.00
Dagupan Bangus Belly Meal ₱ 600.00
Danggit Meal ₱ 525.00
Dried Squid Meal ₱ 525.00
Skinless Longganisa Meal ₱ 525.00
Tocino Meal ₱ 525.00
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Apple Pie Slice₱ 168.00
Bibingka Cheesecake Slice₱ 396.00
Bread Pudding Slice₱ 420.00
Carrot Cake Slice₱ 480.00
Coconut Pie Slice₱ 306.00
Mixed Nuts Sansrival Slice₱ 354.00
Salted Chocolate Cake Slice₱ 366.00
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Chewies₱ 138.00
Chocolate Chip Cookie₱ 138.00
Chocolate Croissant₱ 210.00
Chocolate Donut₱ 180.00
Cinnamon Twist₱ 144.00
Cream Cheese Cremadette₱ 180.00
Cream Cheese Log₱ 162.00
Custard Bomboloni₱ 102.00
Custard Cremadette₱ 180.00
Dulce Bomboloni₱ 150.00
Dulce Cremadette₱ 180.00
Earthquake Cookie₱ 156.00
Gluten-Free Oatmeal Cookie₱ 144.00
Matcha Ruby Cookie₱ 102.00
Mini Cinnamon Bake₱ 167.00
Nutella Cremadette₱ 168.00
Old Fashioned Donut₱ 162.00
Sticky Bun₱ 264.00
Chocolate Croissant Loaf₱ 207.00
Cranberry Walnut Loaf₱ 350.00
Croissant Loaf₱ 391.00
Sourdough₱ 391.00
Whole Wheat Sourdough₱ 380.00
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Croissant₱ 204.00
Ham & Cheese Pull Apart Bread₱ 145.00
Potato Bacon Danish₱ 183.00
Adobo Fried Rice Tray₱ 2772.00
Baby Mixed Green Salad Tray₱ 2552.00
Bacon Steak And Fried Rice Tray₱ 2750.00
Beef Tapa Tray₱ 2618.00
Broccoli & Cauliflower Tray₱ 3080.00
Bucatini And Meatballs Tray₱ 2816.00
California Burger Tray₱ 2772.00
Campanelle Cacio E Pepe Tray₱ 3300.00
Chicken Avocado Sandwich Tray₱ 3300.00
Clubhouse Sandwich Tray₱ 2772.00
Croque Madame Tray₱ 2772.00
Filipino Breakfast Tray₱ 2508.00
Grilled Cheese Tray₱ 1826.00
Grilled Octopus Salad Tray₱ 2772.00
Kimchi Fried Rice Tray₱ 1716.00
Lasagna Bolognese Tray₱ 1936.00
Mac And Cheese Tray₱ 3220.00
Pasta Alla Norma Tray₱ 2162.00
Squid Ink Pasta Tray₱ 2618.00
Tuna Melt Tray₱ 2332.00
Wildflour Chopped Salad Tray₱ 2552.00
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Broccoli & Cauliflower₱ 437.00
Clam Chowder₱ 679.00
Tomato Soup₱ 431.00
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Belgian Waffle₱ 978.00
Brioche French Toast₱ 667.00
Chia Bowl₱ 552.00
Croque Madame₱ 610.00
Egg Salad Tartine₱ 684.00
Fruit Bowl₱ 437.00
Ham₱ 587.00
Mushroom Asparagus Omelette₱ 679.00
Mushrooms And Eggs On Toast₱ 518.00
Pistachio Oatmeal₱ 748.00
Ricotta Toast₱ 569.00
Salmon Tartine₱ 684.00
Shakshouka₱ 684.00
Steak & Eggs₱ 3220.00
Wildflour Breakfast – Bacon Steak₱ 719.00
Wildflour Breakfast – Sausage₱ 633.00
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Americano₱ 190.00
Blue Dream₱ 380.00
Brewed Coffee₱ 242.00
Café Mocha₱ 190.00
Cappuccino ₱ 225.00
Coconut Pineapple Smoothie₱ 863.00
Cold Brew ₱ 200.00
Ginger Turmeric Mix₱ 380.00
Ginger Turmeric Tea ₱ 224.00
Golden Juice₱ 380.00
Good Morning Sunshine₱ 380.00
Green Juice₱ 380.00
Hazelnut Hot Chocolate ₱ 224.00
Kale Smoothie₱ 380.00
Latte ₱ 215.00
Orange Juice₱ 380.00
Red Juice₱ 380.00
Vietnamese Latte₱ 368.00


Wildflour is a great place where you can have your quick brunch with its great selection of pastries and sandwiches. Aide from that they also feature a great collection of Italian cuisines such as great pasta. American cuisine and Asian Inspired collection are also a must-try at Wildflour.

Wildflour Menu Best Seller

Braised Beef – when it comes to beefiness, this meal is truly unmatched! It features a great tenderness of meat with the right juiciness in every bite of this Braised beef. It is cooked in a slow process to surely lock all the meaty flavors in it that are served with a mix of veggies.

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Adobo Fried Rice – for Adobo lovers, this is surely something close to your heart. You should never miss this adobo fried rice because it is perfect with every meal they serve. It features the Filipino flavors of Adobo which is comforting with every meal of this hearty rice.

Fried Chicken and Waffles – if you have missed your breakfast, well this fried chicken and waffles will surely bring comfort for you to start your day with. It features the perfect crispiness of chicken with the right juicy bites along with Belgian-style waffles.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What type of cuisine does Wildflour offer?

Wildflour offers a wide array of pastries, salads, sandwiches, and more. They feature a great collection of American, Italian, and also Asian Inspired delicacies.

Who is the owner of Wildflour?

The founder of Wildflour is Ana Marie Lorenzana de Ocampo. However, she is a graduate of the University of the Philippines Diliman with a degree in Hotel and Restaurant Administration.

What are the operating hours of Wildflour?

Wildflour operating hours generally start at 7 AM and end at 10 PM. Some stores start to open as early as 6 AM but it is depending on their store policies.

Where is the nearest Wildflour branch in my area?

You can visit their official website here at https://wildflour.com.ph/wildflour/ and tap “Hours and Locations” to see all the available branches that might be located in your nearby areas.

Is Wildflour HALAL-Certified?

Yes, Wildflour is one of the cafe based restaurants in the Philippines that hold a HALAL certification.

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Twitter: https://twitter.com/wildflourmanila?lang=en

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