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Hey there, sweet tooth aficionados! Brace yourselves for a delectable journey as we dive into the world of chocolatey bliss with Brownies Unlimited. From classic fudgy treats to innovative, mouthwatering creations, Brownies Unlimited is about to take your palate on a sugary adventure. Let’s dive into the sweet magic of Brownies Unlimited!

Brownies Unlimited Menu Philippines Updated

Brownie Chips₱ 110.00
Cookie Chips₱ 110.00
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Pre-Assorted Box Of 10₱ 280.00
Pre-Assorted Box Of 12₱ 335.00
Pre-Assorted Box Of 4₱ 125.00
Pre-Assorted Box Of 6₱ 175.00
Pre-Assorted Box Of 8₱ 230.00
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Sweet Surprise Deals A₱ 415.00
Sweet Surprise Deals B₱ 520.00
Sweet Surprise Deals C₱ 625.00
Photo Credit: Brownies Unlimited Facebook Page
Buko Pandan Silvanas₱ 68.00
Coffee Silvanas₱ 68.00
Original Silvanas₱ 68.00
Pyf Summer Silvana Box Of 3₱ 210.00
Pyf Summer Silvana Box Of 6₱ 378.00
Sambo Silvanas₱ 68.00
Ube Silvanas₱ 68.00
Photo Credit: Brownies Unlimited Facebook Page
Black Magic Chocolate Cake₱ 345.00
Caramel Crunch Premium Cupcake₱ 89.00
Chocolate Fudge Premium Cupcake₱ 89.00
Premium Cupcake Box Of 3₱ 240.00
Premium Cupcake Box Of 6₱ 483.00
Rainbow Cupcake (Blue)₱ 68.00
Rainbow Cupcake (Pink)₱ 68.00
Rainbow Cupcake (Yellow)₱ 68.00
Rainbow Cupcake Box Of 3₱ 195.00
Strawberry Dream Premium Cupcake₱ 89.00
Photo Credit: Brownies Unlimited Facebook Page

About Brownies Unlimited

Immerse yourself in the unparalleled sweetness of Brownies Unlimited, the Philippines’ leading brownie dessert brand. Since its humble beginning in 1989, the brand has blossomed into over 43 locations nationwide, captivating dessert lovers with its signature brownie variants and an array of delectable treats like Silvanas, Cupcakes, Cakes, and more. Whether savoring as an after-meal treat or presenting as a thoughtful gift, each bite promises an explosion of flavor to surprise your palate. From brownies to cupcakes, every treat embodies the same freshly baked flavor, making every visit a sweet celebration.

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Brownies Unlimited’s Menu Best Seller

Cap off your amazing day with awesome Brownies Unlimited treats! Let’s unveil the irresistible allure of their Menu Best Seller. From the classic fudgy treats to innovative creations, Brownies Unlimited’s top pick is a sweet symphony that promises to elevate your dessert experience.

  • Lucky Treat – Dive into a specially designed treat for Brownies Unlimited’s loyal customers! The Lucky Treat bundle, featuring four fortune boxes and eight pre-assorted brownie boxes, offers an affordable and adjusted price that guarantees an amazing fortune in every bite.
  • Treasure Bundle – Specially arranged, this bundle includes eight fortune boxes and an additional eight pre-assorted brownie boxes, offering a treasure trove of excellent quality brownies at an adjusted and incredibly affordable price.
  • Rainbow Cupcakes – These colorful treats not only captivate the eyes but also deliver a burst of flavors, making every bite a celebration of sweetness and happiness.
  • Brownie Chips – Snack on the irresistible crunch of Brownies Unlimited’s Brownie Chips. These bite-sized wonders pack the rich, fudgy goodness of brownies into every chip, offering a snack that’s both convenient and delicious.
  • Silvana – Elevate your dessert experience with Brownies Unlimited’s Silvana. Delicate meringues sandwiching delectable fillings, these treats promise a perfect balance of sweetness and lightness that will leave you craving more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Brownies Unlimited available for delivery?

Yes, you can book your own third-party delivery services as Brownies Unlimited is available via FoodPanda and GrabFood.

What does the Fortune Feast bundle include?

The Fortune Feast bundle is a feast worth a fortune, offering a dozen fortune boxes and an additional dozen pre-assorted brownies—totaling two dozen brownies for a truly amazing experience.

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Can I customize the assortment in the pre-assorted brownie boxes?

While the pre-assorted brownie boxes come as curated selections, Brownies Unlimited ensures an amazing mix of their special brownie variants, offering a variety of flavors in each box.

Are there any special promotions or discounts for loyal customers?

Brownies Unlimited often runs promotions and discounts for loyal customers. Keep an eye on their official websites for announcements on special offers, ensuring you get the best value for your sweet treats.

How does Brownies Unlimited maintain quality across its numerous branches?

Brownies Unlimited maintains quality through rigorous standards and training. Their commitment to excellence ensures that each branch delivers the same amazing taste and quality in every treat, creating a consistent and enjoyable experience for customers nationwide.

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