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Today, let’s embark on a delectable journey into the heart of Filipino flavors with a spotlight on Bibingkinitan. Nestled in the vibrant culinary scene of the Philippines, Bibingkinitan is a beloved haven for those craving the perfect blend of rice cakes and aromatic coffee. Join me as we explore the rich textures, flavors, and the inviting aroma that make Bibingkinitan a go-to spot for a wonderful culinary experience!

Bibingkinitan Menu Philippines Updated

Bibingka Butter Yema Cake₱ 437.50
Bibingka Cheescake With Brown Butter Muscovado₱ 562.50
Bibingka Cheesecake With Salted Egg And Keso De Bola₱ 562.50
Photo Credit: Bibingkinitan Facebook Page
B-Bites (Per Piece)₱ 35.00
B-Saymada (Per Piece)₱ 35.00
Bb (Per Piece) – Cheesemax₱ 35.00
Bb (Per Piece) – Original₱ 30.00
Bb (Per Piece) – Overload₱ 35.00
Combo A – Coffee & Orig Bb₱ 70.00
Combo B – Choco & Orig Bb₱ 70.00
Combo C – Calamansi & Orig Bb₱ 65.00
Combo D – Dalandan & Orig Bb₱ 65.00
Soft And Moist Rice Cake + Salted Egg (Half Dozen)₱ 162.00
Soft And Moist Rice Cake + Salted Egg (Per Piece)₱ 27.00
Photo Credit: Bibingkinitan Facebook Page
Calamansi Juice₱ 40.00
Coffee₱ 45.00
Dalandan Juice₱ 40.00
Hot Choco₱ 45.00
Photo Credit: Bibingkinitan Facebook Page
Original Bibingka₱ 265.00
Photo Credit: Bibingkinitan Facebook Page

About Bibingkinitan

Established in 2006 by the visionary entrepreneur Richard Sanz, Bibingkinitan emerged from a humble beverage stall in 2004. Recognizing the potential for growth, Sanz shifted focus to the beloved Filipino Bibingka. With its deep cultural roots, the business skyrocketed, becoming a nationwide sensation. Offering affordable, small-sized rice cakes, Bibingkinitan now boasts 200 stores across the Philippines, solidifying its status as the leading name in Filipino baked goods and coffee. Innovations in Bibingka preparation have earned Bibingkinitan multiple accolades, with 80% of the company under FoodAsia’s helm and the remaining 20% in the hands of dedicated franchise partners nationwide.

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Bibingkinitan’s Menu Best Seller

From aromatic rice cakes to rich coffee, each dish encapsulates the essence of Filipino flavors. These best sellers from Bibingkinitan are a harmonious fusion of time-honored recipes and contemporary twists, promising a symphony of flavors that captivate the palate. Get ready to savor the essence of Filipino culinary excellence!

  • Original Bibingka – Bibinginitan’s star, the Original Bibingka, crafted from 100% rice flour, offers a soft, moist texture crowned with salted egg and cheddar cheese. A year-round treat loved by all ages and balikbayans, it’s a perfect blend of tradition and daily treat.
  • Bibingkinitan Overload – Enjoy this Bibingkinitan’s Overload box of 6, featuring overload toppings like four slices of salted egg. With a perfect blend of sweetness, aroma, and popularity, it surpasses the Original Bibingka.
  • Bibingkinitan Cheesemax – Prepare for a cheesecake lover’s dream come true. Bibingkinitan Cheesemax marries the rich creaminess of cheesecake with the warmth of Bibingka, creating a heavenly fusion that’s a melt-in-your-mouth sensation.
  • Bibingkinitan BibiCoco – A divine blend of coconut and Bibingka, this creation offers a sweet escape. The luscious coconut infusion elevates the Bibingka experience, making each bite a moment of pure bliss.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Bibingkinitan known for?

Bibingkinitan is renowned for its bite-sized rice cakes and aromatic coffee, showcasing a perfect blend of traditional Filipino flavors and innovative culinary twists.

Is Bibingkinitan available for delivery?

Certainly! You can order Bibingkinitan via GrabFood, FoodPanda, or other delivery services available in your area.

How does Bibingkinitan innovate with Bibingka?

Bibingkinitan has received recognition and awards for innovating with the beloved Bibingka, incorporating creative variations like the Overload Bibingka and Cheesemax, elevating the traditional rice cake.

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How widespread is Bibingkinitan?

With 200 stores nationwide, Bibingkinitan is the largest and leading establishment in the Filipino baked goods and coffee category.

Can I franchise a Bibingkinitan store?

Certainly! If you’re interested in owning a Bibingkinitan store through franchising, visit their official franchise page at  for comprehensive details and inquiries on this exciting entrepreneurial opportunity.

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