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Hey, folks, let’s gather around the virtual campfire for a taste sensation like no other! Welcome to Campfire, where every bite ignites a symphony of flavors. From mouthwatering burgers to enticing sides, this place is a haven for food lovers seeking a cozy atmosphere and unforgettable dining experience. Get ready to embark on a culinary adventure that’ll leave you craving s’more!

Campfire Menu Philippines Updated

Bbq Breakfast₱ 219.00
Creamy Garlic Burger₱ 299.00
Double Decker₱ 309.00
Hell’S Fire₱ 549.00
Kofta Burger₱ 209.00
Mystery Burger₱ 229.00
Peri Beef Burger₱ 219.00
Pesto Burger₱ 209.00
Reaper Burger₱ 229.00
Rockstar₱ 229.00
The Fix₱ 229.00
Wasabi Burger₱ 209.00
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Billy The Kid₱ 229.00
Cheesy Volcano₱ 209.00
Kofta Sausage₱ 209.00
Pesto Sausage₱ 209.00
Smoky₱ 219.00
The King₱ 229.00
Wasabi Sausage₱ 209.00
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Alfredo Pasta₱ 199.00
Chicken Creamy Pesto₱ 239.00
Chicken Pesto₱ 209.00
Classic Pesto₱ 169.00
Creamy Pesto₱ 199.00
Creamy Tomato Pasta₱ 199.00
Keema Creamy Pesto₱ 239.00
Sausage Creamy Pesto₱ 249.00
Sausage Pesto₱ 219.00
Truffle Pasta₱ 239.00
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Buffalo Wings₱ 299.00
Garlic Parmesan Wings₱ 299.00
Honey Glazed Wings₱ 299.00
Original Wings₱ 299.00
Sweet Chilli Wings₱ 299.00
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Beef Tapa Rice W/ Egg₱ 209.00
Campfire Rice W/ Egg₱ 209.00
Chicken Karaage Rice₱ 219.00
Garlic Burger Rice₱ 309.00
Keema Rice₱ 199.00
Nuggets Rice₱ 189.00
Sausage Rice W/ Egg₱ 189.00
Wings W/ Rice (Flavoured)₱ 269.00
Wings W/ Rice (Original)₱ 269.00
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Caesar Salad₱ 169.00
Hummus W/ Pita₱ 119.00
Plant-Based Vegan Burger₱ 259.00
Salted Egg W/ Pita₱ 109.00
Tuna Dip W/ Pita₱ 149.00
Vegan Nuggets₱ 309.00
Veggie Wrap₱ 129.00
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Churros₱ 180.00
Graham Cake₱ 180.00
Sweet Pratha Dip₱ 140.00
S’Mores₱ 140.00
Ube Milkshake₱ 220.00
Wicked Oreos₱ 190.00
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Beef Shawarma Wrap₱ 219.00
Bonfire Burger₱ 229.00
Campfire Burger₱ 159.00
Cheeseburger₱ 159.00
Chicken Wrap₱ 139.00
Keema Wrap₱ 129.00
Schublig₱ 149.00
Scout Master Burger₱ 139.00
Wiener₱ 149.00
Wildfire Burger₱ 409.00
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Bottled Water₱ 50.00
Coke₱ 70.00
Coke Zero₱ 70.00
Iced Coffee₱ 120.00
Iced Tea₱ 70.00
Lemonade₱ 70.00
Milk Choco₱ 130.00
Royal₱ 70.00
Sprite₱ 70.00
Burger Kebab Plate₱ 199.00
Campfire,S Aloha Burger₱ 269.00
Cheese Steak₱ 229.00
Chicken Burger₱ 209.00
Pasta & Wings Combo (Flavoured)₱ 289.00
Pasta & Wings Combo (Original)₱ 289.00
Build Your Own Burger₱ 229.00
Build Your Own Sausage₱ 229.00
Bacon Jalapeno Fries₱ 259.00
Basket Of Nuggets₱ 309.00
Chicken Bites₱ 369.00
Crazy Tortilla Chips₱ 259.00
Fries₱ 139.00
Mojos₱ 289.00
Mount Nachos₱ 209.00
Sausage Platter₱ 389.00
Wild Fries₱ 249.00
Wings N’ Mojos₱ 599.00

About Campfire

Located in Quezon City, Campfire offers an enticing selection of fresh, mouth-watering burgers, sausages, pasta, wraps, and more, all at incredibly affordable prices. Don’t miss the chance to experience the Campfire Burger—guaranteed to make you go “CAMPFIRE craaazy!” From delectable double burgers to creamy pasta dishes and savory sausages, there’s something for everyone. Plus, quench your thirst with refreshing iced tea, lemonade, or milkshakes. Whether you come for the food or the cozy ambiance, Campfire is a must-visit spot in Quezon City.

Campfire’s Menu Best Seller

Prepare to experience the magic of Campfire’s Menu Best Seller—the dish that ignites palates and entices customers to return for more!

Campfire’s Aloha Burger – Prepare to be transported to a tropical paradise with this mouthwatering Hawaiian-inspired creation. A juicy one-third-pound beef patty topped with crispy bacon, melted cheddar cheese, and a sweet pineapple ring, all nestled between fresh lettuce, tomato, and onion, drizzled with BBQ sauce—an explosion of flavors in every bite!

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Jalapeño Hornet – Get ready for a flavor adventure like no other with the Jalapeño Hornet. Crispy chicken thigh fillet, sweet pineapple, and chopped jalapeños come together in perfect harmony, complemented by Peanut Butter & Co.’s dark chocolatey dreams and sweet chili lime sauce, all topped with tartar sauce—a spicy-sweet sensation that will amaze your palates.

Creamy Pesto – Immerse in comfort food bliss with Campfire’s Creamy Pesto. Their classic pesto meets creamy sauce and sautéed mushrooms, topped with Parmesan cheese—a heavenly combination that will leave you craving more with every forkful.

Mac N’ Cheesy Beef – Dive into cheesy goodness with Campfire’s Mac N’ Cheesy Beef. Tender macaroni pasta mixed with creamy cheese and savory keema beef, enhanced with bits of tomatoes and onions, all topped with melted cheddar cheese—a comforting dish that’s sure to satisfy your cravings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Campfire located?

Campfire is located at 23 Scout Limbaga St., Brgy. Laging Handa 1103 Quezon City, Philippines

What are the operating hours of Campfire?

Open seven days a week, from 10:30 AM to 10:30 PM

What type of cuisine does Campfire offer?

Campfire offers a diverse menu featuring burgers, sausages, pasta, wraps, and more.

Is Campfire available for delivery?

Yes. You can place your order at Campfire via FoodPanda and GrabFood.

What sets Campfire apart from other restaurants in the area?

Campfire stands out for its affordable prices, diverse menu offerings, friendly staff, and cozy ambiance, making it a popular dining destination in Quezon City.

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