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Brace yourselves because today is another captivating experience as we enter the world of frozen yogurts here at BLK 513! Are you bored of your usual ice cream? Well, I get you, with all the health issues roaming in our surroundings right now, it is a must that we prioritize healthy diets such as Frozen yogurts! Let us talk about BLK 513 today and find out their healthy combos to start your yogurt journey!

BLK 513 Menu Philippines Updated

Black Chocolate Yogurt₱ 140.00
Cagao Crunch Yogurt₱ 150.00
Mango Crunch Yogurt₱ 160.00
Mango Oat Yogurt₱ 160.00
Nutty Cacao Butter Yogurt₱ 150.00
Nutty Cereal Yogurt₱ 150.00
Oreo Pie Yogurt₱ 150.00
Photo Credit: BLK 513 Facebook Page
Photo Credit: BLK 513 Facebook Page
Black And White Bundle₱ 705.00
Charcoal Waffle Bun₱ 240.00
Clique Bundle₱ 998.00
Sweet White Feast₱ 640.00
T.G.T.B.T Cookie Box (Box Of 14)₱ 1050.00
T.G.T.B.T Cookie Box (Box Of 8)₱ 650.00
Valrhona Granola₱ 450.00
Photo Credit: BLK 513 Facebook Page
Photo Credit: BLK 513 Facebook Page


BLK 513 is the first yogurt shop in the Philippines who have infused captivating charcoal in their frozen yogurts. It is known to be very beneficial when it comes to body and digestion making it one of the most recommended yogurt chains that offer healthy delights.

BLK 513 Menu Best Seller

Frozen Hot Chocolate – This yogurt is one of their top-selling yogurts that is undeniably one of the safest options especially if you just starting with your yogurt journey. It features a dark chocolate mouse, malt cookies, fresh strawberries, and 100% vegan brownies.

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Molten Lava Purpose Cup – For the people who love souffle, this Molten Lava Purpose cup is undeniably a great way to start your BLK 513 Journey. It has the right fusion of Souffle flavors that blends right in with the chocolate cake.

Banoffee – This is under their secret menu collections and this Banoffee pie is certainly one of the best things at BLK 513. It features banana slices and caramelized cookies along with a fine texture of panna cotta and delectable peanut butter. Finally, it is touched with banana chips that are coated in chocolate and a chocolate banana drizzles on top.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is BLK 513?

BLK 513 is a frozen yogurt shop in the Philippines that gain massive popularity among youth because of its exquisite dark frozen yogurt that truly captivated the eye.

What is activated charcoal and its essence in their yogurt?

BLK is famous for its frozen yogurts that are infused with activated charcoal. A lot of people are still not familiar with this but this ingredient is known to be very beneficial for health and is loved because of its body detoxification benefits.

Can I customize my yogurt based on my preference?

Yes, It is one of the major assets of the business because they allow their customers to fully customize their yogurt based on their liking.

Where is the nearest BLK 513 in my area?

BLK 513 has outstanding remarks having to be loved by many Filipinos and they have a growing number of branches available in the Philippines. Check this link to see all the branches nationwide at

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Is BLK 513 HALAL-Certified?

Yes, BLK 513 is one of the most recommended Yogurt Shops in the Philippines that carries a HALAL Certification.

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