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Looking for Korean and Chinese fusion meals only here in the Philippines that is very affordable and delicious? Look no further because Chew & Chill has come to the rescue! Buckle up for a culinary escapade, foodies, as we delve into the delectable world of Chew & Chill. Join me as we explore the hidden gems and savory wonders that make Chew & Chill a must-visit haven for foodies in search of an unforgettable Korean-Chinese food adventure!

Chew & Chill Menu Philippines Updated

Beef Bulgogi W/ Kimchi Rice₱ 90.00
Beef Bulgogi W/ Kimchi Rice & Egg₱ 99.00
Korean Fried Chicken W/ Plain Rice₱ 90.00
Spicy Pork Bulgogi W/ Kimchi Rice₱ 95.00
Spicy Pork Bulgogi W/ Plain Rice₱ 90.00
Charlie Chan (Bilao) Large₱ 850.00
Charlie Chan (Bilao) Mini₱ 610.00
Charlie Chan (Sharing)₱ 180.00
Charlie Chan (Solo)₱ 90.00
Photo Credit: Chew & Chill Facebook Page
Beef Bulgogi In Tub (250G)₱ 190.00
Spicy Pork Bulgogi In Tub (250G)₱ 190.00
Photo Credit: Chew & Chill Facebook Page
Kimchi₱ 90.00
Photo Credit: Chew & Chill Facebook Page
Extra Egg₱ 12.00
Extra Garlic Rice₱ 15.00
Extra Kimchi₱ 10.00
Extra Kimchi Rice₱ 20.00
Extra Plain Rice₱ 12.00
Coke₱ 16.00
Mountain Dew₱ 16.00
Royal₱ 16.00
Photo Credit: Chew & Chill Facebook Page

About Chew & Chill

Discover a culinary gem at Chew & Chill, where Korean and Chinese fusion dishes take center stage. Despite a limited menu, each dish is a perfected masterpiece, ensuring a burst of deliciousness with every order. Located in Golden City, Santa Rosa City of Laguna, Chew & Chill welcomes delivery, pick-up, and meet-up orders. Known for affordability and rave-worthy flavors, it has quickly become a favorite among locals, even attracting regulars.

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Chew & Chill’s Menu Best Seller

Embark on a culinary voyage with Chew & Chill’s Menu Best Seller, where each dish is a testament to their fusion mastery. From Korean to Chinese flavors, their crowned jewel promises a symphony of taste that has won hearts and palates alike. Let’s savor the magic of their most sought-after creation!

  • Beef Bulgogi (with Kimchi Rice and Egg) – Savor the succulence of Chew & Chill’s Beef Bulgogi, a complete meal of tender beef marinated in sesame oil, soy sauce, sugar, pepper, and other ingredients for several hours, a flavorful kimchi rice, and a perfectly cooked egg. Each bite is a journey through Korean culinary perfection.
  • Korean Fried Chicken – Try the crispy bliss with Chew & Chill’s Korean Fried Chicken. The golden crunch gives way to juicy, flavorful chicken that’s an irresistible dish satisfying your cravings. A crispy bite of Korean heaven!
  • Spicy Pork Bulgogi (with Kimchi Rice) – Heat things up with the Spicy Pork Bulgogi at Chew & Chill. The spicy kick, paired with kimchi rice, creates a fiery explosion of flavors that’s sure to leave your palate tingling for more.
  • Charlie Chan – Dive into Chew & Chill’s Charlie Chan, a pasta marvel featuring stir-fried spaghetti, chicken chunks, mushrooms, and peanuts. The blend of salty, sweet, and spicy flavors is a taste revelation. Try it with a sandwich for an unbeatable flavor symphony.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Chew & Chill located?

Chew & Chill is conveniently located in Golden City, Santa Rosa City of Laguna, offering a fusion of Korean and Chinese dishes to satisfy your cravings.

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Are Chew & Chill’s food items affordable?

Absolutely! Chew & Chill takes pride in offering very affordable and high-quality Korean-Chinese food items, making their delectable fusion creations accessible to everyone.

Can I become a reseller or partner with Chew & Chill?

Yes, Chew & Chill welcomes resellers and partnerships, especially from locations near their place. For more information and inquiries about collaborations, reach out to them through their Facebook page.

Does Chew & Chill accept delivery orders?

Yes. You can now enjoy Chew & Chill in the comfort of your home as they accept delivery orders, pick up, and meet up for your convenience.

How quickly does Chew & Chill process delivery orders?

Chew & Chill aims for prompt service. The processing time for delivery orders may vary, depending on factors such as location and order volume. Contact them directly or check their delivery policies for estimated delivery times.

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