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Ever dreamt of immersing in the vibrant tastes of Singapore? Look no further than Bugis, an enchanting Singaporean restaurant that beckons with the promise of bold flavors and vibrant dishes. The restaurant seamlessly blends tradition with modernity, creating a one-of-a-kind experience for diners eager to savor the essence of Singaporean cuisine. Join me as we explore the vibrant and flavorful offerings that make Bugis a standout destination for all.

Bugis Menu Philippines Updated

Beef Teriyaki₱ 250.00
Chicken Teriyaki₱ 250.00
Laksa Fried Rice₱ 200.00
Nasi Goreng Rice₱ 175.00
Plain Rice₱ 40.00
Pork Teriyaki₱ 250.00
Satay Rice₱ 175.00
Shanghai Fried Rice₱ 210.00
Shrimp Fried Rice₱ 185.00
Photo Credit: Bugis Facebook Page
Beef Curry₱ 340.00
Chicken Curry W/ Rice₱ 285.00
Curry Tonkatsu₱ 285.00
Fish Curry₱ 285.00
Photo Credit: Bugis Facebook Page
Bugis Chicken Ala Carte₱ 365.00
Bugis Chicken Leg W/ Rice & Mushroom Gravy₱ 259.00
Hainanese Chicken Set₱ 320.00
Honey Brined Chicken W/ Rice₱ 220.00
Nasi Lemak₱ 295.00
Orange Chicken₱ 270.00
Soy Garlic Chicken₱ 275.00
Photo Credit: Bugis Facebook Page
Beef Rendang₱ 385.00
Salted Egg Spareribs₱ 339.00
Shanghai Roll (10 Pcs)₱ 220.00
Sizzling Porkchop₱ 320.00
Sweet & Sour Pork₱ 305.00
Tomato Porkchop Rice₱ 320.00
Photo Credit: Bugis Facebook Page
Chopsuey₱ 290.00
Sambal Kangkong₱ 210.00
Spicy Beans₱ 210.00
Stir Fry Vegetable₱ 290.00
Veggie Spring Roll₱ 240.00
Photo Credit: Bugis Facebook Page
Cereal Fish₱ 305.00
Cereal Shrimp₱ 385.00
Tomato Fish Fillet Rice₱ 305.00
Photo Credit: Bugis Facebook Page
Almond Shake₱ 110.00
Avocado Shake₱ 185.00
Fruit Juice₱ 185.00
Grass Jelly₱ 110.00
Lemon W/ Ginger₱ 145.00
Milo Dinosaur₱ 145.00
Sugarcane W/ Lemon₱ 110.00
Te Tarik₱ 110.00
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Buttered Squid Rings₱ 215.00
Chicken Chops₱ 210.00
Chicken Satay₱ 160.00
Crunchy Tofu W/ Mushroom Sauce₱ 210.00
Numnums (Per Stick)₱ 55.00
Numnums (Set Of 12)₱ 500.00
Pork Roll₱ 185.00
Roti W/ Condensed Milk₱ 69.00
Salted Egg Chicken & Prawn₱ 357.00
Photo Credit: Bugis Facebook Page
Bah Kut The₱ 320.00
Bihon Guisado₱ 245.00
Canton Guisado₱ 245.00
Char Key Teow₱ 220.00
Fish Soup W/ Mushroom Noodles₱ 320.00
Fried Noodles₱ 98.00
Satay Beehon₱ 240.00
Singapore Laksa₱ 340.00
Singapore Ramen₱ 210.00
Steamboat W/ Beef Strips₱ 320.00
Steamboat W/ Pork Strips₱ 320.00
Photo Credit: Bugis Facebook Page

About Bugis

Bugis, a renowned Singaporean restaurant, beckons with its diverse culinary offerings. They are currently boasting four regular branches strategically situated in Banawe QC, San Juan, Marikina Heights, and its main hub in N. Roxas QC. Bugis serves up an authentic taste of Singapore in each dish, creating a haven for those seeking Southeast Asian one-of-a-kind foods.

Bugis’ Menu Best Seller

Have you ever craved the perfect Hainanese chicken, tender and bursting with flavor? Or dreamt of a laksa that warms your soul with every slurp? Take on a delectable journey through Bugis’ best-selling foods, each dish is a masterpiece that has captured the hearts and palates of their discerning customers. From mouthwatering entrees to irresistible desserts, these culinary triumphs are a testament to flavor, quality, and the artistry that defines their culinary offerings.

  • Soy Chicken – This Bugis’ Soy Chicken is a flavor revelation. Whether in a party tray or a rice bowl, the succulent tenderness and rich soy glaze create a captivating harmony that lingers, making every bite a wonderful experience.
  • Beef Teriyaki – Bugis’ Beef Teriyaki, served in a tray, is a savory marvel. The tender beef, bathed in a luscious teriyaki glaze, offers a perfect balance of sweetness and umami, leaving a lasting impression that will make you coming back for more.
  • Hainanese Chicken –The poached chicken, tender and succulent, is served with fragrant Hainanese rice and accompanied by an array of dipping sauces and soup. Each bite is a journey through the delicate balance of textures and the rich, aromatic essence that defines this classic Singaporean dish. Bugis’ commitment to authenticity shines through, making the Hainanese Chicken Set an absolute choice for the senses.
  • Singaporean Laksa – Bugis’ Singaporean Laksa is an aromatic voyage. The robust coconut-infused broth, brimming with delicate noodles and succulent seafood, invites you to savor the authentic flavors of Singapore in a bowl.
  • Custard Buchi – The crispy exterior gives way to a molten custard center, creating a blissful contrast. These golden treats are an irresistible finale to a Singaporean culinary journey.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Bugis located?

Bugis main branch is located at 78 Nicanor Roxas Street, Quezon City, Philippines. But they also have other regular branches that you can find in 207 Banawe St. QC (near Q. Ave), 285 P. Guevarra St. San Juan, and 32 Gen. Ordonez St. Marikina

What is Bugis’ operating hours?

All branches of Bugis are open daily from 9:00am to 10:00pm, with 9:00pm as the last kitchen call.

Can I order for pick-up and delivery in Bugis?

Yes, Bugis offers delivery services but you can also book your own third-party pick-up and delivery services via GrabFood.

Does Bugis offer venue reservations for events or gatherings?

Yes, Bugis provides venue reservations for various events and gatherings.

How can I make a reservation for a venue at Bugis?

To make a reservation for a venue at Bugis, you can contact the specific outlet directly or visit their official website (https://www.facebook.com/BugisPH) or email them in their official email ([email protected]) for reservation details.

Social Media Pages

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BugisPH

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bugisph/?hl=en

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