J. Co Donuts Menu Prices

Vibing for a great coffee and donuts? It comes as no surprise that J.Co is one of the best options we have out there when it comes to great quality donuts and fine tasty coffee. With their enticing menu collection of heavenly delights, you surely can’t get enough of these sweets!

J. Co Donuts Menu Philippines Updated

Chocolate₱ 130.00₱ 145.00₱ 160.00
Chocolate₱ 130.00₱ 145.00₱ 160.00
Green Tea Latte₱ 130.00₱ 145.00₱ 160.00
Green Tea Lemonade₱ 115.00₱ 130.00₱ 145.00
Green Tea Tea Latte₱ 130.00₱ 145.00₱ 160.00
Hazelnut Chocolate₱ 130.00₱ 145.00₱ 160.00
Iced Peach Smurf₱ 135.00₱ 150.00₱ 165.00
Lemon Tea₱ 100.00₱ 115.00₱ 130.00
Lychee Berry Tea₱ 135.00₱ 150.00₱ 165.00
Mango Peach Tea₱ 135.00₱ 150.00₱ 165.00
Tea₱ 95.00
Thai Tea₱ 115.00₱ 130.00₱ 145.00
Yin Yang With Coffee Jelly₱ 135.00₱ 150.00₱ 165.00
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Blueberry₱ 150.00₱ 165.00₱ 180.00
Chocolate₱ 145.00₱ 160.00₱ 185.00
Green Tea₱ 145.00₱ 160.00₱ 185.00
Oreo₱ 150.00₱ 165.00₱ 180.00
Oreo Chocolate₱ 160.00₱ 185.00₱ 190.00
Strawberry Yogurt₱ 150.00₱ 165.00₱ 180.00
White Choco₱ 150.00₱ 165.00₱ 180.00
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Americano₱ 100.00₱ 115.00₱ 130.00
Cafe Latte₱ 125.00₱ 140.00₱ 155.00
Caramel Jcoccino₱ 130.00₱ 145.00₱ 160.00
Espresso₱ 90₱ 105
Hazelnut Latte₱ 125.00₱ 145.00₱ 160.00
Iced Brown Sugar Latte₱ 130.00₱ 145.00₱ 160.00
Iced Spanish Latte₱ 140.00₱ 155.00₱ 180.00
Jcoccino₱ 125.00₱ 140.00₱ 155.00
Macchiato₱ 95.00₱ 110.00
Mocha Espresso₱ 130.00₱ 145.00₱ 160.00
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Family Treats – 1 Dozen Donuts With Jpops₱ 605.00
J Co 2 Dozen Doughnuts₱ 660.00
J.Co Half Dozen Donuts₱ 255.00
Jco 1 Dozen Donuts₱ 405.00
Jco Donut Per Piece₱ 45.00
Jpops Baby Donuts 2 Dozen₱ 265.00
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Avocado₱ 145.00₱ 160.00₱ 185.00
Cappuccino Chip₱ 145.00₱ 160.00₱ 185.00
Caramel₱ 145.00₱ 160.00₱ 185.00
Jcocciano₱ 140.00₱ 155.00₱ 180.00
Mocha Espresso₱ 145.00₱ 160.00₱ 185.00
White Choco Espresso₱ 180.00₱ 185.00₱ 200.00
Photo Credit: J. Co Facebook Page
Cafe Avocado₱ 180.00₱ 185.00₱ 200.00
Chocolate₱ 180.00₱ 185.00₱ 200.00
Jcocciano₱ 180.00₱ 185.00₱ 200.00
Photo Credit: J. Co Facebook Page
Avocado₱ 145.00
Chocolate₱ 150.00
Mocha Espresso₱ 185.00
Oreo Chocolate₱ 145.00
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Jclub With Coffee Of The Day₱ 115.00
Jclub With Hot/Iced Americano₱ 115.00
Jclub With Hot/Iced Chocolate₱ 145.00
Jclub With Hot/Iced Jcoccino₱ 140.00
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Originating from Southeast Asia, J. Co Donuts has been one of the noteworthy caf restaurants that have mastered the art of handcrafted donuts, great quality coffee, and delectable frozen yogurts giving you an exceptional experience that you would like to come back for more. 

J.Co Donuts Menu Best Seller

Alcapone Donuts – Considering that almost everyone knows this Alcapone donut, it comes as no surprise that it’s the first thing that will ring a bell when we talk about J.CO Donuts. It is a well-coated donut in white chocolate and generously topped with slices of toasted donuts which have been one of the crowd’s favorites since then.

Berry Spear – I Am certain that this is one of the donuts that you would eventually grab first once you open a box of J. CO donuts, It is stuffed with the fine texture of whipped cream cheese and then dipped with strawberry jam with the final touch of white chocolate flakes garnished on top. 

Caffe Latte – This J.CO best selling coffee has proved its worth since then. It has a shot of espresso with the right amount of steamed fresh milk which is considerably one of the best recommended drinks to start your day with.

Frequently Ask Questions

Is J.CO a Filipino brand?

No, It originated in Indonesia serving its delectable donuts, coffee, and frozen yogurts until it received a massive hit having to be recognized Globally.

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What does the J. CO logo mean?

The J. CO Donuts Logo is an image of a peacock which represents the significant meaning of beauty; it also symbolizes tenderness and a sign of eternity. This comes along with their undying commitment to giving absolute satisfaction to their customers who are willing to wait and fall in line in every J. CO outlets

Where is the nearest J. CO Donuts in my area?

You can visit this link at jcodonuts.com/ph/location  where you can see all the available J. CO Donuts stores in your area. 

What are the operating hours of J. CO Donuts?

J. CO Donuts typically start from 10 AM to 9 PM. However, the operating hours of every store will always vary on every specific. J. CO Donuts and branches inside the Mall are aligned to the operating hours of the specific mall branch they are located

Is J. CO Donuts  HALAL Certified?

Yes, J.CO Donuts uses ingredients that are all classified as HALAL Certified Products.

J.CO Social Media Page

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/J.COPhils

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jcophilippines/?hl=en

Twitter: https://twitter.com/JcoPHtweets

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