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Hey foodies! Feeling the heat? Let’s cool down with an amazing journey into the world of Mangrae – your ultimate haven for the best shakes and milk tea. As the sun beats down, join me in exploring the refreshing concoctions and captivating flavors that make Mangrae a must-visit oasis in this scorching weather.

Mangrae Menu Philippines Updated

Chocolate₱ 100.00
Dark Chocolate₱ 100.00
Matcha₱ 100.00
Nutella₱ 100.00
Okinawa₱ 90.00
Red Velvet₱ 90.00
Taro₱ 90.00
Wintermelon₱ 90.00
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Mango Cheese Special₱ 80.00 – ₱ 95.00
Mango Choco Chips Special₱ 80.00 – ₱ 95.00
Mango Combo Special₱ 80.00 – ₱ 95.00
Mango Graham Special₱ 80.00 – ₱ 95.00
Mango Oreo Special₱ 80.00 – ₱ 95.00
Mango Strawberry Special₱ 80.00 – ₱ 95.00
Photo Credit: Mangrae Facebook Page
Avocado Overload₱ 120.00 – ₱ 135.00
Buco Nata Overload₱ 115.00 – ₱ 130.00
Mango Cheese Overload₱ 115.00 – ₱ 130.00
Mango Graham Overload₱ 115.00 – ₱ 130.00
Mango Oreo Overload₱ 115.00 – ₱ 130.00
Milky Melon Overload₱ 115.00 – ₱ 130.00
Tropical Fruits Overload₱ 115.00 – ₱ 130.00
Photo Credit: Mangrae Facebook Page
Lemonade Cucumber₱ 65.00
Lemonade Pain₱ 55.00
Lemonade Yakult₱ 75.00
Lemonade Yakult Cucumber₱ 95.00

About Mangrae

Embark on a flavorful journey with Mangrae, a blossoming sensation that began as a humble fruit and vegetable stand in 2014, owned by Melvin and Jennefer Grita. Starting as MJ Fruit Shake, their signature thick, creamy fruit shakes quickly gained popularity, prompting the establishment of the first Mangrae store in 2018. Known for using only fresh fruits and adding tapioca pearls soaked in brown sugar syrup, Mangrae’s delectable offerings have not only won hearts in Cavite but also sparked franchise inquiries. With a rapid expansion plan and Francorp support, Mangrae is set to conquer senses nationwide.

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We’re obsessed, and you’re about to be too! Dive into the irresistible world of Mangrae’s Menu Best Seller, where every sip and bite is a burst of pure joy.

  • Mango Strawberry Special – Immerse in a symphony of sweet and tangy notes with Mangrae’s Mango Strawberry Special. Picture luscious mangoes entwined with ripe strawberries, creating a fruity paradise in every sip. This blend is a surefire way to elevate your refreshment game.
  • Mango Oreo Overload – Brace yourself for a taste explosion! Mangrae’s Mango Oreo Overload marries the creaminess of mangoes with the crunch of Oreo cookies, resulting in a heavenly shake that’s both decadent and refreshing. A must-try!
  • Mango Graham Overload – Take a trip down memory lane with Mangrae’s Mango Graham Overload. Experience the nostalgia of Filipino dessert in a shake – layers of sweet mango, crushed grahams, and creamy goodness. It’s a sip-worthy sensation that captures the essence of homemade treats.
  • Milky Melon Overload – Dive into a melon-infused dreamland with Mangrae’s Milky Melon Overload. This enchanting blend combines the richness of milk with the subtle sweetness of melon, resulting in a velvety smooth beverage that’s as comforting as it is delectable.
  • Nutella Milktea – Mangrae masterfully combined the iconic richness of Nutella with the classic charm of milk tea which makes each sip is a symphony of cocoa and tea, creating a heavenly concoction that’s a must-try for any dessert lovers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Mangrae known for?

Mangrae has gained recognition for its exclusive range of shakes crafted from popular Filipino fruits, showcasing a carefully curated selection that resonates with local preferences.

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What is Mangrae operating hours?

Monday – Friday, 08:00 AM – 08:00 PM

Where is Mangrae located?

Mangrae have numerous branches in Cavite, Metro Manila, Batangas, laguna, Quezon, and Pampanga. To know their specific addresses, check their official website at

Can I franchise Mangrae?

Absolutely. For details about franchising, email them via [[email protected]] or reach them through their phone numbers: 0920-699-9452, 0995-173-4981, 046-501-4786.

Can I order Mangrae product for delivery?

Yes, you can book your own third-party delivery services. Mangrae is also available via Foodpanda.

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